Flummox and Friends: A Smart, Quirky Show for Smart, Quirky Kids

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( industrious music plays )
Greetings! I’m Professor Gideon T. Flummox of Flummox Labs.
Do you ever have trouble knowing what friends and loved ones are feeling?
Are you confused by the often puzzling reactions of those around you?
the Mood Monitor 3000 takes the guesswork out of reading emotions.
This prominent readout, here, displays the mood of the wearer.
Milo: With a 92.4% degree of accuracy.
Wanda: Now available in convenient family packs. (pause) For the holidays!
Flummox: From Flummox Labs! Where we’re bringing you the future! Today!
( music ends )
Milo: Actually professor… that is technically not correct.
Flummox: What are you talking about, Milo?
Milo: Bringing people the future today violates the laws of time and space.
Wanda: One way travel into the future is arguably possible…
Milo: Theoretically, yes, given the phenomenon of time dilation based on the theory of special
Flummox: Well Milo, it’s an expression. You know, something catchy. We need something
that catches people.
( offscreen crashes )
Milo: If by “catchy” you mean “inaccurate.”
Flummox: Well all right then, Milo! What would you suggest?
( more offscreen crashes )
( extremely loud offscreen crash )
Wanda: Flummox Labs: We make things that are really cool.
( loud thump )
Milo: That’s pretty good.
Flummox: I like it.
These characters are part of a new show for kids and their families called Flummox and
It’s an offbeat, live-action comedy about three quirky inventors and their friends.
The storylines are designed to help kids navigate the social and emotional world.
Flummox and Friends focuses on the skills kids need to tune in and connect,
with themselves and others around them, so they can do more of what kids need to do:
The path of social and emotional development can be a bit rocky for most kids at one time
or another.
It’s especially challenging for those whose minds develop differently, because of autism
or Asperger’s, attention or sensory challenges, or differences that don’t necessarily have
a label.
Flummox and Friends gives families and classrooms kid-friendly language to talk about social
and emotional challenges.
To demystify them. To normalize them. And even to laugh about them, together.
The curriculum is based on research, educational best practice, and years of clinical experience
from expert practitioners, like these:
Flummox and Friends is different than other social learning products out there because
it’s based on years of child-led play-based therapy. So what that means is, this show
is not an adult sitting there, telling kids what to do and how to behave. Rather the adult
is sitting alongside the child, learning and laughing, and they’re learning together.
Children and adults watching this show will find characters they can relate to. Because
ultimately, we are all flummoxed by social rules at one time or another.
Because this show is a comedy, kids are really going to want to watch it. And they’re going
to relate to the humor.
We call the show’s curriculum Tune in, Connect, Have fun! It’s based on the natural course
of social development that most children go through.
Over the years I’ve worked with lots of children who are struggling socially, and
I’ve seen how these struggles can really lead them to start to feel sad and isolated,
and like there’s something wrong with them.
Teaching social skills is not about fixing kids. It’s about supporting them as they
use their strengths to express who they are, and build meaningful relationships.
And that’s what this project really is all about: connection. With ourselves, and with
each other.
Here’s the thing. Flummox and Friends doesn’t exist yet.
But with your help, we can produce a pilot episode that will help us attract an audience
and investment in an entire series.
So if you’re a parent who would watch this with your kids,
if you’re a teacher or therapist who would use it with your students,
or if you’re just someone who believes in supporting kids with all different kinds of
minds, join us.
We need your help to make Flummox and Friends a reality.
Please donate through Kickstarter and help us reach our funding goal.
We’ll even send you some lovely thank you gifts.
For more information, visit FlummoxandFriends.com Thanks for watching!