Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn - Part 4 (Live-Action Halo Series)

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I don't recognize…

I can't remember.

So much of myself.

I'm lost.

I'm scared.

It appears to be an alien construct. The data confirms it was not built by the Covenant. There is no need for more analyzing.

We are in danger.

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn: Part IV

Chyler! Hastati!

Get in the dorms! Go!
Colonel Mehaffey…
Go! Go! Go!

Tom! Come on, let's go!

Come on, to the dorms!

What's happened?
Doors are locked!
Over here, in Lasky's room.

Oh my god. Dimah, she's dead.
Colonel Mehaffey…
We will be too, if we don't do something!
Comms are offline.
It's a whole new war.

That sounded close.

It's invisible.
What the hell's invisible?
One of the things is inside, and it's invisible.

Let's go. We gotta get out of here.
No no no no no, screw that. We stay here.
Where are we going to go?
No, we're going to go to the training room. We're gonna get some weapons.
I'll take point.
Come on. Come on, line up!
Alright, tell us when. Tell us when, alright?


Go! Go! Go! What--

Why'd you stop, JJ?


Oh my god!
Move! GO GO GO!

Lasky, send the distress beacon. Chyler, help me get the weapons.

Let's go!
My code isn't working!
Do it again!
Lasky, door!
Yeah, I'm trying!
April, come on!

Mayday! Mayday mayday. This is Cadet Thomas Lasky. I repeat, mayday mayday!
There's been an attack at Corbulo Academy. Excessive casualties. I repeat, excessive casualties.
I don't have access to the live rounds.
Guys, I think the beacon's down as well.
We're dead.
Okay, alright. Think. Think…
We can't stay in here, April.
We can't go out there!

Come on, Vickers! Harder!



Lasky, go for the door.
We can't leave Vickers.

Where is it?

It's right there.

Hey! Guys, run!


We don't have much time. Let's go.

Kelly, inform Command I have 4 survivors. Take your team north. Rendezvous at evac alpha for Pelican extraction.
We'll meet you there. Chief out.
How did you find us?
The distress beacon.
Why did you come for us?
You're the only survivors.
In the school?
On the planet.
We've got 15 minutes to get to the evac point. Armor up.
It's locked.

Stay quiet. Do not leave, no matter what you hear outside.
Wait, who are you?
Call me Master Chief.

I knew those ONI vids were bad news. Now we're the only ones alive, and--
Sully, shhhhh.
What the hell is going on?
We're all following a giant robot.
Who knows if he's even coming back?

He's gonna come back. I believe him.
You okay?
I don't know.
God. Come here.

Hey. Hey, you're going to be fine.

Who's the best shot here?
…You, probably?

Chyler is.

I'm good.
I am too.

Cadet Lasky, can you drive a Warthog?

…Yeah, sure.
Good, that's where we're headed.
Shooters on the left and right, driver in the center.
Stay close to me. It's your best chance for survival.

Sully, keep up.
Sully, come on.
Where'd they all go?

Get down!

Get to the 'Hog. I'll draw their fire.

Where'd he go?
Cover me!

Lasky, go!
You okay?
I've got Sully. Go.
Moving, cover me!

Stay low, stay low!

Chyler! I'm out, gimme Sully's!

I've got you.

Come on!

April, go! Come on, Sully!


Come on, Chyler!