Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Dog Puppet

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

This little puppy dog puppet is just perfect for that little dog lover in your family.
Of course you're going to start out with a wooden spoon. And, what I did with this one
was to paint it all brown, solid brown, and put it on my little pot and let it dry. Now,
before you do that, if you outline the spoon on paper, while your paint is drying the first
time, you can design your puppy dog face. This puppy dog face took me a while to design,
and you know, a good place to look for designs are cartoons, comic books, that kind of thing.
You want to design your puppy dog's face on paper. And, you can give him a muzzle, with
a little unhappy smile and a big nose, and some whisker dots. You design your puppy dog
face and get it the way you want it. And then, you can either paint on the nose, or use a
black bead for the nose, you could even use those googley eyes for the eyes. And after
you've designed your face you want to design your ears. I gave my little puppy dog king
of droopy, long ears. But you might give him, oh maybe one ear that goes down and one ear
that goes up and folds over so that he's kind of has kind of a whimsical look. When you've
decided what ear you like, cut out that ear from the paper and either trace it on felt,
or tag board, depending on what you want to do with it, and cut it out. And, after you're
done with the face, you're going to glue it on the back. Once you've gotten your puppet
dry from the first time, I took brown paint and mixed the same paint that I used for his
face and I mixed it with white paint to get the color of paint that I wanted for his muzzle.
Then I drew the face on my spoon with a pencil and I used the muzzle paint and painted his
muzzle and waited for that to dry. And once that's dry you can either use a very fine
paint brush and black paint, or your good old permanent marker with its fine point and
draw in the face. Once all of that is done and completely dry, then you want to seal
it. And, you can use something like Modge Podge or you can use a varnish. Modge Podge
is quick and easy and it dries real fast. It goes on kind of white, but once it's set
and dry, your paint will come through underneath very clearly. Once that's completely dry,
then you want to take probably Tacky glue, because it will make a better hold and a better
seal, and it's not hot, especially if you're working with children, and glue your fun ears
on the back of your puppet. Then you're ready to give this little guy his front and back
legs. And I take a pipe cleaner, and give room for your little tail. Cut the pipe cleaner
in half. If you want a tail, you've got a tail, cut it off, and then you're ready to
put it on. You can use hot glue but it might not last, it might not stay on as well as
Tacky glue. Either way, you're going to have to let it set. So, if you're going to use
Tacky glue, put a nice big glob of Tacky glue on the back of your spoon and then take your
pipe cleaner, find the half way mark, put it around your spoon, and then twist it in
front so that it holds itself on. And really be patient and wait until that glue is completely
dry. Once it's dry, then you can take some beads, put a drop of glue in the hole of the
bead, stick it on the bottom of the pipe cleaner, and now you've given your puppy dog puppet
paws. Oh! And don't forget to add on his tail at the end. And there you have it, a fun little
puppy dog puppet for the dog lover in your family.