Adnan Hoca'nın Talebeleri İle - With The Students of Adnan Hoja

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"After the kings will come tyrants..."
Everywhere they are taking down their kings, sultans...
Coming one tyrant.
Tyrants, tyrants...Look,
Russia, they are taking away their Kings, coming worst one.
Same to Germany, same to French,
same to Ottomans, same to Iranians,
same to Afghanistan, same to India,
same to Bahgdad, Hijaz, all of them...
"After the kings will come tyrants, and then a man from my House will appear
who will fill the earth with justice as it has been filled with injustice"
These men that are mentined as "jababira-tyrants" in the Hadith,
all of them are faithless, unbeliever
dictators. When they are gone to hellfire,
who will come to replace them? A righteous one, man of justice.
Someone who also has power in his hand,
who has spiritual power.
That when he says "Allahu Akbar", all nuclear power they have will halt.
All of dies..
Now, we are looking for spiritual power.
no cannons, rockets, planes.. none of them
will have no value at that time.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
When Mahdi (as) says Takbir 3 times like this,
all of them immediately halt, become trash.
Sayf ul Islam, the sword of Islam will be drawn. there is no other choice.
G: Jesus (as) will be with him?
Jesus (as).. After Mahdi (as)
will appear AntiChrist-Dajjal.
Anti Christ makes everything upside down.
Jesus (as) comes at that time.
Jesus (as) cuts his throat in this place called Bab-ı Lût (in Palestine).
The throat of anti Christ, he finishes him off there.
G: How is Jesus (as) described in the Tradition-Hadith of our Prophet (sas)?
G. Is his face, height, appearance explained in Hadiths?
It is explained but we cannot say that "he looks like this person", it is him!
They have the light-nour of prophecy.
They look different. You can't look at their faces!
If this light manifests itself fully on their faces,
saints can't look at them either. Their light-power is strong, astonishing!
They descend from Heavens with nour-light.
Or else, on earth it is not possible to look at the face of Mahdi (as) either.
They are loaded with such a power.
G. It is said that, Jesus (as) pulls Mahdi (as) with his two hands
from his shoulders, to make him the Imam for the prayer in Jerusalem.
In Jerusalem..
“Kayfa antum idha nazala ibnu Maryama feekum wa imamukum minkum!
"How will you be that day when Isa (as), the son of Maryam descends on you
and your Imam (Mahdi) is among you!”
When Jesus (as) comes,
he offers Mahdi (as) to be the Imam,
and Mahdi (as) reads this Hadith.
When Prophet Jesus (as) descend on you, your Imam is among you.
he is your Imam, Prophet Jesus.
The Imam of the ummah is Mahdi (as).
When Prophet Jesus (as) comes, he reads this, and
he proposes this.
G: In how many years we see this? M. It is coming.
There is no other way, the world has become upside down.
But it will also cause a lot to perish, is it not so?
G: My name is Saadun.
Saadun is like Saadan, your name may not be Saadun.
Saadan means "ape" in Arabic.
G. Ali Saadun. M. Ali Effandi is better.
Sayyidina Ali is the undefeated lion of Allah, you have such an attribute?
G. As far as I know, I don't. M. You don't?
Your name is not Ali? G. Yes, but I don't have such attribute.
M. How is your power, strength, can you take someone down (in a battle)?
G: Yes, I have strength, Alhamdulillah. M. Then you have it.
If Adnan Hoja does not find such crazy ones,
his mission does not advance.
Around him are all crazy ones like this one,
from all kinds. Marhaban, how are you?
Don't go out with such dresses.
Cover yourself.
Marhaban. How are you? This is our statement.
We are asking blessings, from Heavenly Blessings, from Heavenly People.
Not like me, zero..
No! Masha Allah, through east and west,
hundreds of people, they are Heavenly People on earth.
We can't look to them, trembling..
G. We are encouraged by you. Insha Allah in America, all of the world
we learn from you. M. America should be Muslim,insha Allah.
G. Insha Allah we learn from you. M. You are Afghan, masha Allah.
Dursun Affandi, what can we do?
We finished 7, we are starting 8. we forget.
M. How are you? -in Afghan Language. G. Good. Thank you.
M. Can you cook Afghan rice?
G. Yes. M. Can you eat it?
He says, Afghan rice.
He may cook it for our Adnan Effandi, our son.
You may cook it for him, he may eat and gain some weight.
He may get strong. Tell him that I will make a horse ready for him.
Guest translates to Afghan visitor.
Our Adnan Hoja is not persuaded by donkey or camel.
M. How are you? G. I am very good.
M. You are from America?
G. I am from Afghanistan, like him, but I live in Los Angeles.
M. Los Angeles...
Los Angeles, you like, or San Fransisco?
Which one do you like? G. he is San Francisco area, I am L.A.
M. Which one do you like? G. I like Los Angeles.
M. You like it? G. It is Ok.
M. What Ok? Yes?
M. His mind is worse than me, he has no mind, bring me a paper
I may write that: "I gave Los Angeles to this one"
Take it up to maghreb.
Carry on! If not carrying,
I am giving another one tomorrow.