HetaHazard 8 [ENG / FRA / ITA subs]

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I think I heard something.
I'll break this door down!
*breathes in*
What the hell?! The door wouldn't open until a minute ago!
Crap, I have no idea what's going on. Oh, well, at least it opened.
It reads "Virus Storage Room" on the plate.
So this is the virus storage room.
Work clothes are hanging on the wall.
You can see inside the room from here.
"Biological Experiments Laboratory / Treatment Room." Nothing about a virus.
It reads, "Authorized Personnel Only!"
There's a lot of blood here, too...
Yeah, it won't open. I have to look for the passcode or the ID.
Some boxes have fallen and are blocking the way.
It reads, "Licker I."
So, this is one of the experiments... Does that mean the guy I fought earlier was an experiment, too?
It reads, "Licker II." The container is broken.
It reads, "Licker III."
It reads, "Licker IV."
It reads, "Evolved Licker I."
It reads, "Evolved Licker II."
It reads, "Evolved Licker III."
A text was left on the PC.
March 24 - Progress Notes All experiments aside from Licker I are acting odd. They're agitated and trying to break up the water tank.
They have never behaved this violently before, though. Maybe they are defective somehow?
I tried to report this to Mr. A, but I am unable to contact him. Typical politician's son...
I'll ask Chief B for instructions when he comes back. Or maybe mlnd;0f1h
The text ends here.
Some papers that look like clinical records and read "experimental data" are inside the box.
There is a memo about the lock deactivation code.
You do remember that the virus storage room and the vaccine storage room have a different passcode than the other rooms, right?
We got instructions from the system administrator to change the passcodes at fixed intervals, but you always miss the important memos with passcodes and chemical formulae.
There is the picture of a red face in the back of the Biological Experiments Laboratory.
The number written there is the passcode. In case you miss the memo, all you have to do is check that picture.
Well, that's it. To the careless new researcher. - Breeder D.E.
So, the passcode is written on a picture in the Biological Experiments Lab.
It's about handling the experiments. The successful ones go to the experiment storage room. The failed ones go to the breeding room.
Wow, they talk about them as if they were things.
I have to get the vaccine first.
You can see the picture from here, but not the number.
The container is broken.
What the hell happened here?
There are internal organs.
There are chemicals lined up.
There is a hand truck.
There is a file that reads, "Research Facility and Security System Data." Do you want to take it? - Yes - No
This could be useful. I think I'll take it.
Research Facility and Security System Data. In case of disaster emergency, the system below will run automatically.
- Front room and shared spaces: the ceiling shelter will be activated and isolate the underground area. - Server room: system locks to prevent malfunction.
- Breeding room: The electronic locks in the cages will be deactivated to let out the spare failed experiments.
- Elevator and freight elevator: They will stop completely in order to prevent secondary disaster.
If you are inside the elevator when it stops, please press the emergency button and contact the control room.
In case of evacuation, please use the escape carts. They are accessible through the backdoor of the laboratory.
* The carts lead to the basement in Senator A's private residence. Please try not to disturb the residents.
It seems to be an experiment.
The container is shattered.
There is the picture of a frightful face. Do you want to see it? - Yes - No
1028... Now that I have this passcode, I can open the door to the vaccine storage room.
Just wait, West! I'll bring you the vaccine before you can say "Wurst"!
What was that noise?
What the hell? Is that the other guy's friend?
I'm in a hurry! Get out of my awesome way, or I'll kick your ass!
Then again, it's not like you can understand what I'm saying...
Oh, well. Then I'll just kill you before you can say "beer"!
A Licker has appeared!
Prussia wins! Obtained 30 EXP!
Are these guys all over the place? Man, I hope West and the others are okay...
Please enter the passcode.
I think the passcode was... - 1026 - 8012 - 1028
Passcode incorrect.
Please enter the passcode.
I think the passcode was... - 1026 - 8012 - 1028
Passcode incorrect.
Please enter the passcode.
I think the passcode was... - 1026 - 8012 - 1028
Lock deactivated.
A scale... For the experiments, maybe?
There are medical supplies such as bandages and gauze.
It says, "Fill in the control table when taking out the vaccine."
There is a memo that reads, "Private Bacterial Culture."
There is a memo that reads, "Private Bacterial Culture."
There is a memo that reads, "Vaccine DEVIL Storage Cabinet."
I think I'll take all the vaccines.
Obtained Vaccine DEVIL.
There is a memo that reads, "Private Selective Breeding Cabinet."
There is a memo that reads, "Private Selective Breeding Cabinet."
There is a memo that reads, "Vaccine Daylight Storage Cabinet."
Obtained Vaccine Daylight.
Oh, there are eight of them. China is probably going to make several more, so there'll be enough for everyone.
Wh-what was that? An explosion?
I hope it wasn't West and the others. I'll follow the direction of the noise.
Let's go after Germany.
I think we can beat him to it if we leave through the hallway door.
After him, quickly!
Huh? It won't open.
But it wasn't supposed to be locked.
We have no choice, then. We will go through the server room.
All right.
The dogs are gone.
Indeed. It's hard to imagine that they got Germany, so perhaps they just went away?
If they had been here, they'd certainly have kept him here.
You're right. Quickly, let's go after Germany.
We have to go after Germany first!
Which way did he go?
Oh, there is something on the floor over there!
Let's go.
Obtained Cross Pendant.
A cross pendant?
This is the one that Germany always wears!
That means he went this way! Come on, after him!
Yeah, let's--
What... what was that?
It was... an explosion.
Oh, no! Germany!
L-let's go!
Prussia! You're all right!
Hey! So are you guys, I see!
I am glad to see you are all right.
Hm? Isn't West with you?
Um, well--
We'll explain later! He might have got caught in that explosion just now, so--
Uh, hey!
Let's go!
Did something happen again?!
It can't be...
What is it saying?
It's saying that the shelter will be activated and we'll be stuck here...
Also, the system has been locked, too. And there is nothing we can do about it.
Oh, no...
Our priority right now is Germany. Let's go!
It's Hong Kong and Italy's-- What happened here?
What are Hong Kong and Romano doing here?
W-we gotta help them quickly!
Please go check on Hong Kong.
A-all right!
West, I'll help you.
Hang in there!
He is not seriously injured. Now, if only he would wake up...
I-I see...
He's bleeding heavily from his head! What should I do?!
You have to stop the bleeding quickly!
Go get China! He took care of Canada's wound, so maybe he can help!
Have you seen China?
He and the others were in the room I fell in a while ago. They said something about being hurled there by a spider.
Where's that room? I'll bring them here!
I don't know exactly where it is, but it's behind the room I came out of. It's on the other side of the hallway.
That room was the biological experiments lab, and on the other side... It must be the experiment preparation room.
Okay, experiment preparation room! I'm off, then!
There might be some weird creatures around. Be careful.
You can count on the hero! I'll be right back.
Go, and be careful!
Please be careful.
We're counting on you.