How To Get Things Fast: Particle Thinking

Uploaded by PillaiCenter on 19.05.2010

Ever since I started teaching particle thinking, I have been getting a lot of insight of how
we can bring about changes in our personal life and also changes in the life of our fellow
beings and also the earth plane itself in a time frame which is ridiculously small because
the particle itself, the Boson particle itself stays alive only for a minuscule amount of
time like a millionth of a billionth of a billionth of one second and I don’t how
anybody can measure that kind of time, so we should evolve to that level, that is possible
and that is the human becoming the divine. That to me is the kingdom. That to me is the
golden age. The seers of all religions have prophecies that there is going to be a golden
age, where there will not be any suffering or where there will not be any death or disease.
And that is going to come about only by the merger of science and metaphysics or philosophy.
Both philosophy and science or at least quantum physics now talk about time and manifestation
and they talk about time moving at a very, very fast speed. We need that speed. We cannot
just be waiting forever for things to happen. There should be education on time itself.
What is time? Who decides time? Kant say’s it’s an assumption within our own human
consciousness but why can’t we speed up time? So that we don’t want to sit and wait
forever for things to happen. So what needs to happen is an understanding within ourselves
of what time is. And once we understand time and then that we are the one who are creating
time, fast or slow time, then we take responsibility for that. Now the global consciousness itself
is into fast time ever since science became very prominent. There was a time once when
people in America could not even travel to the west coast or people from the west coast
could not travel to the east coast because there was no transportation that could make
that happen quickly and now we have airplanes that take us there in 6 hours or 5 ½ hours.
But then it’s not even enough, that’s why we are working with new technology of
space travel so that we can get to the east coast maybe within 2 or 1 hour. And that is
a scientific conception of time. But then there is another way that we can do, that
is by understanding of our own consciousness and in that understanding, we will know how
to manipulate time to our own advantage. So I am going to be down the road doing a lot
of videos on manipulation of time. I have done videos before, they become quite popular.
I want you to look at that, Compressing Time (
That was strictly from the point of view of metaphysics. Now, I am going to do the same
videos combining my knowledge of quantum physics and metaphysics. I look forward to doing those