Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers Full Episode 7 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Goo..Goo JoonPyo!
Hey! Hey! Wait ....GooJoonPyo!!!
How did you . . .?
Let's talk, Goo JoonPyo!
I don't have anything to say to you. And you, I thought I told you to act like you don't know me..
Well, I have something to say
Well I don't!
Well I do!
Stop following me!
- Don't run after me. I have something to say.
Goo JoonPyo! Goo JoonPyo!
Go away you leech!
Goo JoonPyo! I have something to tell you!
Hey! Goo JoonPyo! Stop right there! Goo JoonPyo!
Get in!
- Huh? - Hurry get on! You wanna catch up with him, right?
Do you want to die!?
Stop, stop it already!
You haven't learned your lesson? Who taught you to treat a lady like that?
Geez, stop it noona, you don't even know what's going on.
Noona? *Noona is a word used to call an "older sister" by a younger brother.*
I'm sorry. Since my brother is so disrespectful, I'll apologize in his place.
Come to my house, you can tell me all about it there. Is that ok?
- I.... - No! She's banned from entering my home!
Do YOU want to get banned from going out ?
Let's go!
I'm telling you, she can't come in!
Follow me. Drive safely.
Help yourselves.
It's been a long time, hasn't it?
Young Master said that he doesn't want to eat.
He won't die from skipping one meal.
So, you mean that little kid with the hunger strike has declared a childish war? And you guys agreed?
No, I'm against it. I don't want to watch F4 being separated like this.
Me too. I don't mind, but...
OK. So it's been decided then.
- Butler Leeļ¼Ÿ Yes, Young Mistress?
Can you bring out the delicacies that i brought from abroad?
Ah, don't forget to fetch a bottle of Cristal (champagne) as well.
Yes, miss. I understand. I'll go get it ready.
JanDi, you'll have to eat more than that. If you want to fight with that fool, you need to store up your energy.
Now, let's drink to the foolish Young Master upstairs. Cheers!
Thank you so much for today.
I'll accept that thanks later.
But, I . . .
- You've done so much for me . . . - Why would I go through all the trouble?
Have you met my mother?
For rich people, meeting a true friend is as hard as getting into heaven.
My mom doesn't think friends are necessary.
Why is that?
As for my mother, she believes that ShinHwa Group's heir cannot have friends
and shouldn't become friends with others.
But, Goo JoonPyo has F4,
Yeah, as a billionaire's son for JoonPyo
to have friends like F4 is like a miracle.
I'm sorry.
Because of me, one of his friends . . .
I won't let him lose his friends.
And, on the other hand, I'm rather grateful to you.
Because of you, he's been able to open his heart more.
If friendship is mandatory, love is a necessity.
Get ready, the battle starts tomorrow!!
- Goodbye -Bye!
Let's go.
I'm so hungry. I haven't had anything to eat.
Crazy butler! So he's not even going to bring me a snack, huh?
Ah! Seriously...
Are you really going to do this to me?
I'm sorry. Hurry and go back.
Ah! I'm so hungry though!
"Let's talk" - JiHoo
This movie . . . Do you remember how many times we have watched it?
Hmm... about ten times?
I know everything is not going to be ok with just an apology.
But... But?
Let JanDi go.
If I don't, then what will you do? I'll protect her.
I will have to protect her.
11 times....
If you remembered that I was the friend you watched this movie with 11 times,
none of this would've ever happened.
Get ready.
Oh, my god! JoonHee sunbae!
JoonHee sunbae! It's JoonHee sunbae!
Are you going to kick them out of school?....or Or?
Should I have you, Mr. Principal, fired first?
Stop this right now!
It seems you're still out of your mind.
Why in the world did you even come to school?
What? You want to dare fire the principal? Fine! Do it! Then I'll be the next principal, how do you like that, huh?
Do you think you'll be able to graduate easily with me here?
Don't even joke like that!
Dear brother, you and I are too alike, when have we ever been known to joke around?
Be quiet and follow me!
Noona, noona!
You guys too, follow me.
Let me go! Noona! noona! noona!
Who is that?
Shinhwa Group's Goo JoonHee sunbae, right?
Oh my! She's the legendary Charisma Queen.
I can feel her aura, wow.
She's already married to the owner of the best hotel in the world. She's my idol!
Do you know the type of guys I hate the most?
Selfish guys, narrow minded guys, and unforgiving guys.
And what type of guy unfairly flaunts his power?
A selfish guy.
How about a guy who's unable to forgive a friend for a past mistake?
A narrow minded guy.
And a guy who can't accept the consequences for his actions?
An unforgiving guy.
Ok, then. JoonPyo and JiHoo. Play a game together and accept the consequences no matter what.
What are we, kids? No, I don't agree.
I agree! Definitely... I agree.
I approve too.
Thank you, Noona..
I approve too.
What the heck, who said you guys have the right to vote?
Stop it, it doesn't make any sense!
5 vs 1. Decision passed.
No way!
Then, I get to decide the game with compete in.
That's against fair play.
Don't worry. I have everything already ready. Bring it in, please.
A different sport activity has been placed inside each ball
And they include sports that you've played, and some that you haven't.
What the heck? Choose the ones we've played before.
For the sake of fairness, we will randomly choose the balls. People say "being lucky also requires skill".
Is there going to be just one game?
I was thinking whoever wins 2 games out of 3. What do you think?
I'll do it.
Fine, I'll do it.
The sport that is going to be used will be announced 2 days before the game.
Even if you are not good at that sport, you still need to agree to the result.
The 3 related to the incident in question, please come forward.
Related to the incident? Me?
Let's start then.
Jandi, you press.
Horse racing?
- Yup, that's right. - Who's better at it?
Jihoo sunbae.
That's good!
At least, the chances of him winning have increased!
GaEul. I'm telling you. The theory of the universe is not that simple.
So have you received any signals? Who do 'they' think will win?
They are saying that the probability is...
The probability is? half and half.
God! Who didn't know that already!?
You're no help!
Young master! Young master!
Are you alright?
You're being too hard on yourself. Why don't you pick another horse?
I need that horse.
Hey, you!
Yes, young master.
Tell me honestly,
do you think I can win against JiHoo?
Never mind, I'm going to win tomorrow, no matter what.
Are you sure you wouldn't like to ride it first?
I'm choosing this horse because it is such an important race.
Please take good care of him...
Young master...
this race, do you really have to do it?
If I could avoid it, I would want to do that as well.
I didn't raise these horses so that you young masters could use them to fight with each other.
Oh! Horse! H.. h.. horse!!
Ready... Go!
*Warning - cliff* You are being too harsh. If you keep running it like that the horse will put into critical condition.
Let's go!
Please go!
Umm, how what's their battle record?
Maybe about, 49 wins and 1 tie?
Which side? No one can beat JiHoo in horse racing. Even among us, no one...
Heh, we're saved.
Hey, there.
Hey, it's Goo JoonPyo sunbae!
Wow, it's amazing! What happened?
Oh, no!
Wanna touch it?
Can I?
His name is Rui. Hello Rui!
I'm Geum JanDi.
Rui, it's been hard on you right? It's alright.
Thank you!
What? Really?
He wants you to ride on him.
Is that alright? I'm heavy.
This horse will not be able to race again.
No. Do something.
Do something, Coach!
I'm sorry, young master.
You might have won the game, but you lost in the race.
I hope you learned something from today, my dear brother.
If that's not the case, Jupiter's suffering will have been for nothing.
It's time to open Jihoo's, right?
Good morning!
What are you guys up to this morning?.
Butler Lee, the soup is awesome!
JoonPyo, are you really going to do it?
I didn't pick it. It was he who picked it. Well, I guess it's his bad luck. What was the saying?
"Being lucky requires skill".
That's it! That!
JiHoo, that punk, I don't think he'll be able to do it.
Well, he really doesn't need to force himself. If he forfeits, then it's automatically... what was that word ?
A win by default.
Yeah, that's right, a win by default.
Then, I would have 2 wins. So no need for another competition.
I knew this was what's going to happen.
YingGuaEungBo(What goes around comes around) SaPalGuiJung(supposed to be SaPilGuiJung)
What the heck is he saying?
YingGuaEungBo(What goes around comes around) SaPilGuiJung(Justice will assert itself)
My brother, you're that happy, huh?
- Yup, I'm happy, I'm really excited. - Good for you!
Noona! (meaning older sister)
What's so funny?!?
Are you laughing?
I hope you are mentally ready.
Ready for what?
Jihoo sunbae absolutely cannot win.
So the competition is over now. You, Geum JanDi, will be kicked out as planned!
Have you packed your bag yet?
It's not over yet. I believe in JiHoo sunbae.
Not too long ago, you were saying that to JoonPyo sunbae.
You low class people, you have no consistency, do you?
It gives me goosebumps to think that JiHoo sunbae will be hurt because of a girl like you!
What do you mean?
I should tell him not to do this.
Do you think there's another way?
Can't you ask his noona for help?
She's already helped me a lot.
So you're just going to get kicked out like this?
I'd rather get kicked out, then end up breaking JiHoo sunbae's heart.
Do you think Jihoo sunbae would let you do that?
What is it?
If you can't stop him, you should support him.
Hurry up and go.
Thank you, boss!..
Geum JanDi fight!
GaEul, what day is the competition?
Well, Prince Andromeda should be there too.
Ha, ha! What should I wear that day?
GaEul, how is my skin?
It's damaged, right? I should go in and take care of it!
He is so pathetic!
What the heck is wrong with him?!
There is something I want to ask you.
Go ahead.
How were you able to get your license?
You heard about it, huh?
SeoHyun taught me.
I really didn't want to. But because I didn't want to be embarrassed, I tried my hardest.
Please stop now.
Because all of this is not worth it.
It's not like I'm going to that school because I wanted to.
It is worth it..
I don't know if I will win.
But, I'm going to try my best. I want to.
Aren't you going to give that to me?
Oh, right. Do you wanna eat it?
It's delicious.
Please have more!
Do your job right!
What a crappy car! Do you all want to get fired?<
YiJung, are you done with the preparations for your display?
Hmm... yes.
When did you say it was?
I think it's... probably going to be next month.
Come on in!
The weather is so nice today, isn't it?
Come and take a seat.
What do you want to drink? We have a special hot cocoa, do you want to try that?
Your friend too?
Don't say no, it's really good.
Butler Lee, can you bring us some hot cocoa?
Help yourself. Have some.
Hey buddy.
Please I beg you, why don't you just forget about all this?
Be careful.
Stop being so hard on yourself and just drop all of this.
Are you worried?
Please, be careful.
Excuse me... you know, it's all over if you lose now.
Do you have a strategy... no, something like an ace up your sleeve?
You do, right?
You should. An ace?
I do.
Don't move.
It's silly but this is our strategy. Help me out.
JoonPyo, I'm sorry.
I just want to protect her.
Yoon JiHoo, you must be out of your mind!
Not once, but twice! Wait, no, including the one at the airport, it's 3 times!
You're dead.
JanDi, look at that.
These boys.. they have grown so fast.
I know.
I'm so glad I came back to Korea! This is so much more entertaining than Hollywood.
I am pretty entertained as well.
Die, die!
Monkeys can also fall off a tree sometimes.
He was so confident in himself.
By the way, JiHoo finally drove. I know! If it wasn't for Geum JanDi, would he have done that?
Did you see them? They're pretty intimate now.
What's wrong? Why doesn't it work?
Hey, it looks like it's broken! Just look at how he treats it.
Now it's the final competition.
Let's open JanDi's.
Ridiculous. What is this!?
Hey Geum JanDi, you did this on purpose, right?
Tell me, you planned this all out!
I won't do this. I won't!
Do whatever you want. But if you forfeit, the competition ends here and JiHoo wins automatically.
- What are you talking about? - I told you when the competition began you had to agree to the consequenses regardless of the results.
Even though they agreed, if the competition just ends here, JoonPyo and us too, we'd feel bad to lose like this.
If it's ok with you, I'd like to compete in his place. What?
JiHoo, he crossed the line this time.
Hmm, that sounds pretty reasonable. I'm ok with it if everyone else is.
What do you guys think? I agree 100 %.
I agree too.
I'm against it.
What? Hey, Geum JanDi!
I will join too.
Since YiJung sunbae is playing for Goo JoonPyo, I will play for JiHoo sunbae.
Your opponent is YiJung. He's a guy and he's pretty good too.
This has to do with me too, I can't just sit back and watch.
Don't be ridiculous, how can a girl compete against a guy? Just stay out of it!
I also could get kicked out of school.
So I should try my best That way I won't have any regrets later on, right?
Then . . . how about 2 vs 2?
I agree.
JanDi, if this is how you want it to be, go for it.
The only thing important is that you two are satisfied, huh?
Goo JoonPyo, I'm not going to let her win just because she's a girl.
I'll try my best to beat JiHoo.
OK, then until the final competition, we have 70 hours left. Mmh?
Can't you do any better?! Forget it, I'm not doing this!
Stupid! I bet even I could do better than you!
10 more minutes!
Why did you ever say such a thing?
Seriously... why did I?
You know what it is. Your desire to help out anyone.
I just didn't want sunbae to be left out because of me.
So it's okay if he loses because of you? That's why I have to win.
Are you confident?
Ugh, what's going to happen? If only I had a time machine, then I could see what the future holds.
JanDi! A little bit faster, faster! 3, 2, 1!
What is it? What did you dream about?
You dreamed about Jandi's competition, right? Who won?
Until the last minutes of the race, it was neck and neck.
neck and neck! and?
They reached their hands and at that moment...
At that moment,
It went black.
- Eh? - Black.
Fade out.
Then what is that? It's a meaningless dream.
Ughh. You are no help at all!
This cannot happen. YiJung or whatever his name is, we must do whatever we can.
Whatever we can? We can put laxatives in their porridge and give it to them.
No, GaEul! How could you think of something like that!
You just can't distinguish between your allies and your enemies just because you admired his beauty!
No! I mean you can't use the holy porridge for such an evil scheme.
No, never! Porridges are supposed to be given to cure the sick and to console the tired. How many times do I have to tell you!??
He is not gonna stop now.
Then, how about running him over with a bike from behind? GaEul!
You see? I told you he liked him.
Then... you're telling me to deliberately lose?
Whether they win or lose, it isn't your business. But for JanDi . . .
She'll have to withdraw from school.
Aren't you embarrassed to work your butt off to win against a girl?
Don't you think it's even more embarrassing to lose after you work your butt off to win against a girl?
So, you're saying even if you die, you'll win this race?
Well, I have no intention of putting my life on the line over something like this, but I'm saying I won't take this lightly.
Hey, I don't think you're in a position to complain.
I warned you, didn't I? I warned you that it would be best to stop her.
I came to your rice restaurant and gave you some friendly advice.
It's not a rice restaurant, but a porridge restaurant.
Birds of a feather flock together. So that's true after all.
What do you mean?
Geum Jandi's nosiness, is that an infectious disease?
You little!
The door to leave is over there.
Ah, cold!
I'm home!
Come over here.
Why? What do you mean, "Why?"
Did something happen? That's what WE want to ask.
What is this about the competition and withdrawal from school?
Oh, that... Ah, be quiet! Only answer with yes or no..
Mom, about that... You cheated on Goo JoonPyo with Yoon JiHoo and now you're going to be expelled from school. Is that all true?!
Well, that is... Yes or no?
Oh-How-Oh my goodness! How could you let this happen after getting into such a great school!
About school... I can just attend the one I was in before. The one before? The one before?!
You! Is there a JoonPyo in your old school? Speak, SPEAK!
Honey, calm down. Let's think about this. He was too good for us from the beginning. But we still have our dry cleaning business!
You'll see, things will stay good...
Dad! If Noona gets expelled, the business is over.
No one will come to our shop anymore!
This is not the time for this. Let's go apologize for her fault. Honey, take out your curls. Kangsan, take a mat. Noona, I don't ever remember you being raised to act like this.
I'm disappointed.
Dad! You! The day you're expelled, you are disowned from the family.
Even if you think about it a hundred times, it was your fault.
How dare you two-time when you're still wet behind your ears!
How can you say that honey? After all, she got it from you.
Oh my god, honey!
Huh? Mom? No!
I'm telling you this because I've experienced it firsthand, but when someone cheats, it really pisses you off. But when the girl says "sorry", it is the man's job to forgive. So...
- So? - Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize! Apologize!
Goo JoonPyo?
Where are you going this late?
I'm going to practice, why?
You want to win that badly?
We have no choice.
Why does it have to be JiHoo?
If it wasn't JiHoo...
Goo JoonPyo.
It's not too late.
Just once,
say that you like me, just once.
Geum JanDi.
Do you wanna go on a date?
I can't imagine JiHoo and JanDi together.
They might just go somewhere sunny and take a nap.
I'll go out for some fresh air, and some exercise!
With those clothes?
Love doesn't always go as planned.
Where is this place?
My house.
I always thought that i was In debt to Jihoo.
I can't ruin Jandi so that nobody will want her again.
What? What did you say?
"Goo JoonPyo"