[ENGSUB/Fancam] 120917 EXO-M received Most Popular Group Award @ The 5th Mengniu Music Award

Uploaded by kriswu712 on 17.09.2012

The winner of The 5th Mengniu Music's "Most popular group of the year" is....
Please look at the screen.
Congratulation to EXO-M! Congratulation !
In 2012, EXO-M debuted with their young and refreshing styles,
Their first mini album "MAMA" shows their charms as Asia's popular idol group.
Congratulation to EXO-M!
Let's have your winning speech.
Let's do a greeting together first, ok?
We are ONE! Hello everyone, we are EXO-M.
EXO-M's winning speech.
Who will say it?
How about each of you say something very simple?
Kris, you say first.
Good evening everyone!
It's an honor for us to receive this award today.
And then....
My members will say their winning speech first.
Lay, Luhan quickly!
Actually, we first debuted on 8th April, on the stage of Mengniu Music Billboard.
At this time, we are receiving this rookie award on Mengniu Music Award ceremony, I feel we are fated.
We will treat this rookie award as an encouragement to us,
and we will continue working hard,
staying humble and presenting an even better performances for everyone.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Next up, we will ...... everyone please be more quite.
Oh wait, you guys still have something to say, right?
Because it is the first time we are receiving an award,
we would like to thank our company,
teacher Lee Soo Man, our boss and staff members.
Thank you all for supporting us all this while,
and for working hard because of us.
I would also like to thank EXO-K, who has made an appearance here today.
Thank you.
I'm really thankful to these brothers for staying with us.
Actually, words dont have to be said that much, we all know the feeling deep in our hearts.
They’ve always been supportive of us, always being by our sides for whole the time.
If they receive a rookie award, we will also be there, right?
Do you want to say something? Wait for me to finish it.
I am also thankful to everyone’s families, without them, their support and encouragement, we would not be standing on this stage.
Also lastly, I would like to say that this award does not only belong to us, EXO-M,
I would like to share this award with a group of people, who keep protecting over us, loving and supporting us.
I would like to share this award with them.
Angels are all of you, you know that, right?
Thank you, you guys are really awesome, thank you.
I hope that in the future we can receive more awards and create more of our own history.
Thank you, you are the best!
Thank you.
We can see that they are all really touched now, and they really care about this award a lot.
Next, we are going to ask some serious questions so I hope everyone would stay quiet.
The first question: May I ask, being a new rookie group in China, what are your feelings about winning a rookie award for the first time?
We are really excited,
just like what you’ve said, as a rookie group and not having debuted for such a long time,
to be standing on this stage today and to be invited here is really such an honor for us.
Also, to receive this award,
there are too many people we need to thank,
and we hope to continue working hard to show an even better us and we hope that you will continue supporting and looking forward to us. Thank you.
Actually there is another question, which everyone is really curious about.
Zhu Jing, please ask.
Yes, actually I would also like to ask EXO-M, about your coming up plans and feelings? Will you please give us an answer.
Firstly, I would like to .....
Hang on, Yixing speaks very softly, so please be quiet.
...thank our EXO-M and EXO fans. I’m really thankful.
In the future, we will work even harder,
be it our practices, performance or even outfits.
we’ll work really hard to present a better us and also please look forward to our new album, it’s in the midst of preparation.
Thank you.
Actually, we can see that they are all really emotional right now, and for receiving such a great award, we prepare a gift for them. Please look at the screen.
Wow, it’s really heart touching.
Like I’ve said, Zhang Yixing is the one who cries the most.
Zhang Yixing, let’s hear you say, how does it feel?
I don’t know .... thank you...
It’s really touching, I feel that it doesn’t matter if it’s EXO-M who’s on stage or fans who are off stage, all the sincerity and blessings can be felt deeply.
Actually on the day of filming this VCR, it was raining really heavily but all the fans endured through the rains to support their idols, giving EXO-M their largest blessings.
I think that this award brings an especially deep meaning and I’m really moved, I know what I should do in the future,
I will do better on my own part and together with the members, we’ll walk towards the best. I’m really really thankful to everyone.
We are one! Thank you!