White Coat Ceremony 2012 - Penn State College of Medicine

Uploaded by PennStateHershey on 07.08.2012

>> Today's definitely -- you know, this is paramount for the beginning. This is like
our -- the beginning to our professional training and development and I feel like everyone will
feel like they're actually going to be a doctor after today and getting the white coat. So
it's really an amazing experience.
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>> Honestly, it feels a little weird. It feels like graduation all over again. I'm excited
because I feel like I kind of accomplished something, you know, even though I'm just
starting. But I'm excited.
>> And I am truly delighted to welcome our entry medical class and your family members
and friends who are here today, to Hershey and to the Penn State family.
>> I chose Penn State Hershey because I felt like the institution had the same values as
I'm used to. I'm from a small town so this is definitely my kind of hometown setting.
And I really do value the fact that their faculty is so involved with the students.
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>> I'm looking forward to definitely getting into clinic and some hands on experience and
being in the game.
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>> I know medical school's going to be very challenging but I'm very excited that I'm
finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of becoming a physician.