Katy Perry Part of Me 3D Concert Film - Official Theatrical Trailer 2012 (HD)

Uploaded by DanceOn on 09.04.2012


KATY PERRY (OFFSCREEN): The atmosphere I grew up in was
completely, 100% Christian.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Katy got her first guitar through
the church.
-I just started to play the guitar.
I'm a little amateur.
KATY PERRY (OFFSCREEN): There's no music, though.
It's all in my head.
It's in my heart, actually.

KATY PERRY (OFFSCREEN): Songwriting and making these
records are kind of like the truth of who I am-- what makes
me laugh, what makes me cry.
It's a mad diary.
FEMALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): She knows what it's like to be
those girls that are in the audience.
She knows their language.
-Don't cry, don't cry.
-He says he wants to marry you.
-You're gonna marry me?


-My goal when I'm playing shows is just
to make people smile.
KATY PERRY (OFFSCREEN): I've made mistakes, but I don't
regret anything.
It's just been blind ambition that turned into a reality.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): From the moment I met her, it was,
I'm not gonna quit until I succeed.
-Thank you so much for believing in my weirdness.

KATY PERRY (OFFSCREEN): Every single night, there's a whole
new set of people.
You have to really remember that and be grateful.
If you have a dream, you've got to go on a journey to
fulfill that dream.

-I'm blue aba dee aba da.
Yeah, it's pretty good.