Speed Skiing - Fastest Men in the World

Uploaded by redbull on 17.11.2011

This is Ivan Origone: his aim is to be ranked #1 in the world and break the world downhill skiing speed record held by his brother Simone – 251.4km/h.
Riding in line helps to maximize streamlining. The Origone's are a family of speed skiers where the youngest member wants to be top dog
We’ll be following Ivan throughout the 2011 season. Target: World Cup victory!
What is downhill speed skiing? In short, it’s the maximum speed you can reach on skis.
He and I are the best in the world, we’re always trying for the top spot
I was just a little boy of three when I started.
Winters are long in Champoluc; my older brothers put me on skis and I learned to do what today is my greatest passion.
Simone and Ivan are crazy guys, Ivan always competing with Simone. A lot of love and hatred at same time.
Ivan and I grew up together, and since I’m the elder I reckon I was a model for him, an example to follow.
I’m the one who took him everywhere, to his first races, just for fun. It was clear from the start, though, that he has what it takes to do well in this sport.
I immediately liked the idea of challenges, records – records you could get close to. And I was very lucky of course to have the help of my brother...
especially at the start of my career, because by my fourth race I managed to hit 250 km/h, an amazing achievement at 19 and after just 4 races.
So for sure, I was able to get this good this fast because I had great technical help – I was able to have the best skis, the best helmets, the best ski suits right from the start of my career
Now of course, we’re brothers – but during the races we’re rivals, and he and I are the best in the world, we’re always trying for the top spot...
so sometimes during the races this is a bit hard to handle; sometimes there’s a lot of tension, we both want a result and we have a go at one another.
But at the end of the day we’re brothers, and we love each other.
There is a good rivalry, but the important thing is happiness for both of them…
they can find new ways to work together so as individuals they can get better and better.
For sure, my greatest dream, my greatest target would be to set the new world record: all my training, every single day, is geared towards that.
It’s definitely going to be my brother and me fighting it out, let’s just hope the record stays in the family.