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Uploaded by ligiapop on 16.01.2011

Welcome to my show! Today I'll show you how to make wheatgrass juice.
The miraculous properties of wheatgrass juice have been known since the 1950s,
when Dr. Ann Wigmore began using it to treat herself and her patients over a period of 30 years.
Wheatgrass juice is a very strong detoxifier, and cleanses the blood remarkably well.
It's highly recommended for those with acid environments in their bodies, because it turns them alkaline.
Wheatgrass juice has all the vitamins and minerals one needs over the course of a day.
50 ml of wheatgrass juice are the equivalent of 2 1/2 kg of vegetables.
You should definitely drink it during winter time!
We'll cut approximately two bundles of wheatgrass, to make sure we get 50 ml of juice.
That's probably sufficient.
We can use pea or sunflower sprouts to diminish the very strong taste of the wheatgrass juice.
These are pea sprouts, rich in proteins and containing the eight essential amino acids.
We're ready to make the juice!
I'll use this juicer today, it's a Green Power, their latest model.
It's a cold press juicer, with two intertwining axes.
I like it because it's supposed to eliminate any chemicals or pesticides present on the fruits or vegetables we juice.
That alone makes it a good buy.
If you don't have this juicer, there are manual wheatgrass juicers, but it's very important they cold press the juice.
There are other models on the market, but there's a manual juicer called Lexen, it costs about 250 RON.
It's a good juicer, made specifically for juicing leaves, which are a challenge for most juicers on the market.
Centrifugal juicers are useless for leaves and wheatgrass, so make sure to get a cold press juicer with twin gears.
Now it's time to make the juice.
All we need to do is to put them inside this feeder spout.
Use small quantities, so the juicer doesn't stop.
If it does block, like it just did here, put it in reverse for a few seconds, then back on.
Wheatgrass juice has a very strong smell of freshly cut grass.
We've already got 50 ml of juice, but I'll keep going to finish up all the cuttings.
You'll see the juice has collected in this cup, while the dry plant fiber has come out of this end.
Some people ask me why we don't consume the fiber as well. You can if you want, but it's dry and hard to swallow.
The juice is done. If we look inside, we can see there's foam on top of the juice.
Russell James recommends putting the twin gears into the freezer to minimize the appearance of foam.
Here's our daily dose of 50 ml of wheatgrass juice.
We can dilute it with water, or we can drink it the way it is.
The juice is done, but I want to review a few things.
We can only drink up to two daily doses of 50 ml each.
Beginners shouldn't drink more than a teaspoon per day, or about 25 ml.
And we must increase the quantity of juice gradually. Don't go to 50 ml after just a few weeks, wait 1-2 months.
It's especially recommended that wheatgrass juice be taken daily during winter.
And you should drink it daily for life. It's not a temporary diet. Its benefits are only seen after long-term use.
I'm Ligia Pop. Thank you for joining me!