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And now, the exclusive 4 minute super preview of this summer's
most anticipated film. The Amazing Spider-man.
In theaters everywhere July 3rd.
Somebody help me! My kid is trapped.
Dad! Help dad! Ok, wait, wait. I am a regular guy.
Put it on, the mask. It's gonna make strong.
There you go, that's it.
Ok now, climb.
Give me a favor. A little faster, ok bud?
Keep coming. No.
This life isn't a easy one.
Who are you?
I have made enemies.
Powerful enemies.
Put those, who i love in danger.
But when your past is a mystery.
How you ever stop looking?
For the truth.
You are wanted man Peter Parker.
You don't belive that police is saying, do you?
My dad has 500 officers looking for you.
500? Seems a bit excessive.
You know, if you are gonna steal car, don't dress like car thief.
You found my weakness. It's small knives.
Oh, it's so simple.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
What about you father, Peter?
My parents left when i was little.
Peter, someday you understand.
Did you tell boy about his father?
Doctor Connors.
I was your partner's son.
If you want a truth Peter. Come and get it.
Ready to play God?
There's been a biological attack on New York city.
Who else know about this?
I got to stop him.
Do you think what happened to you Peter?
Was it accident?
Do you have any idea?
What you truly are?
The amazing spiderman
Hey, Parker, you wanna play football?
Too dangerous.