Record All Places Visited with the Smallest GPS Data Logger Available

Uploaded by BrickHouseSecurity on 25.06.2010

Hi, I'm Detective Rocco Deperno with BrickHouse Security here introduce you to the iTrail
GPS Data Logger.
The smallest GPS data logger yet, this tiny 1.5 inch logger fits in your teen's car or
backpack so you know where, when, and how fast they've been traveling. Perfect for anyone
- from parents hoping to monitor their teen driver, to families, and even businesses tracking
The iTrail is perfect for someone who wants to find out exactly where their car has been
or where their kids went after school. The iTrail is a GPS data logger that will give
you the truth you need.
All it takes is one press of a button to turn the iTrail on, and the device is ready for
The device goes to sleep to conserve battery. But the second there's movement, the iTrail
springs into action to capture up to 120 hours of GPS location data.
When you're ready to download tracking information, just plug the iTrail into your computer and
view exactly where it's been in Google Maps or Google Earth complete with details like
time, speed, and exact addresses visited.
With the iTrail GPS data logger, you can keep track of your teen, your nanny, or your employees'
previous whereabouts, or even whether or not they have been speeding. This has been Detective
Rock with BrickHouse Security, we'll see you next time.