Black Lagoon Omake High School Episode HD [Eng. Subs]

Uploaded by MrClassicShows on 12.06.2011

What's going on?
Why am I wearing a high school uniform?
It's not even the uniform I actually did wear in high school.
Is this the setup for this episode?
I got a bad feeling about this...
If this is my role...
...then what parts do the others play?
Hey, how are ya!
Did ya get breakfast yet?
Good morning, Okajima-san.
You look well as always.
Yes, there is a god!
Looks like at least she's turned out nor-
Isn't this weather wonderful?
Aw'right... attendance time.
Park your butts before I count to three.
What're you looking at, Okajima?
C'mon... You wanna die?
I'm just glad it's - however strangely - appropriate.
But what about Dutch? What part is he going to get?
Which one of ya miserable runts wrecked my precious flowerbed!
Meanwhile, Benny-san...
...skipped school and spent the entire day glued to his PC, trolling internet forums.
You suck! You all suck!
All of you! Go suck a tail pipe!
And that's all!