Suntory Time! - Lost in Translation (1/10) Movie CLIP (2003) HD

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Suntory whiskey. [ Continues In Japanese ]
Casablanca. Bogie.
[ Continues In Japanese ] Suntory time.
Um, he want you to turn, look in camera.
That's all he said? Yes.
Turn to camera.
All right, does he want me to-- to... turn from the right,
or... turn from the left?
Passionate. Camera. Passion.
Right side, and, uh, with intensity.
Is that everything? I mean, it seemed like he said quite a bit more than that.
Gently. [ Continues In Japanese ]
Like an old friend, and into the camera.
Okay. [ Clears Throat ]
[ Director Speaking Japanese ] Whiskey.
It's Suntory time! Okay?
- Okay. - Okay?
- Hey, come on! - [ Crew Member ] Come on, come on, come on.
For relaxing times,
make it Suntory time.
Cut-o.! Cut-o, cut-o, cut-o, cut-o, cut-o.!
Uh, could you do it slower...
and with more... intensity?
Suntory time.
For relaxing times,
make it Suntory time.
Cut-o, cut-o, cut-o, cut-o.!