Ambassador Daniel Rooney talks about the 'Rooney Rule' with the USOSCE, Apr. 20, 2012.

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The Rooney Rule is a rule that we passed in the National Football League which says that
any team that is hiring a new head coach must interview a minority, at least one, and it
has to be a thorough interview, with the owner involved, he participates in the interview
and he is part of the, or makes the final decision of the hire. And it's been successful.
There was really very few, down to either none or one, minority coaches. And we just
felt that this was not the right thing, it was not the right thing from many, many standpoints.
Actually it proved that the hiring of minorities has actually benefited the teams. We've gone
from maybe one to eight minority coaches and they've been successful, they've won more
games on an average than other teams. So, it's been very good and we're very pleased
with it, but we have to continue to watch it and to see that the teams are following
it, some teams want to get around it, they have all kinds of excuses, that they don't
have time, and that they have this particular individual who they want as head coach and
they're afraid someone else is going to steal them and all those kinds of things. But we
force the issue and say that they have to stick with the policy, and that's what we're
doing. Well what we do is review who did the interview:
what team, who was the player, how it went, and we've done those things, and we've actually
interviewed those players ourselves to say: "hey was this a legitimate interview," and
things like that to check it out, and we pretty much find out. You either hear from that particular
coach, potential head coach, or you hear it from someone else that's telling you "hey,
this didn't go right, this wasn't a legitimate thing," and then you check into it and you
find out what the story was. There is sanctions, we, the committee, have
the ability to inform the commission of the National Football League that this has occurred
and that we feel that - we try to give them the information of how we discovered it - and
say that we recommend that the team be fined and we'll discuss with you the amount.
There was one team that didn't follow the rules that we did that and we fined them $200,000,
and that was a few years ago, so its value is much more than that now.
It's been great to be here, and I think that the OSCE is doing an excellent job. We in
the United States are really pleased, and I'm here representing the country, although
you do have other American ambassadors here who also do and they're on the scene all the
time, but I think this has been good and I think this can help other industries.