Effective Weight Loss Requires Exercise To Burn Fat

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How Much Exercise Do You Need To Burn Fat
Dr. James Merchino, DC, MS, ND
How much exercise do you really need in order to burn fat, lose weight and to keep the weight
off? When someone loses weight, 50 percent of their
weight loss will be fat, and 50 percent will be muscle loss. If all a person does is diet,
their metabolism is slowed down due to muscle loss, because our muscles are the motors of
the body; they consume a lot of calories, even at rest.
How much exercise is the minimum amount that you need to do to burn fat? It’s about 30
minutes of endurance activity on a daily basis, at least five times a week. When you’re
doing the right kind of endurance activity – especially in what’s called the fat
burning zone or aerobic zone - adrenalin is released. It comes down and says to the fat
cell, hey baby, open the door and let the fat come out. The fat then comes out of the
fat cell, travels through the bloodstream to the muscles that are doing the work. Then
they pick up the fat and use it as a source of energy.
Now your fat cells shrink down, the fat is burned up by muscle and it’s now given off
in the form of heat out into the environment. Your fat cells are now smaller, provided that
you’ve been eating properly. This is when you should continue to starve your body fat
and feed your lean mass the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins, which will result
in smaller fat cells. Endurance activity will also burn carbohydrates
in the carbohydrate fuel tank, so you’re not only burning fat, but you’re also depleting
carbohydrates from the muscle fuel tank, as well as the liver fuel tank, too. This means
when you have a meal you can have some carbohydrates to replenish that carbohydrate fuel tank without
the carbohydrates turning into fat. This is important, because carbohydrates taste good
to us. A lot of diet programs restrict your carbohydrate
intake to some drastic amount, making life really miserable. If you do that long enough
– depriving yourself day after day without cause and neglecting to make life fun and
interesting – eventually there’s a revolution and you can’t take it anymore. You’ll
go off of your program, start eating carbs like crazy, regain all the weight back that
you had lost – and more, because now you’ve also slowed your metabolism – and you’ll
end up in worse shape than when you began. A 30-minute endurance activity is the best
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