Groovin' Drummers Secret - Tasty Triplet Drum Fills

Uploaded by gabeburdett1 on 24.05.2010

Hello everybody my name is Gabe Burdett. I am a drummer. I teach drums up here at
Learn to Burn in Spokane, Washington
and i'm going to share one of these new tricks i just figured out with you
i don't really have a name for it, so i'm going to call it the Groovin Drummers Secret.
but here's what it is
it is a triplet that when
put together it it sounds pretty amazing... sounds like something
the pro fusion drummers play
it's triplet based
it has a lot of accents rights and the lefts very effective
very (Dave) Weckl, (Vinnie) Colaiuta
anyway, it's pretty cool, so uh here we go...
like i said it's called the Groovin' Drummers Secrets
and it consists of two patterns
both of them are triplets. The one on the left
a downbeat accent
with the right hand and two lefts, kinda fillin 'em in
on the right hand side you see a triplet where you have the accents on the third
of the triplet, which is the "Ahh"
1-is-AHH 2-is-AHH 3-is-AHH 4-is-AHH and
notice that both of these still start on the right and finish on the left
when you get it going it's still just kind of a R L R L
all the way through but you kind of double some up kind of sloppy way of playing
diddles between your accents
but it's pretty cool --- so
that's the basis of it
i'm going to play a few examples the microphone is going to get kind of quiet when
i start playing so
i will try and speak up
but you may have to turn it up in some good speakers in order to be able to
hear all the stuff that i'm saying
I'll play some kicks and reset the microphone
and we will start in on this!
all right. Hopefully that did it
we're going to start off with
four in the right hand
and four in the left hand
uh... actually here's what the one with the right hand side sounds like
here is what the one in the left hand sounds like
two and two
this one is kind of an inverted paradiddle-diddle
exactly sticking as the paper
what it sounds like
two in the right hand, one in the left
one right hand -- two in the left hand
and now time to glue 'em all together have some fun with it
Hope you guys have some fun with that!
right left left
right right left