Atheist sermons: God's wisdom vs. Man's wisdom

Uploaded by pistolpackintim on 22.10.2012

hello youtube
earlier today i was debating a christian
just a random person and that's the and uh...
they uh...
they were excited to debate me
and we started to debate things and as we were discussing
different pieces of scripture
and uh...
talking about
uh... textual criticism and some of the more
technical aspects of mobile homes
i've mentioned a book i had read and
the comment that came from this woman was
there you go
trusting man again
and this is a common
this represents a common
argument the comes from theists
you can't trust man's knowledge you can only trust
god's knowledge or
those are man's words you have to believe in god's words
problem with this is is that
all that we have
to describe God and understand
this idea of god is is man's words it's a misnomer
and they don't seem to understand that
the bible it's written by men
that everything we have every bit of knowledge that we have
whether it be from Islam
judaism is all
the words of men
writing down
perceptions and their feelings in there
ideas about what god is
together you have questions
and even
people who say their that
religious but spiritual
uh... start talking about how
uh... you can't trust in the wisdom of man
and then they reference a book or quote written by uh...
that person
and he just sat there and
ac listening to yourself talk
dropped four
holy shit
it's so frustrating if you sit there
he like you just
contradicted yourself in the same god damn sentence
let's go as far as well delve into the old
the idea that
we shouldn't trust
anne's wisdom to trust god's wisdom
was take that into a microcosm of of
of thought
and and take to stick individual
religious whatever you are
you know even if you say
you know this applies to me that if you want to be politicized
i don't have religion
i have a
relationship with
my imaginary friend that no one can see here
so you're reading scripture
you're reading something
some about religious spoke or text
and it gives you
are interpreting that
for your own mind to your filters
to what you think
dot is saying
you cannot take that outside the context of your own individual
and and uh... uh...
and applied that to anyone else but yourself
telling them
that they are trusting
in the words of that
so basically what you have if you have a bunch up a bunch of people wandering
but you'll see as much of christians saying that
well we we trust in god
we believe in the words of god
mans wisdom is faulty man's science you know for instance
science invoke relocating
decide to come say hi
uh... science in august all these things that this monitor standing that we have
of of the universe
an evolution and things like that
that's just man's
faulty attempt
to try and understand
the world around him without god
spirit weather but no matter what version of it you preacher believers
or if you're too
is mans wisdom
it comes from and it comes from hw
your interpretation of what you think
you can't escape it
all we have
all our understanding of the war around us to our minds
even when it comes to spins that are
quote-unquote spiritual
soul peter
he knew me
mike you have
some kind of divine understanding
of scripture in that no one else
but those people are wrong but you're right because she just
you just know it
but how do you know it
his work
your perception
of god or what he wants
is still
even in that context
that individual context of that feelings and emotions that you have
that is still the understanding of
what you would want to use the term
mans wisdom
wisdom of man
you no matter how
how hard you try to escape it
you can't get away from that
so the question then becomes
what's the best way
to take
ability that we have to perceive things and filter them
and understand the world around us and understand reality
because but when you start to look at it that way
he starts understand that we
uh... make mistakes humans make mistakes we come
or we proceed things differently were very open to delusion
and when you start to understand that you begin to see that
who may be
there's feelings i had just emotional
and maybe i need to temper
my understanding
repeatable facts
that can be observed
and therefore
to overcome
my individual
and perceptions
and you know what you call that
it's called science
and good night