Capture One 6: Local adjustments

Uploaded by PhaseOneDK on 30.11.2010

You can now make local adjustments using layers in Capture One
Local adjustments allow you to make changes to just part of an image, leaving the rest of the photo untouched!
It is really handy for lightning or darkening small areas, fixing up or changing the color in the subject without changing the rest of the scene…
Or applying moiré or sharpening corrections to discrete areas
Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use local adjustments on this portrait
Select the “Draw Local Adjustment” brush to paint a mask on the image
Right click to adjust the brush size and hardness
I’ll keep the brush relatively hard and small, so I can mask just the middle of the eyes
Capture One Pro automatically adds a layer to the local adjustments tool
Now, I’ll use the exposure slider to lighten the eyes 0:00:53.980,0:00:56.550 And then I’ll select the advanced color editor
Sample the blue of the iris, and increase the saturation
I have exaggerated the settings here so you can clearly see how it works
Let’s turn the layer on and off so you can see my “handy work”
The Local Adjustments brush can also be used with the moiré and sharpness tools…
You notice the moiré here on the model’s sash
Let’s add a new layer by clicking the “+” button, and using the “Draw local adjustment brush”
Let’s increase the brush size a little…
And then I will mask the area that needs fixing
Now, in the moiré tool, I can adjust the amount and pattern sliders to remove the moiré
And without worrying about adversely affecting the rest of the image
I can rename the layer if I wish. We’ll just use the default name
In the local adjustments cursor tool, you can choose how the masking will appear
In general, I find it best to set the mask so it’s only visible when drawing it
But it disappears so you can see your adjustments in real time on the screen
And as you can see, you can either brush on, or erase off the mask
But I find the “b” and “e” shortcuts much quicker
And when you are finished working with Capture One, don’t forget to reset Capture One’s focus to the background layer
By using the layer drop-down menu