DIY Fun: Fast Toy Wood Car made with Elmer's Wood Glue

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 26.04.2012

A lot of my friends have little kids, and a lot of those kids keep having birthdays every year
And I didn't want get them some regular present from the store, I wanted to make something custom. So
I cut five layers of ply wood put on some Elmer's Wood Glue, clamp it and let it sit overnight
Now I have a solid car body then I just add bolts and some rollerblade wheel and the barings
And now basically you have a car
These barings are made for rollerskates and skateboards so they're very smooth
So the kids will have no problem moving the cars around when they're little and
when they get a little older they can really take it outside the house whip it down the street and see how
fast this thing can go.