Developing a career

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... and the second one is give loads of stuff away!
that one I can do dead easily, so that's what
I'm aiming at focussing on today.
Right, so as was just said, thank you to david, I am the Chief
Executive of Web Applications UK. We are a global company
I employ about ninety people in the UK within about ten miles down
the road from here.
almost all of those are developers
a good proportion are graduates
thirty to forty vacancies a year
that we take on, because we're growing by approximately thirty to forty people a year.
and to do that we do approximately two hundred interviews a year.
And I personally do
somewhere in the region of
twelve hundred interviews.
I've interviewed candidates and had people come in applying for jobs into that part of junk mail uniting
mainly in the IT sector.
This first slide is purely to try and persuade you that I might have
something worth listening to.
I've got slightly better things to do today than persuade you that I'm a really interesting guy
well if you don't
think about something just for the sake of another election
hopefully it doesn't mean they don't ride across so
revocation adult partner
straight we charge go much tougher on site estates to ground we've got a
strong as usual book
yeah but i want to go complicit
electro silva competences
twenty-plus my access they type of specialist we have twenty t myself safe
i technical specialists
we have seven max ossified actually professionals
and we have to myself
professional developers working to content type
but most games
and i_q_ professional
and i'm working i think unlimited business
i'm also the president of the clemens chamber of commerce in all them
which we have spent a lot of time going to meetings talking to people in public
about what business needs adn what we're looking for all the public that they're
not looking out for looking publication
i film and
economy enterprise broaden near a lot of uh...
people are nice to talk not business all the time
has also filed i was very devoted
that wants to have the x_-two thousand eleven
and the genie chamber international quoted me as you look
so even on my look a little bit older much lately
bringing your own car plunged into the act
uh... any one of the dayton accord by job for them so i couldn't
how much they faced excel
and most of my it does my background i did
uh... i got your i dot cambridge actin
ninety seven
and then i went somewhere tonight a curious may soon after that washington
consulting job
attitude about blue suit
they went off and then pumpkin silica mcgill who now make
at between fifty bucks in the world
i have the option to go and join them and i was bought by ten point two stocks
look at them
back from the decision not to go on groundwork done but my best friends
by the time for this part of my chief list
victory decisions i made up the opinion that stick
and bath
across my friend in about a year leading investigative committee found the glove
over a million pounds difficult it
that by ear
well of course mccauley
chips at night almost
and most mobile and i'd like to buy statistical substantially basics coming
reflections dot com
the base in cambridge
on myself uh... act all in a moment some of the world african jones quiet across
town in london that that blockages genocide victims
and i came back to you paid two thousand five a proposal by which dr
and i i'd join web application to the end of two thousand five
uh... and there were seven people
in the business at the time i was in the seven
and i joined
at the national institute of health paid me i'll be interested in what they
who the baseline data
puntodat go some cheap exactly employed over ninety people
and much about six years that's one of the collected in bogota
uh... has been leading businessmen
but children education always positive
started up in a good businesses
so i'm also chat chat pumas or alleged ketamine down there
it will not walk academy and the proven at the oldham college
and so i've got a few ideas about education and what's
we need to going to make sure that we qualify you further
can only be in the next generation employees the hopefully next generation
of employees
the most consummation
it i'm one of those mac self
professional development of that in the business going
i want to develop a
i still like always
and to be honest most annoying thing about this particular lecture
it let me stop you might call yesterday afternoon could ultimately gold rush
their and chafing look like
oscilloscope electrical device called from julie
house are not yesterday morning at the stop to it
put together a presentation for yourself
and i hope the appreciate that government spent on screen flying about
the stock holding for you guys
for a few minutes
and ask what they think so
if you're going to be interactive because frankly
uh... you know i don't want to stay tuned
full stop for forty five minutes
patrick let's step back a couple questions ok and by the way you bail
would have to get away from this place you go to sleep and that it now
anything else go work for us all
do is going to be entering the workforce ratio
want to get
to that apparent through good you know just without discussion sticking out of
the communication if you can get your thoughts
daily family will kill himself at the doctor and you know what what what paul
clinical possibly looking like this
carried a lot of other cops after republican infantry anymore by okay
so he let you know let's talk next year
contacting olympia
now nothing about cops
rapid transit
great come after looking at you and i'll give you a lollipop lacked okay
period entering the workforce
in twenty four two
com faster growth
now he returned to work lost after twenty fourteen
on the left of u_n_ never mentioned where cross-eyed located
talk about not straight self
nothing like a long time montreal actually indicating
uh... if you choose not to have also let's just look back below dot once we
expect so your answer will cross that shit
aqua luncheon guia six of the out this afternoon this evening public stamps at
the other people
knowing them to be around about ten p m ten a m para
pacific time one p_m_ new york times
so much about the cause i think he's going to happen
classics canal high-profile is coming up on friday
this year we saw today should be that much alike feel the company won't see
reading about that
if you've been through focus come up
pics page and you can change coaxing time like continued i would like
married a bay they stopped
we also saw parts of that problem back in a
customers to buy magic information we listened to much of the first time a
yes kenya most including me dot uk
but yet uh... we are now living in my multiple
repeatedly doctor the connecting came out of it is waiving that let computers
could look like idiots
and should not known yet we are generally in the world minority or not
uh... we also saw lifted finally discovered that she exposed and i was
repeated it was that honey
join the call out to expose no weather
so explosion that more calmly for anyone in this room
dot net for qualified which really sucks non-public
so and that's what i mean i think the speeches in the news to shop at language
how many here that the program didn't on that
how many of you hit on the job
himself straight up okay
leslie romp
cannot happen looking as java java and c shop as indeed it had to make
adjustments of the conductor about that
but i will take about mike's often
people has arrived in our but always lost the path when it comes up at the
democrats team the law
yeah if you are correct on that out the product out on top of the ten strike
it's going to have the structure of the doubt they jsut for the first one
nobody at the pinnacle of japanese died because she called police to hold down
by the death penalty without discussion list of so normal explained the meaning
three dot net world
grinding justify
may which i was restricted to go to a large enterprises and creating jobs are
going to be felt in large enterprise dot sleep on thinking to bear in mind
theories about question put licensing cost its own batelco now
and they try and get the complex and they got a lot of the cost us a little
of a job with a solution is significantly higher offered it all
depends on type in a dot net based solution
so immense pride momo completa
majesty there's a lot like you to come out japanese
well in terms of erin empty
it's one thing tab jab mai burning about that when she got left in the main thing
is driven jack on the day-to-day basis and that the two again jabber attchment
out about these days
a certain level cross thoughts compatibility
myself camisole delight
not particularly great
not spend the time told me not by the way i was i woke up in los angeles
chuckled and back in nineteen ninety-seven the middle east
and knocking on the presumptive wanted lunches i worked in
i am pleased to have a
they sell out this come up against bill no it's not
plant the glove level in so that we can get
the terms of trieste and late that still
to languages which p_h_p_ filled out i was going to get new jobs in small
medium inscribed in web developer stock
but dot net it's going to get you talk to me jim
so identified with
and job in general that the jobs in the lodge in spite of the plane
that generalization
bullies with the rule from in terms of what people need to know that
okay slowly but surely macy's colosio
jatti dot eleven
witnessed a single molecule electrical multi diffused
the pinata
moorpark i_b_m_'s lawson
returned ten jennings object further
so start time optician doesn't really came out and just get the impact on the
computer data skynet
and we got the first consul in time to talk to them silicon chip we got
in the village which leads on the bill h_ of
quantum computing in the next ten years
which by the way for tonight mostly of distance diving trip
around that time
you can choose to change not connected
and and let's go back to the three years to present an additional five came out
wealth but not now
we should not be rolled out michael items for forgery uh... fifty-five
supermarket there's nashville alien that's got to look at this big made when
the moment in the case of windows in about three seconds left
treat a mountain magnolias beefing up
i think i can try to get out later
you might feel like it's not gonna be out long ago in the work force
but between now and the moment you had to wear body did you have to work
the world is going to move on a long way
that i'm going to bed at night so what we're talking about like that
but after clearing called question
well are you going to be enough to be the best itself
i've been asked to go back to you document says that's not sure if you
don't know
so let me tell you we're going to be based on the office of national
statistics of thirty thousand levin of universities in the u_k_ graduates and
what kind of jobs they went into it
so based on his office of national statistics
about seventeen
his eighty percent of graduates go into the lower skilled work job placement
into a consent
and about forty two percent forty percent in two thousand whether that
might be worth a dictatorship
talk about that forty percent
are going to rent a medium
may delay our skills sector
and ice-t_ jobs and highly skilled so that means less than twenty percent
applied to it
and open a courier
that's highly skilled like i_p_o_ engineering or science
different types of doctors
and those who may not much with the stratton their vast majority
will be working if u ninety as she mostly i think that you will get
mostly will be working at m_i_t_ team ball computer does not do i think
so i mean by that is waking fall
i did not like the company
threaten my work and i think the important point
now working in a trouble company of call center
and support in ninety six but instead
we cannot support is not to support
there's a large portion is going to support a
based your opinion
according to statistics
i'm going to end up working in a company dedicated to software development i i'd
like to tackle you wish karne ko booked at the production software at bandwagon
by developing
face book people converge on my own
competes just like that contribution websites for example
may shoot guns if if it's gonna and open up
i think a lot to criticize craft day
i'm not saying that
nothing here that small companies
that it would be much completed that are located on the backs of suicide
at his side and all the information face bookman big love them
and mac self-denial cold but it also actually found welcomed the news the
vast majority of these companies
occupying companies it might surprise you
most of the jobs that are available
for developers will be in companies with less than ten employees
because most likely companies
are left with employees
the vast majority of them that's quite surprising thing especially when you can
look at
lectures trying to catch up to ninety
ul folks and trying to catch up to my contract hate carrier-based autistic
child well why don't i just found it's what the couch woman what to do that
commitment to invest
going up to a treatment that is a we have jobs available
well actually graduate programs they can take the graduate once he has
and the place in the summer graduate in two years until graduate program
but i'm not in the long term job prospects who identified and complexity
but it is not actually a lot of jobs and cuts in the middle of creates
identified at the moment
most of the growth in net job opportunity and vacancies especially in
this area and then you can general excoriating small stops
want parents
and i think fifty employees okay
something today tonight
uh... i'd if you want to my ad nobody's perfect would like to say sitting on a
waste of time so certain that they prepare to look at some point
we'd across the country of april
public we've been on an artist on the most respected in the u_k_
at an office at the current economy looking what's going to do you know what
jumps on the baked goods
there's one and poultry norman's bank stocks richard babelfish national
terrific this case
what graduates are going to be in the past
market with its and i really wanted as mister yeltsin declared nude at what we
see a lot of these it's got to retain this message
meeting the telegraphic there
you know about link why did not like to go in on line and be canceled
happy block telling them that is more jobs out there
and nobody ever applied for a job
we are committed to compare to kiss pigs
about one for multiple organ the coalition does not people corporation
trying to put another way
paid a great
that more people bleeding today off email
graham it's a fact
did not sure nobody would believe
that that greeting cards issued to display female i characteristics
however it is a fact with the dismal females on the planet in london
and that sort of mobile invaded
say however
figure statistic is very well
sixty percent fifty six percent of people that beating up you know
when you previously talked about meeting more likely to be that female to be
having gone kappa coalition does not equal cultivation
but rather
something's college if you can do it it doesn't mean it won't cause any other
in the same way
nipping at the great does not mean you are more likely to work
minimally skilled
from reading the skilled jobs
bake the coalition effort is not the cause
and looking into this region of the second week only statistics
activities all graduates in the u_k_
big day
well actually
not all the budget from ups and try to today
no-holds-barred isme kya interest in what they can do to make sure they get
gel popularly invested
announced to the fact that euros
doctor today already
that killed two other no favor
because you're actually doing something about it and it looks like just
we have to tell me do we need all the people who don't go to lectures
uh... though public engaging in that cultures all the sudden statistics i've
been back there
so we've been talking with the oldest listen to the fish sticks
papers fifties death a picnic people stick the mom-and-pop new an individual
on the key to success twenty th of a tree and i think the differentiate
ways to make you different than the norm
i'm not so open to talking about today
questionable look a little bit i'm assuming cuz you all here
not to be open to benefit the so let's look at what the majority of the hostile
to end up with the democratic
if you know careful
most you're going to work and i think computers not
economically company escape
there's a general sweeping generalizations but they are really good
multiple tibet in nineteen eighty
when you were too small to economically complete you arthur cults about place
let me just
let's lay down the line if you will be only by not completely naked right
you up dot
you out the dependence here are the most dependent uh... complete one pregnant i
can do that most and on
and the model red cross
nighty guy
is the diagnostic digi-tech deccan school awake at night
at the wrong dot immature better not get any more
analog assuming with
accelerate at the wrong died
vacation travel at night light because you're the guy that they are not going
to novel to be no telp
it straight to the kind of control jack
one of the things that i've met it does mean a lot cautions the fast if you're
going to get his way can listen to keep a business morning
that might be a bit bespoke development that might be in the recording something
interesting the rest of the most the time
is going to be fixing things and why because of course
most the time it will call it's appropriate
block to maintain good fifteen fifteen fixing that
because of that
wishing you the truth i liked
located worldwide exponentially the real pain lies exponentially
it because if you really got completely screwed
and they're not stupid and i let my best
you will learn very much visual and they must be given to diagnose anything that
please change into anything
three other learning very much farther to the rear imparting unarmed uncertain
if the caution fabric of the box majority of people come for adults to
make we get something about one thousand cvd etc
vast majority of the matter in this country our universe there
i've just been a job like that i can catch up animal
pick it up to five or six years that you've been going down to business can
do some so i'd like to come through on the religious cheaper to buy a new
according to new graduate
than a pretty good enough job
and you'll be doing that
a muscle it usually don't then
i'm your skills in arcadia diabetic now three years ago
eighteen-year-old me something interesting to know your between the
time then both i get the bill became a hug
if you only know what you need five years ago you've got knowledge of the
cursory review really positive if you've got nothing else i what i'm saying today
i need you to remember this
knowledge how the body shop shelf life in this industry
what do you know
was used for made one of three years
if not the kind of thing contracts is going forward
so let's look at the more politicians hopefully what
all of you have to hitting that they don't be trying to do next
and we're trying to get a job at an internet waiting and i keep companies
well looks good and i love a person is
numerous around by religion is
lost by body and you are not going to get to know that then if i'm not going
to retire northwestern everybody else
and not by spring
but she really important because i'm a bit of something to teacher
who's going to watch a writer were quite because if you look in the right to
accompany you've got to do what the christmas one all the customers want
changes every five minutes
surging delivery etc
but i can promise you when i started at lebowski not by many years ago
nobody wanted the knife and i
paul not because it wasn't my fault
sorted out his
that looked like your political change rapidly on my country this exciting job
okay he's gone through the april twenty seventh within the film's all day today
erecting a lot
if those tend to make these compare sweatshops
and you've got a very wary at that
day and i personally believe that developers continues to top reporting
out of working and so we would
delhi delhi focused on stopping the working for more than forty hours a week
however that if you can pick up that mentality which i think that like they
did not unusual record company when you will be expected to stay until eighty
hours a week
pragmatism very common
conducted on-site
because they know how was your work
to them
blueberry medea like look at the same kind of painting daniela
it's about the tradeoff you have to make
and that is really a choice about what you want my life
take your choice between
do you want to be learning
going back to each other have long committed in the factor
but you wanna make too many and output
i will point out the day few people make about mostly the death knell it's an
option at the end of it
something very much and i thought my advice jr
beginning today
they don't go through the kind of jobs
and also
most importantly don't be alone
old-growth annual even at the rate loan and developers will on developments
knocks up a bit emiko on his own
you got panels and that's not because he was practically all night
color totally recommend starting to put your own
if you don't often stock on the world on p_r_i_ on your home
don't ask don't go bust winds helped cripple
don't find people to have you will not be the best market and you will not be
the best business person you will not be the best accounts of the best lawyer the
best and i suppose
you need people to agree to be passed
and lots of plus month pollinate their people out there that will be gone
through all they're willing to share their knowledge and experience
if you want to get ahead at the elves
the best running on the show the giants and understands that
don't think you know if you go
well alrighty companies looking for
spanish dot blotting for second let me ask yourself
and try consumed five
what i think a complete looking for
what do you think i'm looking for employee s
the grade okay plastic that dont
reichheld correctly
let's put it into a community
deputized sipping
you get right
fidel castro any particular extra setlist so we took effect
crack cocaine or not
conventional and their juleps kunkel
astronomy channel
mci neatly dressed in a very diverse yes notes etc
he definitely that there
cultivation g
motivation in shrestha ok fail
motivation in contrast
todd whitman patagonia company's but motivation and
okay let's
experience so okay
at about eight not if you need on the way back up motion pictures
quality okay
throwing up all sort of thing cabell now ok my total f_a_r_'s just ahead we will
have to take a peek at what age
politicking catching up
casino co-author
having lost peter communicate ability to communicate clearly
communication ship that's a good long time
high-level right
communication skills
died in bhai
drakeintl distraction
flat-out don't you tell me to be the idea of a silicon ductility that's okay
custom and let's try to dictate
can take it if you are still talking to people told us
popular park people
where people can open times welcome poet
okay right
palo alto ca dash a lot of pressure to tango pablo what between people thought
was because of the great knowledge
thank you i think that the great
within there's a pretty good
ninety three
no comments about
ashley who i think i mean experience i think that the truth is not looking for
is what you know because
and compare you want to work lol
wrote emails and you don't know what they need you to know
well i mean i dot e community empowerment somebody brought up when
it's not unusual that the first to know is good i don't i don't want to know why
not now they don't
okay lookit intent on creating your benefit dot net benefit
why do you want to work for a company but you know everything that they need
you to know what i did
not lucky usually we got a copy of your company has
but got absolutely nothing to do show him what do we talk about it rare and i
what do you know today is the homes nobody wanted to play it
if your going into a tree lately and a gauntlet anything you're going to have a
shot with correct i did not
solid robert accompanying where you wouldn't know what you may need you to
know that's a really good sign
people should stop writing for the door
anacostia grown as a victory for saint croix while they're looking for somebody
like he would be better for some reason enough to do this to know that you know
anything about it
kirk example account to complete that you should only going to be lily pad on
the old money
start looking around
gives us a little option that is not going to want to go to it
so it is not really knowledge
oneill total experience
you know when to make any more healthy adult males on this
kakinada truckers when i checked this long
have absolutely nothing at all
yes we are looking for experienced
and the expectation is something we can do something about it
bank so we're gonna talk a little bit more about what to do an experience
extensive book
we are looking for experienced
and also i'd like to an anger management general convey what up
digital computer looking for
a pope everything is so we kind of alluded to at the moment that he said it
okay incorrect capability to win
while companies are looking for a lot i think the truth is looking for a lot of
the damage to both the work between them
welcome back to build a little
tecnologia shop shelf life
neighbor treating it what you know today valuable for me the truth can stand that
the capability to continuously looking
continues to keep cool
that's invaluable
intellect is what we're looking for
took a little about experience
three questions you should ask answer before you go up your first job
it because i've been in the afternoon don't say it
three questions
copyright ever had a job
how do you have to someone else
team working toward restricting working population
i'd anyone else you something he admits and most of you
compulsion and won't get a storm
papers and book if you don't look like goldilocks if you could demonstrate
something you don't have to be fired back something else
dot valuable
so strident folks mostly questions identification alice
remember those who question say well i don't uh... touching down to thirty
three questions massively taking stuff outlook build eleven s
to stick to put yourself in the people are going to be successful in ninety
morgue before dole could not resting spot let's look a little bit inflicting
this would be an expense of intellect
is really about taking experience and knowledge
things you don't cut before you start putting to death
experience and knowledge that we should consider is the death of a life
and taking those
and somehow
solving problems with them
in fact is about getting taxpayers knowledge
and using those to solve problems
i'm not common populist also
let's move on the stock russell experience when i come to experience
afterwards so that you know you normally if we do not do you think and i thought
you might want to death
right experienced person to almost got a job now
hot-headed open undoubtedly will compel me there are no jobs out there
it is impossible to get a job
but i've tried
establishment respectable time talking to students
and and the first question i know that's when the state and i said well
really how mature quite well
and i hate to say this
or in my experience about eighty percent of the people asked questions you'd
never applied for a job
i'm not saying that some of you are the type of jobs and and basic package of
doing their job no
receives nothing
both the house
most of the national title one job maybe two jobs understand about the job
and yet but also in that is not jobs that i got a job that models identify
quality jobs and i got a job
he should apart the two hundred jobs macomb county kind of job
right then i'll start listening backlash and i said a whole bunch of couple at
the crippling and the number one thing i can high-tech industry
is with all the bacon fits
on the capitol dome
and let me and to complain i mean she don't know if they're not going to take
into account that you won't apply
we spend over a hundred thousand pounds a year i'm just trying to get people to
apply for jobs
and the last three years
i have not had left and fight vacancies
in our business let anyone tell you time ideally
and everyday out the week
anytime yet tough interest has been a new stadium today he had a shot
close to date
everyday sort of oxygen and they've got what we need a melting pot that it's a
job that you can see a problem
and i'm not the only difference right about that i don't know what's dole's in
munster cologne
so jobsite airport
and others talk about their think up a good job mostly university not not time
to get a full time dot
inorder probably do this
to how valuable is
like doing nothing
is unfortunately the easiest and also
about eighty percent of t_v_'s restate thematically graduates with ticular
guilty of this
i think mostly spent too much time
uh... in new york prompted his
actually putting all the while crocodile motive and you should be
we are going to going out and i should get english that is not yet but if you
look i keep budgets more than other sectors
uh... we had really low amount of work experience
or even be looking at the end she was sixteen thanks
for a little
work experience if you go about it shows her built a new batch of going into work
place before let me know that if you don't have the time you like it right
and stuff like that
coming up and shops not the most fiber putting should work it out
we were at the local and remote or something like that
at least you've got some idea of working
this is the wrong place
blows me away this is why i don't read excuse most people dot but now the job
because i know for a fact players hundreds and hundreds of old job
migration maneuvers i work for the past
they would take almost anybody
applied for a job and that based on the multiplies for them enought that in the
real issue is that a lot of times you look at in dot bosch dot that's not his
will not make any money out of it
paid a great way to occur
made their home page update and partially pink to come up to date
and people looking for this evening to go on sale at the station is willing to
work in command and pay
and i think
i didn't hear the taiwan strait on sulekha
tonight he's going to go to jail go work for the local hound elaborate that's
what you like
believe not too dissimilar united
vacation jobs we can work
and that's wrong
almost to the bulk of the universe that they've been investing most usually
going into full-time paid work
beneath the folks in our unity
and coping you could get you cannot change it did in the short placement
so if you get a challenge that we should get it
if you haven't helpless not bow weights most people haven't booked
if you get a chance we should get it most vital thing you can get
in perspective
we take long
about eight to ten fat leadership placement of the area
and so far every single one of his comeback after finishing a degree in
touch up
recognition longer
and get back to the source of success of problems with the nahi pate people could
endorse your placement we paid until i found that you invest and then don't
even the job at the end of it
when it comes at you cannot successfully undisturbed by simple
based on personal preference are genuinely something you should think
again option to do it
so returned for students who releases dot there which explains
there's kinda looking the other thing i mentioned in his working for somebody to
get up shooting you short wherever possible that ball somebody and get a
something offsite
so this change he will coughing
when you are so many others who are going to pay him not to persuade the
other person
argue about you not suppress that there's a lot of students compete in
felt about making the
but now they get paid its a measure that would have to sit in a big business
customers are you aware troubled individual okay
commentary patient do you get a policy that a pastry demonstrates your ability
to demonstrate your lawn bowling is on the outer should really column
even better
if you can help across much of you can't demonstrate in yeltsin's initially
shooting it didn't work placement or anything like that
you should be looking at us all my outlook personal
usually looking and looking to get the help of course not
date because helping some to external
incredibly valuable for them
eugene may be no interest i dot lights up
for most of whom are null
this demonstrate
and look out and show that weight you can with unity
but doesn't that sound good a job
second in your costs work jugak change it to your calls were great latitude on
your nominating immunity every single time
computer looking for people to work together
that can work with them working team effectiveness
probably a couple things was to finish up on the tape
so nothing at the rear lacking when we see pastures cornell university
equal opportunity in contest this is that you don't like to just perform
source control systems if demonstrates ability to work with us
the consultant wrote critical to a close
do you have heard of soft in front of self-control disintegrates
coupled with the tide is finished
attached pat they want to make ourselves control system is going ok
gets faster economic benefit
yes and you know i thought there
if you get
now anyway
everyone else we're on track and come back in washington did you vote for that
guy is not just for exhibits incredibly benefit
actually enjoying some stuff
subversion iceland
he's a great night life not because just like most on their just a little or no
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david tribal people to crack down like that come along
sulfate results next week
patriarchal what admitted he wanted to copenhagen saw stacey thank you make
myself section
he makes oscar flagstaff takahiro
anyone else we're talking tonight it's going to negotiate
eleanor replace bill clinton
ako something occupancy this morning
how can i thought about them now
patenting system at his hotel itself
politically that look microsoft visual studio team system that will replace
blowjob really because starr take this appalling
uh... we all looked at it for ages
i think we have been
subversion elaborate sdn
we have to get
a new it must be after the trinket subversion visual studio
subversion visual studio out one particular kind of
source control system
delta files
i say that's not even sure that it wasn't in case of submission to get me
to build a strong slot machines not quite
cultural differences
count opponent of the of the old persian sultan to conduct
below the belt is too cold
ticket distributed
david distributed self control system
these are not distributed
if you don't know the difference
collate and learn about the different before you go because you know when you
think that the single day
in any peace and i think computer looking for
let alone
if your children
which is also deal with this cheated substantial system
and the same time myself i think they can pin seven data shows
alarmist impacted on the two of the same time because they all came out to be
pocket when uh... nj premium
you have to pay for themselves
lifestyle alkaline s
source control systems allotment of ourselves controlling if ok
the debate to help i'd like to come out
and victim and the children out of that
but you're adorable from reports windows until recently felt awkward mike
supplement with the kids
because really step and more friendly to the conclusion so
it's probably going to win the battle
where code on the cure-all because
basic only still slightly better than none kitchen tinted windows environment
isham it right now these charges this on the record so the second perfectly fidel
experience l which she won't bellevue university lectures but you can get nice
who did you check assistants who said that he should tracking systems
well don't you know jill
technology now makes it
dixon identified
this time shoot it out of this translates to try to create a ready to
fetch up to fifty fascinate fifteen shells to uh... at the wet became a bit
of the wedding dot the man stacked on the ship
it's share account number twenty three
and contemptuous that passion
they've got a very rachael
gloves ideal activation link in the future
frankly i don't think you ok come on thirty rapid rosaries
did you think that's one step to ensure but but you know you actually get how
much i got back into the pacific max out now you should not be trucking companies
use this in excel
okay fault
come on gerry i thought question i'd won the mostly muslim dot flatmate biopsy
million complaints made by that cabins
anybody else
nanny-gate askican dot all the equipment that you know what the student right now
and if you're going to someone's life
radio shouldn't death count after going off to camp out
arafat dell capital
jojo actually you know well
kailash chander she thinks it's not seek the great crisis kinko investigation
trying to smuggle off
can you talk about a feature film
talking about
based also uh... it's an issue tracking system
well don't ok not too distant future capital
public much less efficiently a large anti-trust like a very difficult to tell
me what it is about six years developed
well cannot answer would have time so let me go to you
i'm sorry sir also we mention else we have booked till just mentioned billion
available uh... is about a popular choose from the bronco attempt at that
one of the tape now we've recently got that
wetland fits
ratcheted up
uh... stay popular jabil world by last year's put the jabber uh...
we understand we're about to come up with a few years ago who are not arista
but i'm looking at pickup truck does not panic the decision to act
toughbook says also that a couple on the donor lotus one little of the moment
toledo oh example asia dissolution looking out
so what should be doing that well
insured paying for the real world
and across the way he should be good enough for the most important
expansion into opera software that you cannot change i think
it's a great way pete experiences shows it on something outside of this going to
give us the lectures
but mostly speeded up coconut to grate
cooperative in microsoft along no to projects on that
okay tacit support my children duration hunting foundation that
that interest in tibet
technicians heather
uh... by themselves control systems has good work experience of those
october to mention textbook great place to keep up with the biggest one of the
mom-and-pop itself objects
especially since it's been five that were not now
karen thank you hope that greatly chicago called for a little bit
sauce torch if she's been bottled a long time
that are still mostly consultant role system supported and that's the best
soap dish and its future
ruled it out
and c_b_s_ which was the following a congruent businesses that depend i think
but all of the rating systems unit
uh... and of course what some people call
vietnam ltd
at the base of pots abrasion that you know i'm dead
places that we will transition experience of those
for the most important even the lady wanted me to date
in three blocks
every single day
yaoo com need to technological click
we acquiesce everglades that's better you on the delinquent lenrob russians
gone vessel which books are you reading we thought that long list of the local
keith and interestingly post them
all of us stuck at half a day week whether it will uh... personal
development time left
they spend the money that's going to make that a good job
do for me what they want
uh... that's protected kinda lots to be elected
but most of the spend that time that we can go outside that their at
action at the latest news
donated to the station on the table chip on their trying to do you feel even the
books here
and and dot j stay popular pet project bankrupt left
but also if you just a little bit well gee should repeat what's behind someone
bill hack people mentioned below
that doesn't deter boxcar ticular
today replica
we don't have a long time before they could run by the attack logos in terms
of the individual at boca i think i can check point repeatedly good of you
should definitely going dutch antec plunged on a daily basis
but you can look at what's going on
don't read my blog when that lawn him
cambodia have become so you've got yourself a toughening looking for a
couple response than everyone sponsored
commuter train financial prepared critical
if you come along and i got all the pulp
replacing straight albright's infantry
began in which i think it is possible to meet really great day
i'm looking
they can contact
technically my scope on friday dot com
daddy and much much where humboldt
i'd sometimes that kind of
will be much weight himself from the capitol
but you can also and follow though
a complete locations u_k_
after that wrote the script how most for less gray and co roxy
which is based on the next one veteran said no
even as well
websites on there
we can all see below that is genuinely i've put on a disc colosio
children because i stepped on the logo
and can only get remotely through the window could lead to a commercial about
which is joining me now
logo progress on the complete dot
because jenna giving his possible for people to catch up
if i remember just a politically woman job
sleslie applied to the sender steven
decline in teaching picks up
i want to leave the military questions so
broke so even if it was a pledge of any second but just to put out that one of
two quick questions
american apple
payments game development
uh... only genetic variety relatives and missus gibb issued by skype
by the developer belongs to them out if you agree with the developer
camp in two thousand i counted how many times i've actually been production
colton is fifty two
i'm not going to interrupt and go along with one jason macbeth recycling last
six years old in the summer
had not published on the problems didn't want to have to look at this point
closely amendment fee per post and i won't superfluous military technology
shop i also jabo
page people
let's go with one javascript copyscape
and i went our separate scandal
because not all that so
and the v_ chip that such a language does not matter
that those are just general guidelines and in fact
the minds of most of the sound good developer you know you can get a good
develop any language just about solve this problem not language
put him on palmitate showing demonstration get in touch plunges so
you can use to temple job is to shop
except at the new ornithological jake told
immutable sequel
nutritional show triple-digit
here and i think it was a black hash out amount much look real and control
problem language
to get the money pollution pokemon document back social darwinism
especially with the subscription fee shot three and katyusha vision thought
in case you separately
but interest on the syntax
going to talk to him on the financial program do you need to demonstrate
electing to print six booked rules
haha essential truth functional amsterdam sequential programming tax
statement based programming structured based roman catholic country
based opening amounting to nothing country code lingo
show if any doubt that kind of ethical mostly all day today by the way that the
company document racing
you know to bring the tools that there's a lot chosen to make sure great
developer are not the body more than just want to look box no we don't solve
everything seemed shocked because fabric thanks to sharpen the browser so polite
person go without a good idea at the moment
unique demonstrate your
sixty-eight mentions
knowledge aa
cannot ignore the public trust return
input contract captain in how to download each milliseconds and she's not
time talking about intellectually
because being a lot of really miserable old at the same town dot changes but not
at the time you know i
they're going it's still malnutrition not that the other opportunity to sell
paungi habitability supplements open most you discovered the political
consultant by melting invested in a computer science degree and the chosen
on the bill if you haven't
drafting side and that you can do to demonstrate and to show you've got time
to escape
announced albatross farmington expenses you did
if you will continue to commit the public's decade demonstrating the
ability to private things you can
but most of posting european universities not learning new things
iti demonstrating the ability to learn new things
that's what you have fought might not feel that most uppermost used on that
night as we have got lecturers parallel refusing to do what i needed to know
because if they were
everybody will be competing with me
we don't know why don't you know i think it's not because i'm not going to end it
adequate time to business to build up under the bed time lol doesn't do i
think consult lectures on acacia aren't
thoughts i things things that are used to like jab at like a open your mind
things i've got a company called mango whatever else equal ultraviolet
potential sequence one day only languages we don't want to meet in a job
but always potential supermarkets bucket intensive what you think it would have
been a shaking down
by just being and showing that you complete wickham project by thirty or
practical to some of the most useful things you can talk about when he got
into it talk about you know how you entertain
talk about what you did not practical experience so if they could get
impatient we'll talk about what you produced at the heart got used that
demonstrated ability to solve the problem deployed what you've done work
exp into the great lakes demonstrate aswell plead guilty to show you going on
permanent replacement
where there should not the slimmest of gossip lightbox bill passed out more
valuable to meet with us
how what kind of question
any other questions
thank you all for coming to but generally appreciate etc
and when you went out the welcome tabloid pile
i think you ought to take a shot at coming