Sept 23, 2010: A New Day for Health Care Consumers

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September 23rd, 2010. It’s a new day for
me, and for all of us, when it comes to health care.
SENIOR: On this important day, reforms under the Affordable
Care Act bring to an end some of the worst abuses of the insurance industry.
INDIVIDUAL: People like us are getting new rights and
YOUNG ADULT: September 23rd means I can get health insurance.
I can stay on my parents’ plan until I get a job that offers insurance or I turn 26.
That’s a real relief for me and my parents.
SENIOR: Today my grandchild can get health coverage.
Insurers refused to cover her just because she has asthma. They can’t do that anymore.
MOTHER: My best friend is fighting cancer, and her
treatment is so expensive it’s frightening. Now her insurance company can’t put a lifetime
limit on the amount of care they’ll cover for her. With lifetime limits gone, she can
focus on her health. Annual limits on coverage are being phased
out in most health plans, too.
MAN WITH DISABILITY: You’ve heard about insurance companies cancelling
people’s health coverage when they had an accident or serious illness - when they most
needed it. Now your insurer can’t cancel your policy as long as you filled out your
application honestly and you’ve paid your premiums.
SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: Ever spent hours on the phone trying to get
your insurer to pay a claim? Frustrating, right? There’s a new day coming for dealing
with most insurance companies: a standardized appeal process, including the right to appeal
to outside experts to make an impartial decision.
INDIVIDUAL: September 23rd means I can have my cholesterol
and blood pressure checked. My new health plan covers the preventive services I’m
supposed to have to keep me healthy at no additional cost to me.
PREGNANT WOMAN: All new health plans will pay for recommended
preventive services to help women stay healthy through pregnancy and deliver healthy babies…
MOTHER: and recommended screenings and immunizations
for babies and children. No co-pays, no deductibles.
HR MANAGER: That should help our employees and their families
take advantage of the preventive care that can keep them well.
PREGNANT WOMAN: I need to be able to choose my own doctor.
Now all new health plans must let you choose your OB/GYN, pediatrician, and primary care
provider from your plan’s network.
SENIOR: It’s definitely a new day for seniors in
the Medicare doughnut hole – the gap in prescription drug coverage. Four million of
us are getting one-time $250 rebate checks this year. Next year we’ll get a 50% discount
on our brand-name prescription drugs.
MAN WITH DISABILITY.: We’ve got more rights...
SMALL BUSINESS OWNER: more choice...
INDIVIDUAL: more protection...
MOTHER: more benefits...
PREGNANT WOMAN: and more peace of mind.
ALL: Take health care into you own hands.