No Limit, 10회, EP10, #05

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- You're sweating a lot. - I'm enjoying the food.
He's here again.
Why does he keep coming here?
He must really love potato soup.
Is she just pretending not to know, or is she serious?
You can go home.
- Already? - It's Star's birthday.
I can stay a little longer. I already made dinner.
But you have to set the table. You even have a sick old lady to feed.
Check, please.
Is today Star's birthday?
Are you going to get her a cake?
Taking care of the player's family is a part of the agent's job.
1,000 won and two... I need a receipt.
Oh, cake!
Wait! Wait! Can I have that back?
I'll pay you next time. Put it on the tab.
This is the hospital. You're Cha Star's guardian, right?
I think she needs a reexamination.
A reexamination? What's wrong with her?
Wow... You live in a nice house.
You didn't have to come all the way here.
This is good exercise.
You must be rich to live in a place like this.
It's my relative's house. I'm just renting it.
I see. What about your parents?
I don't live with them.
I thought we decided not to meddle in each other's lives.
You're right. I'm not interested in you.
Cha Bong-Gun! Wait!
This is for Star.
Tell her that you bought the notebook. This is from me.
When is your birthday?
I'll win a singing contest for your birthday. Do you need a laptop or anything?
- But I won today's prize. - So I'll win a prize for your birthday.
Today is Star's birthday.
- Don't you have to go? - I do.
We need to do a biopsy.
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Star! Happy birthday to you!
Make a wish!
Close your eyes, you two.
- My eyes? - Yes.
- Me too? - Yes.
Close them.
You can open them now.
- Here. - It's a notebook!
Bong-Gun… where did you get the money?
What's this?
I have money. I'm a K-Leaguer.
Wow, I'm impressed.
I think the K-Leaguer went overboard.
Open it.
This is for Star, and this is for Sun-Ok because she gave birth to Star.
Dress up and find yourself a rich widower.
Like me? Oh, my arm.
I got you this cake.
This is from me.
The food's getting cold. Let's eat.
Excuse me.
Is this Cha Star's house?
I'm Cha Star.
Jang Seung-Wu.
Tell me what's going on between you two.
I'm not sure how Hae-Bin feels about me, but I'm serious about this relationship.
You two look cute together.
I saw your mother at the art gallery the other day…
I have to go to the restroom.
It wasn't me.
- Then who got this for her? - It looks expensive.
Very expensive.
I wonder who. Maybe it's your mother.
I doubt it.
My pawn! Agent Kang!
Agent Kang? No.
Oh, right. Hold on.
Look how happy she is.
Here you go.
- What's this? - It's from my agent.
Wow, they're pretty.
This is your best birthday ever!
She good at picking gifts for kids. Maybe it's because she thinks like one.
Then who got her the swing set?
- Did you get her a gift? - I got her the notebook.
I'm talking about your agent.
- Today is Kang Hae-Bin's birthday. - Today is her birthday?
I can't believe you forgot your agent's birthday�