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Episode 1
Oh Ha Ni?
Oh Ha Ni?!
What are you thinking about so early in the morning?
Children, studying is tough, isn't it?
Is it tough?!
I know, what it means to be living as a senior in South Korea.
How lonely and hard it is...
Stop digging through your bag!
Erase those fake eyes!
However, even if you guys complain about how difficult it is...
Could it compare to the stress third year teachers have to endure?!
Do you know the bitter taste of the teaching organization!!
Seems our grades are out, right?
That's right.
We're probably placed last again. It's not the first time. I don't understand why she gets so upset every time.
Your house construction is done right? You're not going to have a house-warming party?
I haven't been able to unpack and organize any of my things.
My dad comes home late every day and so do I.
Have Bong Joon Gu do it for you. Earlier, he was staring at you like this.
If it's no, then what else is it?
He even joined the art club because of you.
Don't you ever get tired of it?
Hey, if the daughter of a pork hock restaurant gets tired of them, then who else would come and eat it?
Ha Ni, are you tired of eating noodles? I mean does the daughter of a noodle restaurant get tired of eating noodles?
I don't get tired of my dad's noodles.
Your restaurant's noodles are really tasty! I approve, I approve!
Did she just greet us like that?
Huh? What is this? Why isn't it coming out?
Thank you.
Thank you...?
The senior mid-term exams, Baek Seung Jo Oppa got first place again
Is first place a big deal? A perfect score! He got 500/500.
What? Baek Seung Jo got 100% again?
Is he human?
I said he wasn't human.
He's a spirit. "Spirit of the Forest".
So, I was following this white horse and then...
It disappeared and suddenly it reappeared!
Seriously... How should I say this?
It's the kind of beauty you want to take a bite out of!
Take a bite?!
That's when I realized what a vampire must feel like.
Maybe in the beginning vampires were like that too.
The neck of the girl he loved was so very white and so very beautiful...
He had no choice but to bite her!
Really Ha Ni, just take a bite of this pig foot.
Hey! I'm not making this up!
Okay, so just eat this.
Bite this, here, here!
Seung Jo oppa...
You can have this, I just bought it.
My mom told me to tell your mom that she says hi.
I'm Jang Mi. Hong Jang Mi. My mom and your mom are close.
Oh my! It's not working again.
Ha Ni sunbae!
It's not coming out!
That sunbae helped me get this.
Ha Ni Sunbae, hurry up!
Here you go, Oppa.
Oppa, you got a perfect score this time too, right? Wow! You're the best!
Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!!
That's why you should just confess.
We're going to be graduating soon. How long are you going to be like this?
Oh! It's because I haven't confessed.
Since he doesn't know how I feel, that's why he can't express himself towards me.
Because he's shy.
What are you looking up?
I'm looking up the word "shy".
Alright, I got it.
I'll confess in a wonderful way.
But, how should I do it?
I want it to be very impressive.
How about this? "My precious Seung Jo, I love you."
Oh...that's not bad!
Not bad!? What the heck!
What are you looking up?
I'm looking up the words "not bad."
Don't you have any good ideas?
You read a lot of books.
When animals confess, they dance.
Fish, birds, and penguins, too, and even drosophila. They all the dance...the "Courtship Dance."
Courtship dance?
Oh my! We meet again.
Yep. We're examining a real life model today, right?
As a senior, shouldn't you be studying?
Yeah! We don't do stuff like studying.
Is your throat okay?
It seemed like your throat was going to rip back there.
However, won't it be hard?
What is?
Seung Jo...
...likes girls with big breasts too?
Of course.
Isn't Seung Jo Oppa a man too?
But why is Joon Gu Oppa not here yet?
He knows he is going to model for us today, right?
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What's that?
What what what's that?
Move it!
What's this?
It's a chiacken.
What's chiacken?
Chicken, a chicken.
It's Samgyetang! (Korean chicken soup)
This is Samgye...
This is for you.
Why are you giving it to me?
Look at you! You are so thin.
Joon Gu Oppa!
Hurry up and get ready, we don't have time to waste.
Alright, alright!
You eat it all!
Lower your waist a little bit more.
And arm higher...
Raise your leg a little.
A little bit more...
Like this?
No, a little bit more.
Okay, today's concept is capturing movement.
Okay then... Let's start.
Ahh my joints are in pain!
I feel like I'm gonna die,
but look! Ha Ni is looking at me right now.
Ha Ni is drawing me.
This kind of pain
is nothing! A man who is in love
doesn't know how to give up!
[Confess... Courtship dance... Gollum..?? ♡]
What kind of bastard...
Can you still laugh when looking at this, Ms. Song Gang Yi?
Mr. Song Ji Ho's class has a lot of white stickers over here...
And where there are a lot of blue stickers... ...represents your students, Ms. Song Gang Yi.
It's so very blue, isn't it?!
You're right. It's like an ocean.
Teacher Song!!
Ah...not Mr. Song, but Ms. Song. (same family name)
Teacher Song Gang Yi, your class is bringing down the entire school's average grades!
These kids right here!
Oh Ha Ni, Dok Go Mi Na, Jung Ju Ri, and Bong Jun Gu!
Do something with at least these four rascals.
Might as well not allow them to take the test!
They are such an embarrassment!
That such an intelligent student like Baek Seung Jo was able to attend our school...
I am truly grateful.
Now, for the finishing touches.
You know that if you add some details to the muscles it will look more realistic, right?
Joon Gu Oppa, you can come down now.
Oh, okay.
My leg, my leg!
I feel like I'm going to die.
Oh, right there!
That's good, good!
Ha Ni Sunbae!
What's going on?
What's this?
Do I look like this?
[So Pal Bok Guksoo] (Korean noodles)
Ha Ni! Check!
Oh, okay.
Check, please.
Yes. Enjoy your meal.
We can let them dry all night and take them down tomorrow.
I just can't tell.
I've seen you do this since I was a baby.
Ah, when you were little, the roof was open.
But nowadays people don't like it aired outside, because the air is bad.
When I was a baby, we used to air it outside.
Did you just say that?
I guess so...
Dad, how did you show your love to Mom?
Show my love?
I mean confess!
I mean... Dad, you know my friend Ju Ri, right?
Well, she's come to like someone,
and she's wondering how to confess to him.
You see, back then my car was a complete piece of crap!
I took your mom in that car...
...and we sped all around the city!
It felt like the car was going to flip over and the tires were about to fall out.
Your mom asked, "are you crazy?"
She screamed, telling me to let her out.
And then?
So as I drove that car, I yelled right back at her.
"Do you want to kiss me or do you want to date me?"
"Do you want to date me or do you want to live with me?"
"Want to live with me?"
"Or do you want to just die with me?!"
And then...
She said she was going to live with you?
She asked, "do you wanna die?"
"Don't joke around."
What is this?
Ha Ni, but she later told me, that she had nearly fallen for me at that point.
Hey Baek Seung Jo.
Do you want to kiss me or do you want to date me?
Надтай болзох уу эсвэл хамт амьдрах уу?
Do you want to live with me or right over there...
You want to be buried?
Surely...when you're confessing... a thought out letter works best.
Something like a love letter.
See you at home later!
Unnie! Good work!
Ha Ni! Clean your room!
Oh... no...
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Did she find a crush?
I want to marry you, accept my heart.
Playful Kiss~
[Baek Seung Jo]
Still no reply?
You wrote your name?
And your phone number?
But I don't think he will call.
Well, you never know. There's always texting.
Maybe he didn't see it yet.
He's coming this way!
What do I do?
Did he see you? He might be here for you.
Maybe he didn't read the letter?
Maybe he didn't see Ha Ni?
Ha Ni!!!
Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Oh Ha...
What should I do?
Ha Ni!!!
Oh Ha Ni!!!
Oh... Ha...
He's just leaving?
Ha Ni!
Oh Ha Ni!
Leave it. Stop.
Oh Ha Ni?
Are you Oh Ha Ni?
He's coming, he's coming, he's coming!
Ah Oppa!
Where is he? Where is he?
I wasn't expecting a reply.
Should I read it now?
Right here?
Hey, Hong Jang Mi.
- Hey, Hong Jang Mi, you better give that back! - What is this?
Is this a love letter to Seung Jo oppa?
- Aren't you going to stop that?! - But what is this?!
Oh my! He fixed her grammar mistakes!
It's not a love letter. It's an exam paper! An exam!
Score D-!
"Truthfully, I don't call you Seung Jo."
"I call you the 'Spirit of the Forest.'"
Oh my God, she called him a Spirit of the Forest!
- "If you ask why..." - What the hell are you doing?!
I shouldn't really have gone to such an extent...
But what?
I absolutely hate stupid girls.
Where are you going!?!
You're laughing?
Is this funny to you?
Do you mind moving?
Чи дүлий юм уу. Уучлалт гуй?
What do I have to apologize for?
For correcting her mistakes?
This little bastard...
Hey hey hey!!!
Do you only see mistakes in this?
You should be looking at the substance of it, not the words. The feelings she put into it!
Ah, you punk, you're going to keep on doing that, huh?
Let's do this.
Don't just stand there, come at me!
Did you see that?
What? Scared? Are you scared!?
- Hey, come. Come! Bring it! - Come? Come? Come for what?!
Bong Joon Gu, you! Come into my office right now!
- But Vice Principal, that isn't it. Please listen to me. - Listen. Listen to what?
Seung Jo, don't worry about this. Go and study.
Don't hang around with this fool.
The top 4% is in red. Orange is the top 11%. Yellow has been the same for four years.
Green is just there to make the other students look better.
You guys are violet. You are the embarrassment of the school.
That's what the Vice Principal said.
There are 50 spots for study hall this month. They're just numbers.
But I'm sure you realize that those numbers signify the highest ranked students, right?
I don't know how you can sit there laughing, writing such useless things when that list is right here.
Are you stupid or just thick skinned?
Regretably, I despise girls that are stupid whether or not they're thick skinned...
...they disgust me.
[Baek Seung Jo]
[Oh Ha Ni]
Stop running!
Will you stop running already?!
Hey, what are you doing? You're already on your 34th lap.
Two more.
Two more laps.
What is this? Is she training for a marathon or something?
Why is she running so much?
Let her be. Ha Ni likes running.
I suppose. If you could go to university by running long distances, Oh Ha Ni would be in the lead.
You're right. My specialty is doing anything... for a long period of time.
Even if I have to crawl, I'll get there.
Me too.
Let's go!
Last lap, let's go!
It's her, it's her! The one who confessed to Baek Seung Jo and got rejected!
I heard she was humiliated and she wasn't even pretty.
I don't understand women like her...
I know!
Seung Jo Oppa is ours though.
- Hey, Oh Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni... - What?! Oh Ha Ni. What?
Auntie, it's too much.
You have to eat a lot to gain strength. How else are you going to live?
Still she's very optimistic. If it were me, I don't think I would be able to come to school.
You say so? She's a senior yet she still doesn't know how to write Korean. Aigoo, how frustrating.
Ha Ni! The two story house is really nice!!
Where did the scissors go?
Ummm... should be...
It's here.
Ha Ni!
Do you know how old this table is?
Grandma gave it to you when you opened the noodle shop; it's older than me.
That's right! The table is 21 years old!
There's not even a scratch! It's really sturdy!
When you were played in here...
Jjan~! (Surprise!)
Ha Ni. It's a two story house. You sang a song about two story houses, so how do you like it?
I like it.
What's going on?
You didn't do well?
What do you mean?
Aah... that... let...
This was here!
Here, look at this!
It's super cute right?
You were this small when you were a year old.
You've grown up so much.
But you are like this, rebellious now!
I am not!
My hand is similar to Mom's hand.
Ha Ni~
We're here!
I'm here too!
Hurry up! I'm so hungry that I might die!
Wow, it's to die for!
Wow! This is just great!
Wow, is this your room?
It's so close! Right?! Right?!
Where? Where? Where? Where? Where?
Wow, this is great!
It's so great here.
Ha Ni, your house is awesome! Two story house!
For me, I like this the best!
Ha Ni! Is this your foot?
It's so cute.
Hey!! Stop that! Bong Joon Gu!
- Why? - Come on, kids! Ha Ni, get that.
- Yes. - I will get that.
I will get it.
It smells great!
Wow, it looks so good. Aigoo.
There wasn't much time so I didn't prepare much food.
When did you prepare all this? This is a lot!
This is a feast!
Is that right?
We're having guests from Busan today so the main menu is Busan's Mil-myun (Busan's local noodles).
How did you know? It's my favorite.
Wah. Thank you, dad!
- I'll eat well! - I'll eat well!!
It's to die for.
To die for?
Yes, I ate Busan's Mil-myun for a long time!
But this is the best.
The noodles are soft yet so chewy!
It seems like you know something.
Yes, Father. You can't tell, but my tongue is very sensitive.
At last year's festival, Joon Gu made and sold Dduk Bok Gi. It was really good.
He's different than he looks.
Well, appearance-wise your face looks like a bear's feet...
Beer feet?
What? You didn't know?
Eat up...
But why is the store named So Pal Bok Noodles?
Ha Ni's grandma is So Pal Bok, so that's why we used it.
You mean you carried on the family business?
That's right!
My mother-in-law for 40 years and me for 20 years.
No wonder. A deep taste like this can't come from an amateur.
True! I learned while being hit.
I wish my Ha Ni could carry on this business.
She doesn't seem to have the talent for cooking though.
Don't worry, Father! Ha Ni and I... will our very best!
Hey! What's wrong with you?
What? A store that's been around for more than 60 years can't end just like that, right?
Yeah, but it's not a bad idea to donate everything back to society either.
Father! Now I see you're the kind of person who spits with a smile on your face.
Ha Ni!
Oh, Ha Ni!
What's this?
Hey, Bong Joon Gu, why are you trying to destroy someone else's home?
What are you on about?! This house is very stable.
What is this?!
Isn't it an earthquake?
Dad, what are we gonna do?!
It's okay. This is a new house. It's stable... Very safe...
Ha Ni!
Get out! Father! Quickly!
Hurry hurry come on!
Ha Ni, are you alright?
Wait a minute! Is everyone alright!?
How could this happen!?
Oh my!
That's right! That... that...
That... that...just wait!
No, you can't!
I'll be back quickly!
Don't worry!
Da... Dad!
At 5:30 this afternoon, there was a mild earthquake of 2.0 magnitude in Seoul.
It was a tremor that slightly shook windows, however...
one house in this area, Yeonhee-dong, has collapsed, as you can see, to the point that it's unrecognizable.
He's still in there! My dad is still in there...
As far as we know there is still a person trapped within the collapsed house.
The 2.0 magnitude YeonHee-dong earthquake collapse site. The rescue team is... in the process of clearing a path and rescuing the person.
Yes, I believe they're looking to see if anyone is there!!
Yes! We can see someone's coming out from under a table in the living room!
Dad! Dad!
What do you think this is, Dad!?
Aigoo, I lived!
- I'm alive! I'm alive! - Daddy!
Of course, there doesn't seem to be any fatal injuries.
The police suspect the collapse was caused by poor construction and are investigating the exact cause.
Oh Gi Dong?
- Thank you. - Goodbye.
Here... Huh?
What is this?
Was our house the only one...
...that collapsed?
Oh, really?
Hehe... let's go.
It's her, her, her.
Gee... What!
But, are you staying at a hotel again today?
- Yeah. - That must be really expensive.
No, for now we decided to stay at my dad's friend's house.
At least until the house is rebuilt or we find another one.
We were contacted because of the newscast.
Oh really? That's really great!
Oh, is it her?
What the heck?
Even pictures now...
You're a total celebrity now.
I'm sorry.
Because of this unlucky friend, you guys are suffering a lot.
Let's go.
Please show your power of love.
Thank you for your help.
What are they doing?
Of course you guys know about what happened on the news...
Our friend, Oh Ha Ni, lost her house overnight due to a sudden earthquake.
Let's all help Ha Ni.
What the heck is that?
What is Bong Joon Gu doing?
"Love's Fundraising?"
That idiot!
Hey, let's just go this way.
Come on, follow me.
Oh! Thank you.
Thank you, let's help Ha Ni. We're all friends aren't we?
Show us the power of love! Thank you!
Oh, Ha Ni, Oh Ha Ni!
Ha Ni, Ha Ni, move it, move it, move it!
Hey, everyone, everyone, everyone!
Please greet her with thunderous applause.
Even after going through such a horrible experience yesterday,
she came to school all determined and ready!
Here is Oh Ha Ni! Applause!
Ha Ni, Ha Ni!
What. What, what?
Now I'm really screwed.
Hey! Hey, you! Show some love, Baek Seung Jo.
Didn't you see the news yesterday?
Don't you have a TV at home?
Whose fault do you think it is that Ha Ni is going through such a difficult time?
Wasn't it because of a mild earthquake of 2.0 magnitude?
Right, right...
However... Because of that small earthquake...
...the newly built house collapsed. What do you think about that?
Are you saying that I caused the earthquake?
Then what? Who can cause a bigger earthquake than you?
You're capable of causing such a great amount of pain to someone's heart, so capable of causing that.
Alright, all I need to do is give you money?
Put your wallet away!
Did anyone say they'd take your money?
Even if I were homeless, I would never take your money even if you offered.
Fine, I'll respect that.
Hey, Baek Seung Jo!
Who made you so mighty that you can ignore people like this?
To you, all the kids here look like idiots, don't they?
You think that acting superior and ignoring everyone makes you look cool, right?
Are you just that much better?
Why? Because your IQ is higher?
Because you're good at studying, you have a handsome face, and you're tall...
Is everything just dandy if you're better than others?
Hey! We can all study and be smart, who can't?
I just don't study, that's why my grades aren't great. Do you think that my grades are bad because I can't study?
Then show me.
What? Show you?
Ok fine, I'll show you.
During the next examining period.
How much?
How much?
There are 50 spots for study hall this month.
I don't know how you can sit there laughing, writing such useless things.
Don't you have any brains?
Or just thick skinned?
Right! The study hall.
Study hall?
This month’s study hall?
That high and mighty Special Study Hall.
Next month, I will get in there.
Are you making fun of me again?
If I do it?
And if I do it? What will you do if I do it?
If you do it?
If you do it, I'll carry you on my back and walk around the school.
You'll give me a piggyback ride?
No, that's not it!
You better look forward to it.
Are you really that close?
Ah! Of course!
From the day we were born until we finished junior high, we lived together like one family.
Then we moved up to Seoul and we lost touch.
Even when I'm asleep, I feel like bursting with anger because of our house was destroyed.
However, thanks to that...
...finding my friend again is really nice.
Oh why this thing!?
This thing!
Daddy is like an idiot right?
Every day with you,
Being held in the night's arms.
Every day with you,
I'm hungry to fall asleep.
It's here. House number 142, right?
Oh, you're right.
Just wait here.
Baek Su Chang, it's right.
He must be really rich, your friend.
Yeah... It seems like it.
Who is it?
I... Hello.
I'm Su Chang's friend, Oh Gi Dong.
Oh yes, come on in!
- You've arrived!? - Yes.
Come on over here, hurry!
Baek(white) Piggy!
How did you! Aigoo.
You must have suffered a lot.
Aigoo! It's really great to see you!
- Ah my wife. -Hi there!
Oh my, welcome to our home.
Yes... I really am here.
It's really great that you're here. You're completely welcome here!
Hi there.
Oh, you must be Gi Dong's daughter.
You're more beautiful in person.
Excuse me?
Oh... In all honesty...
I couldn't wait until tonight.
I just stopped by in the morning.
Oh that...
That was me.
Well... We should unload all your stuff.
No, no, we don't have much stuff. Our Ha Ni can do it all by herself.
Yeah! There isn't much.
Oh, don't worry, our child needs to help.
No, I said it's alright.
Son! Come here and use your muscles!
Dad, here, here. I'll do it
Aigoo, just go close the door.
From now on, I think our luck will be good.
Don't you think?
Let's go.
Should I help you?
No, it's alright.
Is this a dream? Yeah, this must be a dream!
Come to your senses, Oh Ha Ni.!
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I can't believe it... What should I do?
Who is this?
It's Seung Jo.
Excuse me!?
Hey! Give me that!
I have a proposition.
Hey, Oh Ha Ni, what is "x" here?
I feel like I'm going to explode.
You as a child~
Don't spread rumors.
I... I closed my feelings for you.
My feelings for you...aren't even this much.