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politics, are very.. OHH JUST KIDDING!
whats up cachorros, how are you?
I hope you are doing, very, very, very, well
because we finally do not have any echo here, it sounds perfect
and today's vlog is about...
I am horny.
women are beautiful
but sometimes, there are women, that have problems, and...
and they are like... SOOOO FREAKING UGLY!
except for my mom, and my girlfriend.. and my cousin... the hairy one... you should shave!
we will talk about the girls that are hard to handle
because not all of them are like my hairy cousin... the one..
ok no...
well mine was... with my girlfriend
ahhh, and at what age was it?
at 19...
(sigh) at age 19 I lost my virginity, like 5 years ago...
and you?
me? what about me?
you know... at what age, did you lose your virginity?
ayy no, I am still a virgin!
but from the ears!
or maybe.. not even that...
ant at the end.. its probably like doing it with a belt..
like this.. look, like this!
if they are virgin, they are virgins and thats it
they should not brag about it
I am soo sad
what's wrong?
you know how I just turned 13
mm no, no, I don't want to talk about it..
the thing is that... someone broke my heart..
13 years old, and someone broke her heart!?
lets see, who broke your heart? bob the builder? or the teletubies?
you are 13 little girl!
what do you mean we need time? why? what do you mean?
don't do this to me...
(barney's voice) come on..stop being a brat! you are so stupid!
i knew it! it was barney! he breaks all the little girl's hearts!
and sometimes, the girls are older...
Im on my way, Im just waiting for my girlfriend, and them ill leave, ok.. bye
baby! hurry up, they are outside!
i was putting my make up, on, just a little but Im ready
its cuz they are here but... OHH GOD STRIKE HER WITH A LIGHTNING!
its make up, come on, be discreet
lets go kids, lets have some fun! simon says, bring me a...
its not cool to go out in the street, and have people thinking you are dating a raccoon
on a clown, or a transexual.. or...
ok.. a transexual is cool but..
the other two! come on!
be careful with the make up.
and a thing that I have noticed with young moms
those ones that go from 19 to 25 years of age
and they have a baby
hey, guess what!
my baby is already super big!
my baby is already super big!
ohhh, do you have pictures?
yes! well not right now, but look them up on my facebook
and you get on her facebook, and what do you find?
with my baby, resting...
with my baby, cleaning
warming up my baby
unclogging the toilet with my baby
good luck kick
protecting my baby
they are babies, not accessories for a profile picture!
please take care of them, and respect them, like...
if they were babies...
and there is something that really annoys men
the phone calls
what's up, how are you?
good, just being lazy because...
good, just being lazy because...
i was... sohfoduhufhfu
that, my mom had a little.. hsdpushfiufh
talk louder!
I hate that, you are talking and then the volume of their voice goes down!
or the other way
what's up baby how are you?
good good, I am... just wait a sec...
whats up? oh yes of course.. but tomorrow ok?
aha.. no... come here, tell me already
what up? no.. no come on! don't be stupid...
come on, tell me! no Im just on the phone with my boy friend, come on tell me..
no, no come on! you tell me! tell me first!
no ok... I am sorry baby whats up?
hi, hey are you busy?
no I am not.. haha I was just talking to a friend...
if you want, I can call you later...
no no, go on, tell me about your day, what happened in the morning?
you had an accident no?
yes, I was driving and then (laughter)
I am telling you about my accident, and now I am in the hospital...
oh.. you are in the hospital? yes baby i am
look, i don't know if you now, but generally, when you are on the phone with someone
you are talking and paying attention, not doing other things
i think, it is mean when you do not pay attention, i know, i know.
maybe, I am crazy but
please don't be mean
another thing, that annoys me about women is that
is when they have an uncircumcised penis, I mean.. what's with that?
when they pee- dude, come on...women don't have a penis
when they pee- dude, come on...women don't have a penis
yes they do! my ex girlfriend had one and the one before her too
all of them have one- dude.. only men have a penis.. look at yourself
you are a man right?
i don't know...
you don't know what?
i don't know id it is my belly button, or my penis...
dude..I had oral sex with my ex
and one that is against their will but is not sexy at all
I am going to introduce you to Karen she is.. OMG soo hot
she is super hot? ok lets do it.. when?
she is here... Karen!
(squirrel voice) what's up?
look this is Rueben
What the hell?
this is the girl i told you about
what do you think?
ay... he is so cute! JAJAJAJAJAJA
what's up with their voice?
and the only think you can picture her doing, is singing a nice song
pee, poop, ass, fart, pee pee, poop, ass, fart, pee
who the hell came up with that song?
but hey guys, remember, we should not hate women, we should instead hate our hearts
for being so in love with them...
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cachorros, ill see you next week