High Fructose Corn Syrup

Uploaded by drweil on 05.03.2012

I think one of the real concerns today is that the universal sweetener in our country
has become high fructose corn syrup. This is a product that never was in the American
diet before, it is a recent invention made by an enzyme process that was no available
fifty years ago. The reason it is loved by food manufacturers is that first of all it
is sweeter than sugar but mainly it is very cheap. The reason it is very cheap is because
the federal government subsidizes corn and has driven the price of this down to a point
where it has encouraged its use in every sweet thing out there. This is the sweetener now
in all soft drinks, jellies and jams, and it is very hard to find things made with sugar.
I predict that high fructose corn syrup will be one of the very worst culprits in the diet,
a direct driver of obesity in kids, and one of the single worst things you can give to
people that have this genetic constitution that predisposes them to insulin resistance
which is the basis for type 2 diabetes and a lot of the obesity that we see in the country