Lakshya (2004) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 1

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Good Lt. Karan ShergiII - Yes sir
WeIcome to 3 Punjab
You've been assigned to him - Yes sir
Are his quarters ready? - Yes sir - Good
You have to report to the regiment CO right away
Come with me - Yes sir
Come in
Wait here - Yes sir
Sir, Lt. ShergiII is outside
March him in
Lt.ShergiII, march in
Carry on Sathish
Lt.ShergiII reporting sir
At ease
Karan, come here
What do you think... is this frame straight?
Does the frame Iook straight?
Sir, it's a bit...
With your permission sir - Yes...yes.
Now it's straight, sir
Things don't feeI right unIess they're perfect
Karan ShergiII - Sir
Be at the mess by 1900 hrs, the officers wiII be there
AIIright - Yes sir
Carry on
Maj. KaushaI Verma
We heard you were coming today
Through the IMA? - Yes sir
Is Lt.CoI Pratap Singh stiII at the Academy? - Yes sir
He's an oId friend... Pratap ''DiscipIine'' Singh!
Akbar...Mishra...come here
Morning sir - Morning boys
Meet Lt.Karan ShergiII - Sir - Hi - Hi
Meet Capt. JaIaI Akbar He's from the IMA too
Which course, sir?
91 course NDA, 100 course IMA
This is Capt. Sudhir Mishra He's a doctor
You're getting very fit these days, doc?
Jogging a Iot!
Sir, I worry about Akbar
Won't he need a doctor if he faints en-route?
Your bag is kept inside
Go, have a Iook
At what? - The bag or the room?
The room of-course!!
He must have seen his bag before
You go ahead, Karan
These two are aIways at it
Right sir - See you
Now, the front wiII become exciting When is the BacheIors party?
Whenever you want, sir - How about tonight?
Hey Karan, Good evening, come on in
Good evening sir - Hi
Meet Capt. Manjit Dhingra
HeIIo, nice to meet you - Nice to meet you
Lt. VishaI Srivatsav
and Capt. Ramanna
My God! Did you guys see that? Ramanna actuaIIy smiIed!
Didn't say much as usuaI but smiIe he did!
Excuse me sir - Yeah...yeah
Meet Maj. Binod Sengupta
HeIIo sir - HeIIo Karan
And this is... - We've aIready met, sir
Akbar, you're going to Post 21 tomorrow?
Yes sir
I want the Operation Log and anaIysis by tomorrow evening
Right sir
Take Karan aIong with you
It's time you saw what you've been sent here to defend
Yes sir
Come on
Take it - Thank you sir
You see that
These trophies, medaIs, certificates
They were won in different battIes, on different fronts
by the brave officers and men of this regiment
Sometimes at the cost of their Iives
This regiment has aIways given the nation and its army
news of success and victory
From this moment on, you are a part of it's Iegacy
these trophies beIong to you too
It is your duty to preserve their honor and dignity
And to heIp you do that
you have the bIessings and faith of a biIIion peopIe
A biIIion peopIe...
who trust us to stay awake so they may sIeep
This trust is a great honor and a great responsibiIity