Maternal-Fetal Medicine at The Valley Hospital's Center for Childbirth

Uploaded by ValleyChildbirth on 08.03.2011

This is my husband, Jim. We got married October of 2009, and he's my best friend in the whole world. He's my rock.
This is our first baby, and we've had some hiccups with the pregnancy. So, I'm here for a while.
Considering my condition, we'll be here until the baby comes four weeks later.
The staff over at Maternal-Fetal Medicine gave us everything we needed to prepare for it, and we knew it was coming.
The girls here are just fantastic. They can't do enough for you. The doctors and staff can't do enough.
It's a little relief to know you come in and you have everyone on your side. Nothing seems like a big deal to them, so it's not a big deal to you either.
What Valley offers is really the spectrum of care, from the in-vetro fertilization program through high risk obstetrics, regular obstetrics ourselves and pediatrics, and our child development center.
There's a sense of family that I get here that I don't necessarily see everywhere. North Jersey has a lot of great health systems, that's for sure, but Valley to me stood out a bit.
The way the girls interact with each other and the way they talk about patient care. It really hit home as far as what I see in my life or how I interact with my own friends and family.
We are the highest standard with magnet care. There are people who would love to come and work here because of that status.
Jokingly, when I was telling people I was coming into the hospital at thirty-two weeks, I said, "I'm going to stay at the spa," because it just sounded nicer than hospital. But then I get here, and one time, somebody came in with lavender massage oil for my hands, and I'm like, this really is a spa.
We actually listen to our patients. We know that it's something that they want and need, and not just, oh, this is something we should do. It's really, this is what we should do for our patients.
What I usually tell people is, they say, "Well, why should we deliver at Valley?" We've got the best docs. We've got the best nurses with the best hospital. So, why not deliver your baby in the best place?
We'll be here for a little while, and we've made our peace with that. And now we're just hanging out at the Valley spa.
Everybody who works here loves what they do. We've been here twenty years. I've been here twenty, Dr. Manginello has been here thirty years.
The nurses are experienced, and you can just see that they care about the patients. We have a high breastfeeding rate, because we take the time to have these mothers successful.
It's not a job. We really love what we do.