[Eng Sub[ SHINee Onew and Taemin talking about kissing and sex ed.

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Onew, I heard that your grades were very good in school.
Yes, that is what many say
Was it really good?
I tried my hardest
You put in all of your effort. What was the result of your hard work?
Second place out of your entire school?
Did u go to a school with only like 5 kids per class? (branch school)
Then you’re really good?
Yes in my senior year
when a student does well in school
and becomes a celebrity, did you plan on taking this career?
my parents, since I was young and in elementary school, told me to pick a career
I said this and I was shy
I was shy and my friends laughed at me
so I didn’t want to, but suddenly, once in high school
I wanted to sing
Since then I told my parents I'd try
and they have actively supported
this is really something
Shinee, Taemin. Good.
if you're dating
Even if you’re in middle school or high school
Do you think its okay to kiss?
I think it would be okay
And you Onew?
Basically I think we must see what happens with it
What if you were going out with her and you like her
would it be okay to kiss if you were in elementary school?
Yeah I guess so
There are high school students here
How many of you think its okay to kiss if you’re dating
What will the results be?
Oh I think it will be under (than the amount shinee picked)
I'm telling you I know the kids of today
Scary students these days!
Really surprised me!
I mean it is possible but…
I thought it would have been less students who agreed
Kyunshi is so baffled
I thought it was be 150-210 people who agreed
I would’ve never guess that number
Yet the answer was 247
These insane people!
you still have a shocked expression
Honestly, I thought it would be 9 to 120 people
But Taemin…
He selected these numbers from the beginning
I am a former high school student, but Taemin is the actual high school student.
the current students are pretty good today
Now these are all current students
Taemin, have you talked about sex education with your parents yet?
No I don’t think so
No I don’t think so either
Lets say your parents actively asked you
during the first year or second year high school on sex ed
How would you feel?
Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? I think it would be difficult
If you always talked about it as a child, I think it would be a lot of help
Then where you learn about sex education and all that?
I learned a lot from school
Do you think what u learned in school is not enough?
Maybe not in all schools (?)
Oh, taemin, why is your face so red?
We are healthily talking about sex ed.
What are u imagining there by yourself?
SHINee…. Shinee
you can only choose one section
the prize is 5,000,000 won ($5,000)
Shinee, now choose.
do you think this is too little
we shouldn’t do at least a quarter of people
Ill just go with whatever hyung picks
let's go with my thoughts
(the question) there is a time where I talked to my parents about sex ed
This also was the decision of Taemin?
Yes because of rock, paper, scissors.
Then what did onew think?
I thought 30 to 60 people
Oh and Taemin thought 60 to 90 people
I am relieved to see that there are many more people than we thought
Sadly you do not win the money
But thank you Shinee for participating!
And the 300 students