MiWuLa News TV: Februar 2010

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 17.02.2010

Welcome to a new edition of the MiWuLa News
"Fettes Brot" visited the Miniatur Wunderland.
The Hip-Hop group from Schleswig Holstein arrived here
for the shoot of a scene for their new video "Kontrolle" and gave with much enthusiasm
a small live concert in front of the camera.
The control console is equipped with extensive surveillance technology and served as
an ideal backdrop for parts of their song.
You can see the new video for example on Youtube.
A fire in the historic warehouse district was the cause for a tremendous fire department operation.
After a fire in the ventilation shaft at the adjacent coffee-roasting establishment,
a large contingent of fire trucks moved in.
The whole adjacent building had to be evacuated.
Even a ship of the fire department was sent for this emergency.
Fortunately, the Wunderland wasn't affected by these events.
In no time the fire had been put out and the necessary
measures of control were held by the fire department.
Nevertheless we were all quite shocked, and we hope
to be spared from such events in the future.
In the last edition of MiWuLa-News we talked about the allotment-garden area in the airport section.
The individual modules are completed by now and we are only waiting for their deployment.
We added a lot of different motives that have been carefully crafted,
like this small slot car racing track.
Meanwhile, the construction of the airplanes is in full swing.
We are producing over 30 ariplanes specifically for their deployment here.
Before they are allowed to enter the airstrip,
some more and complex steps have to be taken.
You can experience the whole process soon in our blog "Gerrit's Diary".
Stop by regularly for updates.
Also, in this episode we are showing new constructions.
Over here, for instance, a new supermarket is built.
Elke has worked on all the details for weeks.
In this shot the products are being placed in the shelfs.
We have also spent thought on how to quench the small thirst.
Typical supermarket activity is also represented by shopping carts with or without content,
and also - of course - the customers.
What you can't see in this take will now be revealed:
small cash registers and also small chairs for the cashiers.
The light gray base plate now has fugues,
it has now become grimy through careful application and was subsequently varnished.
A bakery, greengrocer's shop or a cash till area,
all can be found in this section.
Here you can see the roof of the new rent-a-car parking garage.
It's self-built and will have space for a couple of hundred cars.
To create a realistic feel, we will even wire the stairways.
This way we will have the necessary requirements for a perfect lighting.
Another building is going to be this hardware store.
With hard, detailed work we have implemented plants,
painted cash registers,
constructed flower set-ups
and created products.
The shelfs, also, were outfitted with different items.
Of course, a correct preselection of figures is of importance.
Subsequently, it often occurs that these have to be adjusted, as for instance to try out lying down.
Everything that can be found in a real hardware store
will exist in its miniature version after it is completed.
Jens will explain to us what these small parts are for:
At the moment, I am building different packages for the airport's cargo area.
The airplanes have to load something and we have three designs so far.
This one here doesn't look bad.
This is an Iglu-container that will fit in all kinds of cargo planes.
It is slanted on different sides because it is made for the main deck.
Depending on how you slide it in, it'll fit into the arch of the plane.
In painstaking handiwork, Jens is creating new water carriers for the vehicles of the airport.
These will also make their rounds later on the layout.
Jens had to clear a lot of space for all the technology behind it.
If you can take off the lid it becomes a lot easier
to reach all the components that will be in here later.
That's why this has been constructed the way it is now.
After the completion of miscellaneous bridges, Gaston has once again designed something new this month:
A modern slope-attachment for the ICE-track to the airport has been constructed.
Gaston will tell us what exactly he imagined here:
I'm using sandstone to create a colorful effect over here.
Gray and, additionally, sandstone.
And typical for railways are lupines and so we imagined to plant a little greenery.
I've mixed these two color hues.
I know a few guys from the railway company and especially our regular forum visitors.
So I built them.
They all have black T-shirts now
and with a little white paint they'll all have these well-known rail junctions on their chests.
Where will we put them? Over there on the little plattform we have prepared for them.
Here are our forum-goers.
Then I thought: It would be great if they could take pictures.
He also gives us a little advice:
Now I have to sprinkle it a bit so it'll become nice and wet and watch this:
I'll use a little color, paint over it once and it'll run down.
The dirt doesn't reach everything, only certain wrinkles, and so the wall "lives".
I'll let a little green run down here.
It is supposed to look mossy.
This way you can design a wall in diffent tones.
It'll bring life to it.
Then the plant tubs are placed and we're done.
The result looks pretty good.
When a train passes through our little forum-goers are going to take their pictures.
The last gaps in the train track of the airport are finally filled.
After weeks of work, the substructure of the train paths is complete and the last tracks have been laid.
After a final checking of errors in the wiring,
the first test run has been performed.
The eagerly anticipated test run was flawless.
Many trains will approach the Airport Knuffingen in the future.
Well, that's it for this month.
Have a good day and a pleasant evening.
See you next time.