U.S. Army conducts security training in Uganda

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Private Asulo Abraheim likes this training. It will, he says, be good for his country.
It will help us to fight the terrorists. [McCabe] The training focus is counter-terrorism.
The location is the Kasini Military Training Center in the Republic of Uganda.
The trainers, members of the Puerto Rico National Guard,
are part of an ongoing mil to mil partnership program
between Uganda and Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa.
[male soldier] They're going to be pushed hard.
Mistakes they do here, they correct it, nothing lost.
Now mistakes they do outside, they can lose a life.
[McCabe] Outside is a country still recovering from a brutal past.
Regional threats still hover in this east African land,
and it is the mission of the military to be able to respond when called.
[Crespo] We provide them with skills to identify a terrorist,
and like that it will prevent a terrorist attack.
[McCabe] Counter-terrorism training is 16 weeks in duration.
This is the 7th course to be held. The skills cover a wide range of methods and
techniques. Today's lessons focus on vehicle control points,
clearing buildings, and identifying potential risks.
[Crespo] They will save lives and protect facilities.
[McCabe] The Puerto Rico team is composed of 21 soldier-instructors.
Back home some are police officers, drill sergeants, teachers.
Together they represent a growing bond between the US military
and soldiers like Private Abraheim. [Abraheim] Yeah, it's a good thing. It's going
to help us. Gail McCabe, Uganda.
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