EPISODE 3: Jang Woo Young (장우영) "JANG BBANG" Making Film

Uploaded by 2pm on 19.07.2012

I will give out breads that I packed for presents
and with that bread
you know the water which a lot of vitamins are contained
The vitamin water that contains most of vitamins in the world.
But there is a water where Jang Woo Young is included
Now on how to wrap this bread,
there is a wrap
And with that wrap, I think I need to stick the tape first
The face is small so, carefully!
One by one, each by each
I put the bread into this wrapping envelop
With care
With gratitude
With this monsoon season and the heat,
to wait for the pre-recording stage
is not easy. So,
I thought I should do
something for my fans
and I wanted to give presents.
So I came up with Jang Bread
How cute is that?
This is Jang Bread
My sexy lady
Help yourself
And I put my lips on
To talk about this lips
To have this shape out
I have kissed about 30 times
on 2 pieces of A4 paper.
This is a story of how I made this lips
And this is how the wrapping would go.
The interview is over now
I have to do this work
to give out this presents
to you tomorrow for real.
I'm going to pull all nighter
But this is my wholeheartedness for you
Please receive it.
Now, Start!
The sticker keeps getting tilted
I don't have any feelings on my left hand
Ah, this is good- really good
I have built a tower
I'm going to build it a lot
and make a wish on it
Which wish are you going to pray for?
To have these breads sell out a lot
Is signing 500 papers easy or wrapping 500 breads are easy?
It's not easy to choose
It's not easy
It's not easier than I thought it would be
However, whatever I do for you
is easy.
I'm not supposed to eat this bread no matter how hungry I am
but this bread is all I've got to eat
Are my fans going to be sulky
if I go ahead and eat one of these?
There aren't going to be any leftovers
Because all my fans are coming
All of them are coming
for sure
if not, I'm going to visit them myself
If you don't come, I will go Kungchacha Kungchac
Everyone finally
I'm done~!
Now I'm going to put these in
Of course I would like for
my fans to be happy when they see this
I want them to enjoy eating these.
To drink with the bread
I'm going to get Jang Woo Young Water
Jang Woo Young water,
which has most vitamins contained
Bread, go away for a while
Now look
how this will be done is
Oh this is hard
This is hard!
This is how it's done
So you go to where I am
and receive these
and then
Jang Woo Young~
and cheer for Sexy Lady
and tear this apart
Like this when you are eating
you can cheer for
my Sexy Lady
Keep circulating on my head, with me.
Ah, this is visible
Ah, this is wrinkled!
I did this
and this too
I'm not good with this
Now I'm putting these into the box
and let's go!
Let's go home!
Now everything's done
For you everyone
I have prepared
all these myself
of course I would like you to enjoy these
and this would touch you a little
If you say you won't eat this
and pass out the expiration date, that's bad
because once the fungus grows
you have to throw it away anyway
So eat it right away
and now I will go to sleep
I think the sun has risen
No it hasn't
Bye now everyone
Good night!