International Year of Co-operatives 2012

Uploaded by TheCooperativeGroup on 11.10.2011

2012 promises to be an important year in the history of co-operatives:
It’s the United
Nations International Year of Co-operatives.

So where better to host a global co-operative
gathering than the very place that gave birth to the co-operative movement?

Today, Manchester
is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and pioneering city that provides the perfect backdrop for
this unique event.

It’s the city of firsts – inventive, entrepreneurial and inclusive
– and the city where the largest consumer-owned co-operative organisation in the world is
building its visionary new home.

The Co-operative Group is inviting the world to Manchester
for the grand finale of the International Year.

This is a unique opportunity for co-operatives
large and small to build business relationships at the ICA Expo and to share knowledge and
find co-operative solutions at the much-anticipated global forum.

This exciting event is much
more than a celebration or closing ceremony; it’s about bringing co-operatives together
in one place to make things happen and leave a lasting legacy beyond 2012.

The United
Nations International Year of Co-operatives in Manchester will be a turning point; it’s
our opportunity to make the world sit up and recognise the lasting value and values of
the co-operative movement worldwide.

2012 is a pivotal moment for co-operatives – and
you’re invited.