Interview with Na`Vi.Yozhyk

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 2, 2011

- Hi everybody, we are now in Almaty, Kazakhstan at the OSPL tournament.
This is an interview with Evhen Mostovyh aka "Yozhyk". Hi Evhen.
Please tell us your impressions about the tournament and Kazakhstan?
Na’Vi Yozhyk: Firstly, I’d like to send best regards to my darling:
sunny, don't miss me. I'll be back soon and say hello to my parents.
We arrived yesterday in the morning, went sightseeing, visited OMEGA-club,
where the tournament takes place, practiced there
a little bit and arrived to our apartment.
CS team joined me and DotA squad shortly after.
We were talking and supporting each other and eventually went to sleep.
Next morning we started in great mood, ready to fight.
I have become 1st in my group, beating Kazakh Dream 6:1, 5:3 and
a player from Kyrgyzstan ARAFA 8:0, 6:0.
I am well prepared and will be waiting for the runner-up of Group A.
I have good chances to pass further. I’ll try to do my best.
- Do you think there are any underdogs from Kazakhstan
who can show a good level in this tournament?
Na’Vi Yozhyk: It is probably KoKs from group A,
he played on the same FIFA version last year on PlayStation 3.
I saw him playing against Moscow player Fanat1c and he gave him a nice fight,
losing only 1 goal behind.
He seems to be dangerous; this is the group of my rivals.
Everything goes pretty predictable.
Xaxotun plays in the same group with SB and he lost to the guy I don’t really remember.
It was quite surprising for me as Xoxatun is probably the most
experienced player in this tournament and he still lost.
Everything else was predictable.
- As far as I know, u had a conflict with virtual commentators.
Can u describe us the situation?
Yozhyk: I am used to listen to in-game sounds and English commentators
in my headphones while playing, because if you are participating
in an international tournament in Germany or on WCG in China,
you have to use English in-game sounds.
It’s obvious that there are no Russian ones.
That’s why I always play with English commentators
and here I don’t know why they removed all English sounds,
leaving only Russian ones. So if you choose any other language,
there are no sounds for hits, passes, tribune, etc.
That is why I am playing now without a headset,
but it doesn't disturb me that much – I am just playing my game.
- What can you say about the tournament draw,
who will be your opponent in the semifinal?
Yozhyk: I am waiting for the group A runner-up.
If I am lucky to beat him, I’ll meet the leader of Xaxotun’s
group where he sensationally failed.
I think this guy is going to take on Group B runner-up,
where Bydlo from Saint-Petersburg
(that’s his nickname, not the direct meaning)
and a young player from Kazakhstan called Shark play.
He’s good too. Overall all the opponents are decent and dangerous,
but I hope everything will go fine
as I’m going to stay relaxed and just play my A-game.
- Is there anything else you’d like to say?
Yozhyk: I would like to say thanks to our sponsors:
SteelSeries, Kaspersky, Antec,
personal thanks to Aleksandr "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky,
who found the financial support and gave me a possibility
to take part in this tournament. When I heard about that,
I was really glad and I will try to live up to my expectations.
Thanks, Evhen for the interview, good luck!
Na’Vi Yozhyk: Thanks, good luck!
Na’Vi Yozhyk: Thanks, good luck!