A Finished House | Day 150 | The Garden Home Challenge With P. Allen Smith

Uploaded by ehowhome on 11.09.2012

Hey, I cannot believe it. It's day 150. We have a finished house. Okay, we went over
budget. I know. But only by about 9 percent. But the results, I'm really happy with. Come
on, let me show you. They say an eco-friendly house can't be built in 150 days for $150,000,
and I say it can. I'm Allen Smith, join me as I push the limits with time, budget and
creativity with the Garden Home Challenge, exclusively on eHow Home. Ta-da, guest bedroom.
Don't you love it? One of the things that we had to do here was to conform to the roof
line. So that's why we have these angles here and a much broader angle on the other side.
But hey, it adds to the charm. And then there's the hall: The track lightening, hey, it's
great. And look at these floors -- I'm loving them. You loving the beadboard or what? These
sheets of beadboard, I think, look very convincing. I love this soft green color. And, you know,
our mini splits really don't stand out that much, so I'm feeling better and better about
these as a source of cooling the house down in the summer and warming it in the winter.
Here in the guest bathroom, well, we did some things to save money. We used the butcher
block -- we had a little bit left over from downstairs in the kitchen. One of the other
things that we did here to make it feel like it's a much broader hall: When this door is
open, we have a mirror here -- it also serves as a vanity. And on this side, well, we conformed
to the roof line to create both the shower and a tub space using subway tile. Come on
downstairs, you're gonna love it. I just love how solid these stairs feel. It's good. It's
a good stair hall here. So here in the master bedroom, we did a few interesting things,
I think, that gives it a lot of charm in the way of, well, the barn tin -- we decided to
paint it. I like that choice. And I love the fact that we went with the pine plank boards,
running them horizontally. Come on in the master bathroom. Just take a look at this:
I'm crazy about the way the vanity turned out. You know, we used those finials for fenceposts
for legs on this to really raise it up, give it a little pop. You know, we're all about
farmhouse chic. And then take a look here at the shower: I'm loving this floor. Pebbles,
it's perfect. So if you're loving these, come on in to the main living space of the house.
You're gonna really like it. This space turned out so well. From the beams that we created
up here, to the burlap we stretched across the walls, and then the paneling along the
sides. The wainscot made out of, well, cabinet doors for kitchens. And then the mantle. We
salvaged this old 1830s mantle. It adds such a bit of soul and charm to the place. And
what do you think of the kitchen? Big change, huh? Everybody thought I was crazy when I
bought those secondhand cabinets. But look how beautifully they've turned out. They came
from the ReStore for Habitat for Humanity. And then take look at the ceiling. We actually
used the barn tin up there, but we didn't paint it like we did in the master bedroom.
And then for these cabinets, which will be the pantry in part, we used chicken wire.
Looking pretty good, don't you think? And take a look at the entry hall. Look at how
the wainscot worked out using these blocks of wood. Looks like big stones laid in here.
But not really, just painted white. I'm so proud of the way it looks. Now with the house
finished, yeah, we went over budget a little, but we made our time in terms of days. Now
it's time to start decorating this puppy. We've already started a little bit in terms
of getting some light fixtures hung. And just hang on, you're not gonna believe it. Just
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