Sixteen Candles (6/10) Movie CLIP - The Geek Dances (1984) HD

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That's the one, dude. Scope it out.
She doesn't look like a freshman. Sophomore, dude. Sophomore.
Fully aged sophomore meat.
[ sonar pinging ]
We do the bus together. You talk to her ?
Talk ? Dude, I have a relationship with her. Get out.
Figure to, like, 17 digits.
You are such a liar.
We'll see about that, my man.
By night's end, I predict me and her will interface.
ś [ slow, romantic ]
ś ahh ś
ś ahh ś
ś I know this ś
ś much is true ś
ś ahh ś
ś I know this-- ś check it out, wease.
Pretty intense, huh ? Over. To the max. Over.
- [ gasping ] - all right.
ś [ new wave rock ] I knew you'd come around.
Whoa. Christ.
ś crank that, sister whoa ś
Very hot. Very hot.
Tonight, tonight is happenin'.
ś whoa, whoa, whoa ś
I'm blowing your mind, aren't I ?
I'm just getting warmed up. [ growls ]
[ loud flatulent noise ]
Ow. Excuse me.