群英會 - Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972)

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"Be a worthy successor to ancestral greatness"
What is it?
They're here
Go outside
Pour some tea, hurry!
Humour them, I'll be right there
Ying Ying...
They're here...
Don't lose your temper
I'll teach them a lesson
So they know we're not to be trifled with
Come when the tea is ready
Where is she?
Go away!
Move aside!
She's preparing your tea
See? There she is
Thanks for your trouble
Why such a big pot?
Out of respect for you
Have you decided?
I can't wait any longer
Ask my mother
Madam! Come quick
What is it, Master Shi
Need you ask?
I've been here many times
about a wedding proposal
Miss Ying Ying has finally agreed
Tell me what you want
Gold, silver, anything
Just name it
But the sooner the better
Ying Ying said yes?
Of course, she told me to talk to you
You're mistaken, I can't decide either
You must ask my husband
Your husband is dead!
How can I ask him?
You're cursing me?
Don't get mad
He left word before he died
Look over there
That's just an old crummy bow
It's more than that
My husband's last word was that
Whoever can draw this bow
will marry Ying Ying
And own this bow
What if I can't?
You can forget everything
This is too easy
Draw the bow
Be careful, don't hurt yourself
Move aside!
You have to draw the bow
And shoot with it
It's more spacious outside. I'll lead the way
Take it outside
Stand back! Master Shi is drawing the bow...
Quiet... move aside
Move aside...
Look, Master Shi
There's a crow
Shoot it down! Come on!
Are you blind? It's a crow
Crows are unlucky, you can't shoot it
That's a magpie, not a crow. Shoot it!
Don't let it get away
Bring the bow
Move back
Are you hurt?
I shot it
It's mine, pal
Sorry, it's my arrow
I shot it
How can you say it's yours?
Your arrow is over here, Master Shi
Is this yours?
Who are you? You have a lot of nerve!
You're messing up my wedding
Are you looking for trouble?
Who are you? You're quite rude
Who am I?
You should find out who I am
I'm the magistrate's son
Fix him
Go back
Stop! Stop it!
Stop it!
Mother, he shot it down
I know. Take the bow inside
Move aside!
Forget it, Master Shi
You should stop too
I dare you to stay. Let's go
Move it!
I can wait, but just so you know
I have business in the capital, I can't stay long
I'll wait one night
That's more than enough! Let's go
Step aside...
Watch out, Master
May I have your name?
Please come inside, Master Kuang
Thank you
Take Master Kuang's horse to the stable
Come in for some tea
It's my treat
Sit down
I'll make some tea
Thank you
Ying Ying
Come out and wait on the customers
Ying Ying, wait on Master Kuang
Thank you
Have some tea
Thank you
What is it?
He can shoot with the bow and arrow
Master Kuang
Are you visiting or passing through?
Please sit down
You go ahead
I'm on my way to the capital
I'm spending the night
And be on my way tomorrow
That's destiny
You mean...
When my husband died
He left this bow
Whoever can draw it can keep it
My daughter would like to consult you
What do you think?
I must be at the capital
Have you decided?
"Emphasize love and benevolence"
Well? Any ideas?
I'm still thinking
Commoners are easy to handle
Lousy idea
I got it
What is it?
Arrest that bastard
Trump up some charges
So he can't get away
What if Father finds out?
Don't worry, he won't
Let's have a go
You first
Don't give in, Master Kuang
You'll be giving away a wife
Pardon me...
That's enough! Get up!
You'll never beat him. Get up!
We'll try boxing
What's going on?
Go take a look, Doggie
Open the door...
Hurry! Open up...
What's going on?
We're here to arrest a bandit
Open up...
The bandit they're referring to
I bet it's you
Must be that bastard's scheme
I'm not afraid
They're nothing
I'll get rid of them
Don't trouble yourself
They're calling you a bandit
That's a serious charge. You better go
They're after me
I can't implicate you
They're not after you
There're after Ying Ying
Don't worry, we'll take care of it
You'll get us in trouble if you stay
Take this bow with you
It's settled. Go now!
Open up...
What is it? What do you want?
Make an arrest
Arrest who? Don't you have a name?
We're looking for a bandit. Search!
Wait! This is a tea house
There's no bandit here
Cut the crap! Search!
There's nothing in the back! Go!
We have our orders
Search the place!
What if you don't find anything?
That's none of your business
Then I must draw some blood
And give you an excuse
Arrest them
Stop it...
Stop it!
Move away!
What's going on? That's stealing
Stop it!
I'm over here
I dare you to come after me
Go after him
Let's go take a look
I dare you to follow me!
Mount your horses!
Come here, Doggie
What's with Master Kuang?
He's luring them away
So that we won't get in trouble
What if they arrest him?
They won't
He's heading for the capital
Those morons wouldn't dare follow him
Master Shi won't let us off easily
Let's go back inside and bolt the door
Useless morons!
You're so incompetent!
Yes, Master
Get lost!
I really like that girl
I have another idea
What is it?
If they can't be persuaded
We must do it by force
Let's hear it
We'll snatch her
Nonsense! They're kung fu experts
How can we do it?
We'll take Polar Beari... with us
Then we'll manage
You mean the Coach?
"The Shi family wedding procession"
What is it?
They're here
This time they came with the band
Move aside...
No wonder it's so noisy
This doesn't look good
You better hide
They come prepared
Doggie, Ying Ying
Get ready and watch for my signal
Get out...
What's this, Master Shi?
Congratulations, Madam
Bring them over here
Bring them...
Wait! What's the meaning of this?
Come here, Madam
Let's get down to business
I'm the magistrate's son
I'm good enough for your daughter
You played me for a fool again and again
I don't care whether you agree or not
I'm getting married today
Come, help her prepare for the wedding
Let's talk about this
There's nothing to talk about. Hurry!
This is kidnapping in broad daylight
Do it!
Catch, Madam!
Don't let them get away!
You'll have an easy life
You're a bullying bastard!
You're dead
Your father will have no heirs
Damn! Tell the magistrate
We're in big trouble
Let's go, we can't stay here
Where can we go?
To the capital. We'll find him
Yes, we can catch up with him
Let's go
So be it!
The bandits are here!
Sound the gong!
Bandits are here!
Fetch the master
Take whatever you want
Please spare our lives
I want information on someone
That's Shih Chung Yu from the Rouge
Prepare the horses!
Let's go, Boss
We found out that Pang Xun
entered the city with a few men
That's odd
He had over 1,000 men
They started looting every city from Xiaoshing
Why did he bring only a few men here?
They're lawless bandits
We must arrest them
Guard the 4 gates
General Ma
Yes, sir
Search the city with General Wang
General Wang is away from camp
He's obsessed with Shih Chung Yu
What is it?
You have a customer
I told you
I'm not seeing anyone if General Wang is here
He'll pay 10 taels of silver just to see you
Ask for 100 taels
Give it to her
Thank you
100 taels
100 taels?
Tell her to hurry!
I want to see her first
He already paid 100 taels
I'll give you 200 taels
300 taels
Talk is cheap
Show me your money
I don't have it
No? Then shut up
How much is this worth?
The dragon jade is worth over 10,000 taels
If you know, then run along
Stop it!
You can't do this!
You can't do this, sir
Tell her to come out
Go fetch her...
Here I am
Sorry to keep you waiting
It's alright
Excuse me
You just wanted to see me
Only this for a dragon jade?
You're too arrogant
It's worth it
I'll go if you play the pi pa
I'm not feeling too well
Don't go
They say money makes the world go round
I don't perform for just anybody
Don't go
You'll offer to play for me
Come back...
Your sister is too arrogant
She's not
She's in love with General Wang
She's obsessed with him
Make way...
General Wang...
Someone is looking for you
He's asleep
General Wang
Minister Li wants you
I have to go
Even if the Emperor summons you
I'm not letting you go
I'll come again tomorrow
If you leave now, don't bother to come again
Minister Li must have an urgent matter
Who's more important, him or me?
You, of course
Then stay
Execute him!
Beat the drum!
Who's that?
Shih Chung Yu
Get rid of her!
What are you doing?
Don't be cocky, you've been to the Rouge
Nonsense! I've never been there
Don't bother to deny it
Quiet! Don't let the minister hear you. Go...
Then let us through
I can't
Then I'll yell!
We'll yell
Just her, the rest of you go home
Arrest her!
I have something to say
Greetings, Minister
What are you?
Like yourself, I'm human
A prostitute is not worthy to speak to me
A prostitute is also your subject
I want to file a complaint
How dare you come here after you seduced my man?
General Wang and I loved each other
I didn't seduce him
A prostitute in love?
You've been to a brothel?
I'll never go to such a filthy place
How do you know a prostitute can't fall in love?
What a sharp tongue!
I'm telling the truth
Love is everywhere
Prime Minister Xie An accompanies prostitutes
And Commander Yang Xu hosts social functions
Guan Pan Pan of Yanzi Lou
Throughout history, scholars and prostitutes
have left behind romantic stories
You're making a mountain out of a mole hill
This is not discipline
You're just a heartless fool
Tie her up!
Wait! You're a high ranking officer
Tying me up is too easy
But tell me, what crime have I committed?
You barged in here and insulted me
I will execute you along with Wang Xing Yu
They call you the Tigress
I thought you're courageous
But you're a mere coward
Begging me for mercy
I'm not begging you
I'm thanking you for being our matchmaker
What do you mean?
You keep us apart while we're alive
But you let us die together
Of course I must thank you
Execute them
No thanks
I can do it
Chung Yu, you can't do this
I'm keeping you company
They don't deserve to die
Please go easy on them
She's guilty of insubordination
Wang Xing Yu is guilty of whoring
What are you doing?
People who have visited brothels deserve to die?
Of course
This is fun
General Wang is not the only one
who has visited a brothel
You dare not kill everyone
Do you?
Quiet! Except for Wang Xing Yu
no one dares to visit a brothel
You're overconfident
Let me show you
Come out, those of you who were there
Come on, don't be shy!
That's right, come out...
They're not coming out
They won't admit it
I knew you're making this up
What can you say for yourself?
What now?
If they won't volunteer, we'll force them
Come out, sir
Minister Qian, I know you
Minister Zhao...
Give us a hand...
Please spare me
Come on...
Come out, all of you!
Come on! Kneel down
Come out
Please kneel down
Come on...
There you are!
You two look familiar
See for yourself
You have all been there?
Execute them all! Executioner!
Execute them
I can't do it
Why not?
I was there too
This is outrageous!
What's so urgent?
Madam is aware of today's event
She wants the sentence suspended and meet the prisoners
Get up...
Who is Shih Chung Yu? Let me take a look at you
Madam Li
Lift your head
How pretty!
No wonder General Wang is obsessed
He's not obsessed with me
I'm obsessed with him
Well said!
Prostitutes are skittish
They have no genuine feelings
Minister Li
What is it?
Madam Li, may I say something?
Go ahead
If I have no feelings
I would not barge into the execution ground
I was prepared to die with General Wang
To be fair, if visiting the brothel is not allowed
It should be in writing
If you despise prostitutes
You should close down all the brothels
This is outrageous!
By law, even the Emperor
does not execute anyone who frequents brothels
Enforcing extralegal punishments is a crime
How dare you!
Kneel down!
Did you hear what she said?
Of course, she wanted you to kneel down
Get down on your knees!
You would have made a big mistake if I didn't intervene
Extreme penalty will hurt morale
How can you...
Madam, please forgive him
Please have mercy on him
Stay out of this
I must teach him a lesson
You're fair and strict
But to make the Minister kneel
in front of his men is not a good idea
Are you pleading for him?
Everyone makes mistakes
On your account, I'll let him get up
Thank you, Madam
Get up!
He won't listen to me
Get up!
Yes, Mother
He was mean to you, why did you intercede?
Forget it
You are so kind
If I had a daughter like you
I'd be very happy
Then let me be your daughter
Get up...
Such a clever girl
Kowtow to Madam
Get up...
Congratulations! You have 2 goddaughters
Get up...
General Wang has such a good eye
And found someone like you
Thank you for sparing him
Thank you, Madam
You may spare General Wang's life
But he should be punished
That's true
A beating of 80 strokes
Yes, sir
Let him capture Pang Xun and redeem himself
That's even better
Go change and wait for my order
No jokes in the Army
Sign the pledge to catch Pang Xun
And redeem yourself
Yes, sir
Hang on
What are you doing here?
To sign a pledge
That's none of your business. Get out!
Catching the bandit is my business
Madam has designated Shih Chung Yu
to head the mission to capture Pang Xun
How can a woman go to war?
You're looking down on me too?
I'll show you
Mother is bewildered by her
Let her learn a lesson
Let her do it
We don't have extra men
I can only give you 1,000 soldiers
That's not enough
That's too many
How many do you need?
Only General Wang and a few men
are enough to capture Pang Xun
Very well
No. Pang Xu is ferocious
I know
He has a few thousand men
I know that too
How can you go?
That's my business
Never mind
Write down what she said
How long will it take?
Within 3 days
And if you fail?
You can have my head
Sign the pledge
Get out
What if I succeed?
You'll be rewarded
I don't want that
What do you want?
Your respect for prostitutes
I want you to hail 3 times in front of the camp
And say what?
My amazing god sister
I doubt if you'll succeed. Very well
We'll see about that, my god brother
Save your tricks
We know you're not a street performer
We have tailed you for 2 days
You asked about Pang Xun
Can't believe she did that
We used to follow her
And made a living on the street
My business with Pang Xun does not concern you
You know who I am?
You'll be too scared when you find out
I'm Pang Xun's cousin
So we're family!
I thought you were a government spy
You work for Pang Xun?
Get up
Sorry, we didn't know
What's this?
Let them talk
We're staying with Master Ma
Boss wanted to summon his men
And overthrow the emperor
But for some bitch called Shih Chung Yu
He's giving up the throne
Please speak to him
Run along
Come back!
Pass him a message
Shih Chung Yu is waiting for him
You're Shih Chung Yu?
Useless fools!
Get lost!
Get lost!
You were right
It was Pang Xun who wanted you to play the pi pa
You can't expect us
to barge in and arrest him!
No, let him invite us in
This is a lady's strategy. We'll wait for him
Say it!
I asked her to go after Pang Xun because...
I understand
Say you're running off with me
We'll go away
And live an easy life
I took Chung Yu's jewellery
This should be enough for us
You feigned your affections for her
Will you do that to me?
Of course not
Let's go before she finds us
General Wang
Too bad you won't live out your plan
Stop it!
Don't kill him
I'll tell you
where Shih Chung Yu is
Go after her
How arrogant! She sat down! Get in!
It's your mouth, but her legs
You can tell us but don't push
What a sharp tongue!
Do you know the rules?
In here
We only kill and fight. We have no rules
Kill and fight?
What a cute face!
How dare you hit me!
You kill and fight, right?
I'll kill you!
Come on!
What's stopping you?
You think I'm afraid?
Stop it!
You're being rude to our guest
Quit the act
Do whatever you want with us
I heard you're here to catch me
To save Wang Xing Yu?
Is he worth dying for?
I'll do anything for him
Will he do the same for you?
I'm sure of it
In your dreams! Ask her!
Jin Hua?
It's my fault
It's not your fault
She's not here to catch me
She eloped with her lover
With who?
Xing Yu?
Now you understand
He lied to you, feigned his affections
And stole your jewellery
If you want them, take them
Jin Hua, how could you?
How could you do this to Chung Yu?
It's not my fault
She's ferocious like a tiger
Xing Yu can never love her
Shut up!
I won't
He's not in love with you
You have no right to do that
I wish I can kill him
It's no good!
Do it!
I'd like to see your heart!
What happened?
She's like that when she's angry
Hold her tight! Tighter!
She'll be alright soon
I can't stand it!
Hang on! Don't mess it up!
Miss Shih, are you better?
Don't get upset over him
Me? Upset?
I know when to let go
Let's tell him about us
Please help me!
Why don't you tell them?
Fine, go ahead and tell him
We did what you did
Since when did that happen?
You kept us in the dark!
Congratulations, Boss...
You'll watch while they have fun with your lover
Let's celebrate and get drunk
Let me sleep with her first
You're too old. Why should you go first?
Because she wants me to
Go to hell!
Who do you want to sleep with?
Of course
What do you see in me?
Your beard
Shall we go?
Not yet. What about them?
Let's get them drunk
Whatever you say...
Don't fight, we'll take turns
The best drinker gets the first go
That's fair
Pour the wine!
Drink up!
I can't
I want you to
Come on!
I want you to show him
Do it for me
You must do it for her
It's your turn!
Alright, I'll drink
What is it?
It's important!
Let's go over there
I'll be right back
What a party pooper! Let's drink...
Come on...
It doesn't look good
Get rid of them...
Come on...
According to the scouts
The soldiers are coming this way
Watch out for those women
I've been to hell and back
Report back after you find out more
Where's everyone?
My sister is not feeling well
They took her inside
I'm drunk
It's too windy
Windy? I'll close the door
Where does it hurt?
Here, my chest
I'll give you a massage
Don't go away
I won't...
Here I come...
No... I’m thirsty
Fetch me water
Get under the covers
Don't go away!
Here's your tea!
Let her sleep
Let's go
You go
You go
I'll stay with her
I'll hit you if you stay
Go help Chung Yu with Pang Xun
If you overthrow the emperor
What will I be?
You'll be Empress Tigress
Thank you, Your Majesty
What about him?
I'll make him the Romantic General
Let's drink to that
He's throwing a fit
He should know better
He's asking for it
Let me teach him a lesson
You're such a...
Someone will fix him
Boss, I got it
Are you sure?
What is it?
He said you're working with the government
You believe him?
Of course not
What else?
I'll know if she's working with the government
Lao Si
Kill him!
You're no match for me
If you take my blade before the wine stops dripping
I'll kneel before you
It's still dripping. You lost
You won't get away
Have you seen Shih Chung Yu?
Where is he?
Over here
Tie him up
Take him away
I lost. In 20 years
You'll play the pi pa for me
Wang Xing Yu, you're forgiven
Thank you, sir
What about me?
You'll be rewarded when we return to camp
I don't want a reward
What do you want?
Call me 3 times
Call you what?
Have you forgotten?
"My amazing..."
We'll do that later
I gave you Pang Xun
You owe it to me
Don't be rude
You should keep your word
Forget it
You made a promise!
I didn't say no
I'm all ears
Chung Yu
I risked my life for this
Go ahead...
Get out
Yes, sir
We had a deal, in front of everyone
Come back
Amazing god sister
Amazing god sister
Louder! I can't hear you
Amazing god sister
Let's go
Yes, sir
You have my utmost respect
Your portrait, Miss Shih
Pang Xun left it for you
Read the words on the back, it's incredible
He was a soldier under your father
It was love at first sight for him
Because of his humble origin, he dared not tell you
He loved you from afar
He helped you escape when the Emperor chose you
But his family was executed and he became a bandit
Yet he could not forget you. He looked for you
I had him arrested
Make it quick! Come on!
The tale went: Shihchung Yu spent lifetime in a brothel
These were not heroes,
nor did they achieve greatness, but the robber...
was sentimental and the prostitute chivalrous at heart
and so they were included in the trilogy.
Look, Miss!
This is the White Water Strand
It's known for its rough terrain, be careful
Escorting Brother Xu are Ren Da and You Jie
Both are pupils of Lo Tian Yi
Known as Dual Devils of Hebei
We must be careful
Let's go
We're government troops from Jinan
escorting a bandit
Is this a rebellion?
You're the bandit
Ren Da, You Jie
We know who you are
I'm Hua Feng Chun
This is miss Xu Feng Ying
You framed Master Xu
Let him go
We'll spare your pathetic lives
You survivors of Liang Shan are asking for trouble
Brother Hua, save your breath
Open this for me!
You're safe, let's go
These 2 evil doers
We can't let them off
Stand guard up there
Let us know if more troops show up
Who are you?
Put it down! You can't pass!
I said don't go that way
I must
Go ahead and try!
Sorry! I must deliver these goods
to Jinan before dark
I'm a hired help
I don't have time for this
Why are you still here?
I want to know what's going on
You're bandits! You attacked government troops
So? Mind your own business
You're quite an expert
Too bad I don't have my weapon handy
We can't compete properly
Take off those cuffs
It's not fair
Sis, let me use your Koulian spear
It's shorter, but it'll do
Wait! You have a tattoo on your face
You use a Koulian spear
Are you the son of
Master Xu Min of Liang Shan?
Green faced Tiger Xu Shi Ying?
This must be your sister Xu Feng Ying
You're catching on
My name is Mu Yu Ji
Sorry I didn't recognize you at first
I'll make it up to you
Who cares? Let's go
Don't let them get away! They're bandits!
You may go too
You saved our lives, Master Mu
We haven't thanked you
Where are you going?
Making a delivery to Jinan
We're due back in Jinan, let's go together
Xu Shi Ying is from an eminent family
Why did you call him a bandit?
I don't know. We have our orders
Who are the others?
One with the iron bow is
Hua Rong's son, Hua Feng Chun
The one with double whip is Hu Yan Bao
The one with the blade
is Qin Ming's son Qin Ren
They're descendents from the Liang Shan heroes
Here comes Master
That's Luo Tian Yi
Master Mu
I want nothing to do with the government, goodbye
You have saved my pupils
Even if you don't want a position
I'll make the delivery for you
Let's have a drink in Jinan
That's the least I can do
Please don't give me the cold shoulder
Mu Yu Ji is a fine man
Why would he hang out with Luo Tian Yi?
He's the 11th child
Then he must be
the famous Shiyi Lang
He's such a kung fu master
But he's also a loner
He probably doesn't know about Luo Tian Yi
And fell for it
Serves him right!
After all, he let us go
Our country is being invaded
We should make a friend
Follow them
Tell us what they're up to
Meet at the usual place tonight
I will
Make this delivery for Master Mu
Then report back to the office
Wait! I better...
You must be hungry after the trip
Let them do your errand
Let's have a drink
If you consider me unworthy
You may go afterwards
You're too kind
I'll stay
This way
I drugged the wine
That's what I did last night
to Guan Sheng
He's the state general, why...
The state magistrate has already surrendered
He has been named King of Qi
He knew Guan Sheng came from Liang Shan
And would never surrender
He planned to use him as an example
I drugged him last night
And took him to court
Minister Liu has been named King of Qi
by the Jin Dynasty
These are ambassadors from the Jin Emperor
Guan Sheng went against the mandate of Heaven
So I had him arrested
What do you think?
If you're willing to surrender
We'll release you immediately
You'll be a founding member of the new dynasty
I'm a Song subject
I will never betray my country
You refuse to surrender?
Execute him
Yes, sir
Execute Guan Sheng!
Do you wish to follow Guan Sheng
or will you surrender?
We'll surrender
Very well...
Everyone surrender after Guan Sheng died
That's why I'm late
And Xu Shi Min managed to escape
It's our fault
Luckily we have Mu Yu Ji
These so-called chivalrous swordsmen
will never surrender
We must kill a few to frighten people
So others dare not resist
You plan to...
I'll report back to Minister Liu
Tomorrow at noon
Mu Yu Ji will be beheaded
Luo Tian Yi captured Mu Yu Ji
I followed them into Jinan
They took him to a restaurant
Drugged him and had him arrested
You were right
I found out something else
Minister Liu Yu has surrendered
The Jin Emperor named him King of Qi
Master Guan is dead
Liu Yu finally did it
We came to Jizhou
to contact Master Guan
But Shi Min's arrest detained us
Now Master Guan is dead
Liu Yu will let the Jin army through
We must alert the Imperial Court
so they'll be prepared
First we'll rescue Mu Yu Ji tomorrow
Then we go south with the news
I want to make it clear
If anyone gets killed tomorrow
Or if we can't save Mu Yu Ji
We must break away
Our lives are insignificant
compared to spreading the news
about Liu Yu's surrender
This is for just in case
National security is far more important
Bring Mu Yi Ju
How dare you!
Kneel before me and the generals
I'm a Song subject, not a traitor like you
I'd rather die
than kneel before you
We'll see about that! Beat him!
Generals, rebels like him
should be executed in public
in order to frighten the people
Don't fall for his ploy
The rebel Mu Yu Ji will be beheaded tomorrow in public
I will personally supervise the execution
I'm not afraid to die
I'd rather die defending my country
Take him away!
When is the execution?
At noon
Don't push...
Glazed candies...
Don't push!
I've never seen this
Get closer
I can't see!
Look at those soldiers
They're on guard
They're executing an important criminal
So what?
Execute him elsewhere if they don't want people to see
What are you doing?
My wife has never seen this
Pardon us!
Have you seen this?
No, I haven't
Can I stand here?
Leave them alone
Don't push!
What are you doing here?
If she can watch, why can't we?
Come back, I'm scared
Move it! Someone came to his rescue!
Minister, someone came to his rescue
Don't wait any longer
Execute him now!
Execute the prisoner immediately!
Yes, sir!
Brother Mu, we're here for you!
Sis! Brother!
Master, it's Xu Shi Min
Hack down the flag pole
I'll stall these men
Rescue Master Mu
I will
You came for me despite what happened yesterday
I'm grateful
Forget it! Let's get out of here!
Where's Brother Hua?
Shoot them!
I must avenge Brother Hua!
Be careful!
I'll take care of the magistrate
You traitor!
Please spare me!
Miss Feng Ying, watch your brother
I'll take care of this bastard!
Let's go
Go ahead. I'll just be a burden
Their chief is dead
These men are nothing
The 3 of us can break away
However if there's any delay
More soldiers
will catch up with us
It'll be tough to get away
We can't leave you
Remember what Brother Hua said last night?
Our lives are insignificant
compared to spreading the news
about Liu Yu's surrender
Master Xu...
Take care of my sister
Get the horses
Let's go
Take care of her
Master Xu!