Uncle Dawny on UFC 3

Uploaded by scottsMCFC on 07.08.2012

want some fuckin dolos in your mouth. your gunna get fuckin punched bitch. you just got knock out by. fuck you bitch you get punched in your little pussy!

dont get kncocked out dude.
errrwwwwww boom oh whats up thug-licious
oh get outa there get outa there
Thug big thug - your gettin dropped - oh get submitted - oh you gettin tapped out like a bitch
ohhhhhh run
werruuuurrrr he did get shit. hes gunna get punched out. get off me . you little fuckin douche bag. you little koogmire.
You gunna get killed thuuug. get off me!
woooow get the fuck off thug errrww

ahhh here we go DOMINATRIX. whats up punk. get off me woow

wooow punch his dumper thug
boom watch boom oh fuck hes on me. kick em in the mouth! get up soldier get up
yahhhh noo he pulled em out by his dumper
get up ya fuckin little n***** huh
oh shit! my boy took a dump
-you got knocked the fuck out dude -my n***** just got beat the fuck up, that sucks! thats my boy to dude
-you got beat up by dan hendo -FUCK YOU BITCH!
-that was like antonio noguera -YOU SHUT YOU LITTLE FUCKIN MOUTH! youll get beat the fuck down in a hot second. -oh shit you gunna do it again no im fuckin pissed I lost my title
cuzz i was 50-1 ya little fuckin fag 50-1 50-1! dude