Celebrity Cameos - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 9

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NATHAN FILLION: I finally got Felicia to give me
a part in The Guild.
I said I can play anyone, anyone.
A strong black woman, goblin, anything.

FELICIA DAY: The venue of being at a fan convention,
it's just part and parcel.
You see celebrities there, because that's a
huge part of that.
People get to meet them.
They get to interact with them.
They get to take pictures with them, just like Vork says in
the beginning.
VORK: People foolishly pay celebrities to
sign items for them?
MALE SPEAKER: They also take pictures with you.
VORK: Pray you become an orphan.
ZACHARY LEVI: Felicia can only get people to come and hang
out and have fun and do the show A, because she's smart
and she's talented and she's funny.
But she's a really nice person.
BRENT SPINER: She sent me an email and said, hey, will you
come do yourself in this thing?
And if there's anything I know how to play, it is myself.
NATHAN FILLION: I have one motto when it comes to would
you like to do something cool.
And I sum it up in two words, gimme, gimme.
That's how I got involved with The Guild.
GRANT IMAHARA: I got an email from Kim Evey who said, hey,
we're doing this thing.
It's going to be fun.
Do you want to come down to LA and shoot with us?
And here I am.
BREA GRANT: I came and did a commercial, a Christmas
commercial, a year or so ago.
And they had me back to come and be myself.
RICHARD HATCH: My agent called me, and he goes, hey, The
Guild is interested in having you on the show.
That's what they said.
And so I'm thinking, wow.
Well, you know, somebody wants me.
Oh, thank god.
BRENT SPINER: The Guild is like a huge success.
There's got to be 20, 30 people watch it every week.
And who wouldn't want to be a part of that?
ZACHARY LEVI: It was cool, man.
It was cool.
I was playing myself, or some version of myself.
Flipping through a phone, looking at pictures of my dog
that I don't own.
I don't have a dog.
Ooh, that's the magic of movies.
NATHAN FILLION: The one thing I wanted to do today that I
found a little disappointing was I couldn't find the right
t-shirt to wear.
I had a Doogie Howser t-shirt with Neil Patrick Harris' face
right here pretty big.
So I thought during a Felicia Day project being Nathan
Fillion wearing Neil Patrick Harris, I think there's a geek
quotient there.
I think that could've paid off really well.
GRANT IMAHARA: It's a great set.
And I've been to many conventions in
the autograph area.
You've got all the elements.
I think they nailed it.
In fact, they've got everything except for the BO.
NATHAN FILLION: They actually did a very good job.
You have all the elements.
You have tables, posters behind, chairs that are not
bad to sit in for a half hour at a time.
But people have to sit in them for hours at a time.
They have those exact chairs that after a couple of hours
your ass falls asleep.
BREA GRANT: It looked really amazing.
And people were cool.
And I talked to a lot of people who had
read my comic book.
So I felt like I was kind of at a convention all day.
RICHARD HATCH: It certainly didn't look like
a little web show.
They got a full crew here.
They've got a great little operation going on.
COLIN FERGUSON: It's no different.
And that's the thing.
People say the atmosphere is different.
Whatever, sure it is.
You've got people on their marks.
You've got people who know their stuff.
You do there stuff.
You bang it out.
You go home.
It's identical.
There's no difference between the network set and the web
series set.
GRANT IMAHARA: Whereas when you work on web series for
your friends for free, it's much more fun.
It's more like a family.
ZACHARY LEVI: So when you see this opportunity
it's like oh, yeah.
I can go hang out for a couple hours and hang out with my
friends that I don't really get to see.
That's a plus.
That's fun.
GRANT IMAHARA: You've got a great small crew where
everybody does everything.
And you have a great product.
It's like wow, why not?
It's fun.