Dağıstaniler Ile - With the Daghestanis

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M.Masha Allah,this one has bright light. G. He is our professor.
M. Professor? Masha Allah..
Salamu Aleikum
"Shibhal boubesh".. (How are you?).
Shaykh Yaqoub, How are you?
G. Shaykh Muhammad...
M. Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad.
M. This one is very enraged-angry. You understand? Translate to him.
G. Alhumdulillah.
M. The people-jamaat fear him as do his students.Translate for him.
M. But he is afraid of his wife.
Masha Allah, Masha Allah Ghazis-Veterans
They are soldiers of Mahdi (as).
Tell him to keep a dagger..
3 daggers..Translate to them.
and one here....
One here...
Are you Ghumuqi? Looks like boubish..How are you?..
Ghumuqi yahshi yaman.. very beautiful.
Masha Allah, masha Allah...
Are you a wrestler? G. He is a relative of my grandfather.
G. How are you? G. Alhamdulillah.
M. Does he fear...
your wife?
G. This one is from Ghazi-Ghumuq also. M. What is your name?
M. Talha
Masha Allah.. What does he do?
G. He is a merchant. M. I am a merchant, too.
I am a wisdom merchant.
He is a merchant, I am a merchant too.
People who come to visit me ask for other things, none asks for wisdom.
Some ask for ladies, some ask for money ...no one asks about wisdom.
Is he married?
M. All of them must get married. Who does not marry can't be a mureed.
Abdullah ad-Dahlawi,Shaykh Khalid al-Baghdadi, Shaykh Ismail,
Sh Khas Muhammad, Sh Muhammad Effendi al-Yaraghi,Sayyid Jamaluddin al-Ghumuqi.
This book is by Sh.Al- Yaraghi. Sh. Al-Yaraghi is quite strong.
He wrote this book. It's translated in Arabic.
When you come back bring me a copy. Ask him if he has the book.
G. Yes, he has it.. M. Adab ul Mureed.
G. There is Adab ul Mardiyya, by Sh Jamaluddin Ghumuqi Hz.
Ok... Are they all working?
G. Yes, they all work. M. They have work. Good!
Whoever has work, if he asks for barakat, he must marry.
One (blessing) is given to a single man.
When he gets married, it comes double.
3 (with kids) comes, 4 comes...
5..5 doors of blessings... G. This one is married, a student.
M. Did you get married. G. Yes.
M. Are you Ghumuqi as well? G. This one is Lezgian.
M. What is he saying? G. North Daghestan..
M. Ok Lezgian.. Shibhal boubish..
Grandshaykh (Ghumuqi) was Lezgian as well? He was from Avar.
G. Muhammad al-Yaraghi was Lezgian.
M. Lezgian...Masha Allah...
You have come all the way to here..
For the sake of the Holy Sheikhs.Allah Almighty
gave us permission to serve them.
What is that permission?
It's to be a guard at the palace door.
There are fruit boxes. Grandsheikh turned one of them over
and told me to sit on it by the door of the palace.
All the Sultans are in the palace. No one can enter it.
We..since we are of no good use.. He told me: "Nazim Effandi, sit here.
Don't let anyone inside. If you approve, we let him inside.
The ones you don't approve, kick them out! Therefore,
The Naqshibandi tariqat now, among the 41 tariqats, is the only effective one.
Other ways their light is extinguished.
G. May I translate?
M. They don't accept me even as a mureed, how about Shaykh?
They accepted me as a doorkeeper. He put me there..
The saints-awliyas are hidden.
Awliyas hid themselves. Now, all are unseen. None of them shows himself.
They are waiting for orders from heavens When the order comes
they will appear, insha Allah Al Rahman..
Insha Allah, all of them will be the soldiers of Mahdi (as).
They will all be the soldiers. Among them, there are 7 men
who will carry the flags.
They will inform us later about their identity.
Does he speak Turkish? G. No, he is Sirajuddin & this one
is Ghazi Ghumuqi Jamal-ud-Din.
M. Ghumuqi?...from you..
from your tribe. Yahshi Yaman.. G. No, he is not.
G. Yahshi Yaman is Ghumuqi. We are Ghazi Ghumuqi,Jamaluddin Ghumuqi Hz.
M. What does he do? G. He is a doctor, psychologist.
M. Psychologist is.. doctor in mental hospital (joke).
People have invented a new fashion. Psychologist..what is a psychologist?
All those who go to a psychologist are all insane.
Do sane ones go to a psychologist?
Sane ones go to a Shaykh. Translate to him.
And the Sheikh has little mind left fom giving people advice (joke).
He should not give too much advice (counselling) to people
G. Don't give too much advice to people.
Grdson. He says, they have a house.
The government wants to take it from them.
M. I will ruin the government if they touch it.
Ya Rijal Allah, Ya As'hab an Nawba (saints protectig a particular place)
You are in Makhachkala? (capital of Dagestan)
Grndson. Yes, they are there. M. Makhachkala...Ya Ashab al Nawba
may you take care of these weak men's problem.
Withdraw the opressors, protect the weak ones. Fatiha.
For the honour of our Prophet (sas).
These are young ones. G. This is the son of the grandfather.
M. This young one looks like the father of the grandfather (joke).
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim..May Allah let this gathering be blessed.
May Allah increase our grants & do not diminish them...
....And may He (swt) forgive & alleviate our burdens...
forgive us & grant us to be good ones, & correct our situation
& that of all Muslims, so we may be victorious over the unbelievers.
Grant victory to the Sultan of Muslims, The Sultan of humans & jinn,
Sayidina Al Mahdi (as). May Allah (swt) grant us his appearance!
May Allah grant us our supplication....
May Allah (swt) honour him (as).
May Allah support him (as),for the sake of Our Prophet (sas). Ya Rabbi Allah!
Support him (as) & make him (as) appear soon.
Place us under his banner in this world & in the hereafter.
O our Lord, You (swt) are the One who grants requests...
....O our Lord...Mercy!
You are the grantor of mercy & grant us faith.
O Lord Keep us under Your (swt) protection & safety.
....for the sake of Your generous Prophet (saws)
Sayyidil Awwalin wal Akhirin
They may make dua for us as well. Now, you take your rest.
And, they may take their rest there.
Now, I may go for a drive. Is the car available?
Assalamu Aleikum.
Grndson. Open the way please. M. Assalamu Aleikum.
May your way be open & may your travel be blessed.
Whichever awliyas you may visit, kiss their doorsteps for me.
May Allah open good doors for you. Caucasian region belongs to us.
Insha Allah..Grandsheikh said "Russians will come to Islam".
The one who disappeared,
they said he is present insha'Allah.
I gave permission for Sh. Muhammad, when a sick one comes to him, he recites
"Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahimin" (36:58) 7 times on his head.
M. I give you permission. G. Alhamdulillah.
M. He may not fear.
I have given him permission because he asked for it.
To recite 7 times on the head of a sick one
and to recite 7 Fatihas over his drinking water.
I also give permission to Sh. Abdullah.
He also may recite this ayat, "Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahimin".
Also on people who suffer from stroke and paralysis.
He may recite on that affected part, 7x in the morning, 7x at night
"Salamun Qawlaan Min Rabbin Rahimin", "Bismillah r-Rahman r-Rahim".
The sick person may get well, if not, he/she will go to the grave.
Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatul Allahi wa Barakatuhu.Masha Allah..
He can give ijazat-permission, you can give as well.
Al Fatiha.. Allah bless you..