CGRundertow MORTAL KOMBAT: DECEPTION for PlayStation 2 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 02.01.2012

Mortal Kombat has been the blueprint for video game fighting violence for twenty years. It
was a simple recipe for gaming success, 2 parts fighting, 3 parts violence, and 5 parts
blood and guts. But I’m glad they finally had changed it up and gave the Mortal Kombat
world a new look with this game. And, therefore, and I know I’m going to get a lot of hate
mail for this when I say…Deception was been the Apex thus far in the Mortal Kombat games.
And hasn’t be topped since. This is Mortal Kombat Deception for the PlayStation 2.
What makes this one of the great fighting games, is the three-style fighting system,
where you can switch in and out of different styles that each character holds. One of the
three styles of which is your players special weapon that can be used to pull off some awesome
combos. As always, Mortal Kombat features psychotic fighting combos that are frustrating
to pull off, but when you do, you always end up smiling from ear to ear with satisfaction.
And in Deception, the combos have never been sweeter! Each fighter’s most complicated
combo is simply disgusting if you can pull it off! Even though you’ll find yourself
constantly hitting pause trying to remember what hell the next button is in the hit pattern.
This game features Konquest mode, a concept that should have been done long before this
games release back in November of 2004. After seeing how well the konquest was done in Deception,
I feel it needed to be the official template of all MK games after this one. They allowed
you to run freely in an open environment where you can roam in and out of the realms as you
please via the Nexus. And, during the Konquest you play as Shujinko, a young man who has
been trained by Bo’Rai Cho before beginning his quest. After his training, Shujinko spends
his entire life taking his orders from Damashi. An orb like…thing…that claims to be an
elder god emissary who names Shujinko his champion. His mission is to track down the
pieces of the “Komidogu,” where in the end, you find out nothing is as it seems.
After picking up where Deadly Alliance left off, the story is perfect in this game! While
running around through the realms you find you unlockable content as you go along in
treasure chests. Now after you’re done pitching a fit, you have to remember to meditate, because
certain treasure chests only appear during certain times of the day to unlock all the
goodies this game holds. Now, the character list in Deception is beautiful!
Shujinko, who had made his MK debut in this game, as did 8 other characters, made a really
good character for the konquest mode because he was a new character all his own, and he
didn’t hold any personal bias. You’ll also see Liu Kang return from the dead as
a zombie, not to worry though, he still kicks just as much ass dead as he does alive! But
personally, the coolest character in the game is Noob-Smoke. It’s a two for one deal as
you rotate who you want by switching your fighting styles. Just like any other character
who has his weaknesses, Noob-Smoke by the themselves are terrible, but together, they
pose an off screen threat that is hard to defend if your opponent is not ready for it.
The mini games are the best part of Deception! You have Chess Kombat, where the outcome and
objective is the same as regular chess, only you are challenging people for the right to
stand on a square on the board for positioning. And to gain a health advantage on your opponent,
keep on at least one of the two power squares located on the sides of the board. Staying
on those squares will reduce damage from previous fights as you go along.
Then there is my favorite feature in this game…the puzzle kombat. But let’s just
call it what it really is, Tetris with Mortal Kombat twist. Line up the colors and use your
breakers to subtract them. As long as two colors connect up or down, right or left,
the breakers will make room on your side of the screen. Break multiple colors at once
and you’ll get a crazy combo that adds up onto your opponents side. Each selectable
character in puzzle kombat carries their own set of powers during your matchup. Break the
colors to fill your meter and you are able to use your character’s special puzzle ability.
Wait for the right moment and you can really stick it to them.
In my overall opinion, Deception is the **** dog diggity. And in my book, the best one yet
to have been released just on unlockable content and mini games alone! Now I love this series
of games! But for the future of MK gaming, I think they need to be more like this one.
Because some of the more recent Mortal Kombat games have not been gaining one thing from
a lot of people lately…interest!