The circle of 4 [English sub] / El círculo del 4 [sub. español] (1/3)

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To be honest, I always thought this moment would come, especially this year.
I always hoped he would continue as coach, but by the look of things it seemed he would say no.
Well, we were prepared for it after two days off and the rumours in the media.
The news were reported, but he hadn't told us. Many news about this club are reported, and then they won't happen.
I know this club very well, and when I arrived in my car and saw the cameras outside, I realized something was happening.
He told us and explained it, like later in the press conference.
It was a sad day.
It was in the locker room, but I didn't expect it.
Yes, we knew it could happen. But you never want this moment to come.
Well, you can only accept it. And little else.
I was convinced he'd continue as coach. What's more, after we were beaten by Chelsea, I couldn't be in the locker room because I had to undergo doping test.
It took me a long time to get the press room and I told someone, I can't remember who, "I think he'll say he'll stay now."
But it was quite the opposite. I've got no future as a visionary.
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From the moment I knew he would be the first team coach, I was convinced that something great would happen.
It's been four incredible years playing good football, competing in every game, taking to every field with the same mindset.
This coach is unique, especially because of how he's conveyed his football philosophy and how he's put it into practice.
These four years have been the time I've most enjoyed in my career by far. A feeling of enjoying what you're doing at a extraordinary level.
His first talk was a bit surprising. You may think Pep is a football romantic, but he told we had to run without stopping.
Bravo, Samuel!
That is it, keep quiet, Martín!
Well done, Seydou!
Bravo, Bojan! Bravo, you little boy, well done!
He told us we were gonna play this way since the very beginning.
There're some things that are non-negotiable and he made it quite clear since his first talk.
I said, "Very well, may the centre-backs want the ball." And he answered, "I'll take care of it."
He showed me a video and said, "I want you to do this, and if not, you won't play."
I noticed it was a risky system, but if things went well, it would be very good.
Culture of effort and hard work. It was surprising because we expected a talk on tactical matters or how we were gonna play.
But no, he insisted we have to train flat out. And I thought, "Well, of course."
I remember a personal talk after Euro 2008. There were rumours about my departure and I asked him if he would count me in.
He told me he couldn't imagine the team without me and that got me very excited.
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We began with a defeat and a draw against Racing.
I remember a Cruyff's article on the Monday after the draw against Racing and he hit the nail on the head. The article said that you can't play better than this and we were doing things well.
I was convinced of this. I also mentioned it to my family and friends, "The team is going like a shot. The workouts are great. We're playing good football."
We had two bad results but totally unfair.
We played well and created gol-scoring chances.
It's true we came from a tough time, so people were eager for good results.
And, of course, that beginning made everybody tremble, "Jeez, what's up!"
Results rule and it was his first season, so there were many opinions.
It was also said that Pep was not prepared. There're always opposing views on this club.
But it worked out fine. We played a great game in Gijón, and from then on everything went well.
If we had lost in Gijón, I don't know where we would have been now!
I didn't know a thing about tactics and these four years with him have been like learning at a university of football.
When he was a player, it was clear he would be a great coach. He already leaded the team on the pitch.
Once, in a game against Atlético de Madrid, he changed our positions on the pitch after each tactical variation of the opponent without talking to the coach.
But it's difficult to do because there's a lot of tension and he's paying attention to everything: Protesting, changing the formation or the tactics...
He's got something special. He reads the game very well and is able to correct mistakes very quickly. And I think this is hardest thing.
He's always paying attention. Even after a goal, instead of celebrations, he shouts to you or to anybody. He's going a million miles a minute.
A master. Because there's no one like him.
Sometimes he talked with great self-confidence, "We'll score four goals." I thought, "Jeez, they're Bayern Munich!" And finally we scored four goals.
He showed his self-steem when you weren't sure at all, and said, "We'll score three goals, boy. I've analyzed the game and I've already got the key."
And I thought, "Well, they've got something to say too." But he was really convinced.
Then he told us, "This is the key. We'll have a two against one situation this way. We'll find open spaces here." He showed it in a video. Everything is worked out in his mind.
There's a mythical phrase that will always remain: Get back into position through the middle, because we've listened to it many times.
Press on the centre-backs to create superiority.
Play from behind, attack, eat opponents alive.
He always said that we should be ourselves.
I was in a bad scoring run and asked him for some advice. He told me, "What can I say, if I only scored four goals in my whole career?"
I just wanted to know his opinion, I didn't thought about how many goals he had scored. It was a funny anecdote.
May 6, 2009 The miracle of Stamford Bridge
Leo passed the ball to Andrés, who rarely scores, but has nailed it in the top corner.
From being eliminated to reaching the final. At that point, we burst into joy like never before. Then you watch the video and everybody's running, we look like crazy people.
May 27, 2009 BARÇA 2 - 0 MANCHESTER UTD. Path to eternity
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