Our Day Project - Final Film

Uploaded by ChildFundAustralia on 12.05.2012


Katelin. Wake up.
I’m too tired.
Come on…we have a big day ahead of us. We have to wake up, come on.
We have chocolate.
Hello. My name is Mr. Bee.
Today I am frying eggs to eat. First, I crack the egg.
This is my breakfast.
We are having bread for breakfast
and we are also having milk.
Hi! My friends, now I am washing the dishes.
Hi! Now I am washing the plates.
This is our water supply.
This is my house. This is the road to collect water.
Around my house there are many big trees.
Oh… It’s raining a lot!
We are grinding corn.
Hi! My friends, now we are working in our garden.
I am watering the vegetables.
I prepare the corn but it’s not for the pigs! It is for people to eat.
Get the camera!
Hi, my friends. Now we are cutting firewood.
Look at this!
This is “BruTucker”. He is my favourite toy creation.
I’m going to show you how I built him.
Hi, my friends. I am doing a drawing.
My friends I have finished my drawing.
I drew some flowers.
These are some flowers in front of our house.
Every day I have to water them so they stay green and fresh…
Look here, my friends. Every morning and afternoon I have to water my plants
so that they are always green. Bye!
Look at this… We are swimming on the beach.
As you see, the small kids are taking a bath in the lake together.
Pay attention to the spectacular jumps performed by them.
Hello! What do you think about my hometown? Is it beautiful?
The nature is really majestic, beautiful and immense. I often bath in this river.
What do you think? My hometown is beautiful, isn’t it?
Hi, everyone. In our spare time, we love to go fishing.
Now we will find baits to fish. Bye!
I caught a fish. It is a big one, isn’t it? It is a Tilapia fish.
This is my favourite spot where I really like to fish every day.
On Sunday I came back here and caught three Barramundi fish.
Two red snappers, and the best thing was cracking oysters.
And that’s the best I can say. Thank you!
We often go for a snorkel at Shelly beach after school.
It’s really fun. We often see a lot of tropical fish.
If we’re lucky enough we might even see a shark. Let’s go for another dive.
The fish that we saw today were amazing.
We saw blue gropper fish that were about this big.
And Port Jackson sharks that were about that big.
We were lucky to see what we saw.
Hi, this is Josh and Jamie jumping off the steps. These steps behind us.
And I’ll just show you how we jump off the steps
and this is what we do when we are bored.
That was good!
I got the Kangaroo!
I got the Kangaroo!
This guy is showing off on top of the buffalo.
Look at this how to stand up on top of the buffalo.
It’s superman!
Hi. I am on my way to my sport, gymnastics.
Now, my father is whistling through a reed. Even if you don’t like it, I want you to hear…
Hi! My name is Fortunata.
These are my younger brothers and these are my mum and dad.
My name is Dikando…
I love my dog lots because he is very cute
and I also love my Mummy because she is very nice and she cares for me.
This is my son, who is really naughty, and the other one.
This is my son and that is my younger daughter and that is my older son. ’Bye.
This is my family. We are taking a photo in front of the street.
This is my family. The one in the red shirt, that’s my Aunty.
The one in the blue shirt, that’s my mum.
And that little one, that’s my sister.
This is my Mum and my sister and they are going to sing a song for you.
Ready, set, go!
We are family. Get up everybody and sing. We are family.
Get up everybody and sing. Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Look at the cameras…open your mouth and show your tongue…
Hug the cat for my sister to film it.
This is my younger brother and this is my dog Branca. ’Bye!
These are my pigs. There are two here. Right now they are hungry.
This little pig is mine and this one is also mine.
This goat knows me very well. I can hold it and dance with it. That’s all.
Hello. I am feeding the cows now.
And here are our goats. We have four. That’s Lily just there.
That’s Lucy at the front. Second here is Salty and that one is Pepper.
Right now go through the gate.
Have a look for your peg. Now ride out and around.
So what makes you laugh?
Probably when people make funny faces or watching funny videos
or funny animals or things like that. And when people make jokes, it’s funny.
Anything else?
She is definitely ticklish like me. There are many things that can make people laugh.
And some people say that laughter is the best medicine for any sickness.
So I wonder what will make you laugh next?
This is how we dance.
This pumpkin is yellow. It looks really delicious
These are my brothers. They are eating cucumber.
These are our flowers.
This is our house.
And this is a green tree.
Hi, everyone. Do you know who this is?
This is a scarecrow to scare the birds away. Do you think that’s funny?
I’m scared of cockroaches because they are very big sometimes
and they tickle sometimes when they come up your legs.
The thing I fear the most is having needles or injections.
Michaela, come for your vaccination!
This is the old house. Let’s go inside.
Some scary things happen in here, only at night though.
No, not really…
What’s that?
Where did that go?
We got it!
Hello. What time do you usually go to bed?
I usually go to bed around 10:30pm to 11pm.
Everyday I go to bed after finishing my homework. Now I am going to bed.
Before going to bed, I put the mosquito net under the mat to prevent mosquitoes.
A film by children from…
What are your dreams? What do you dream of?
That one is a hard one because I barely do dream.
What about when you are a big boy? What do you dream about?
You mean when I am an adult? A fireman.
Being a fireman?
Why do you want to be a fireman?
Because I just want to be…
I just want to see how many hoses they have.
I wish I would be a prince… Nah!
Wow! Excuse me, don’t say that word…
I am prince of New York. But…I was born here.
To be a cupcake maker and to live on a cupcake hill.
To change into anything I want.
Hi, everyone. I am Luong.
I am Van Anh. Both of us come from Vietnam!
We have the same interest. It is becoming singers.
We have a dream to become famous car traders in Vietnam and around the world.
Hi, everyone, do you know my dream?
My dream is to become a traffic policewoman.
This is my dream to become a hairdresser. I am practising on my mum’s hair.
Do you know my dream?
My dream is to be a flight attendant who looks smart and has long hair.
I dream to work in a plane like this one. I like to fly in the sky. �