Healthcare Education at Greenville Tech

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Think healthcare and the nurse, the doctor, and the pharmacist may come to mind, but health
care take more than a few frontline people. There are 200 health disciplines many working
behind the scenes. There's the Ultra Sound Technician who presents you with the first
picture of your baby. The Paramedic who’s immediate response gets you through an accident
or the Physical Therapist Assistant who helps you recover from a weekend game of basketball.
Think health care and think job security. These jobs aren’t going to be shipped overseas
and with America’s aging population they’re growing fields that should grow more. Right
now the health professions are suffering from a critical man power shortage so when you
gain the skills you need to qualify for these jobs you’ll have your choice of opportunities.
Think health care and think everything from short term options that move you quickly into
the job market to Associate degrees that serve as a stepping stone to a Bachelor’s degree.
If you're looking for excellent opportunities along with flexible work schedules consider
the Dental Assisting, Dental Aid, and Dental Hygiene programs. What about a career in which
there is rarely a dull moment? Ours is the only Associate’s degree program in Paramedic
Training in the Upstate. Want the benefits of a health career without direct patient
contact? The growing Health Information Management field may be the answer or consider the Medical
Laboratory Technology program to become part of the team that detects and diagnosis diseases.
Interested in careers that promote well being and healthy life styles our Massage Therapy
and Personal Trainer programs gives you the skills to build client relationships as you
build a business. Want to help people get back into life after illnesses and injuries.
The Occupational Therapy assistant and Physical Therapist assistant programs are rewarding
careers that allow you to help your clients function better. Is making a difference in
a patient’s life your idea of making a good living? Greenville Tech’s Nursing program
is considered one of the best around with graduates who consistently earn high scores
on the certification exam and the health care team doesn’t stop there. It includes the
Pharmacy Technician who works to provide the medications that make people well. The Radiological
Technologist who produces diagnosis images. The Respiratory Therapist who treats patients
having breathing difficulties and the Surgical Technologist who works alongside doctors passing
instruments and supplies during procedures. Think health care and think Greenville Tech
in each of the 21 different health majors we offer. Your education begins in the classroom
where you learn from professionals with years of real world experience in your specialty
area. From there you’ll apply what you learned in clinical settings. When you enter the work
force you have the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence that leads employers to
rely on Greenville Tech as a hiring source over and over again. Greenville Tech's Health
Care and Nursing programs is college that works for people who want the salaries, security,
and satisfaction of careers in caring. Let us be the college that works for you. Call
250-8111 for a schedule of our career talk sessions, to learn more about the programs,
and opportunities waiting for you in health care at Greenville Tech.