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Uploaded by Tommynnnnn on 21.08.2012

Ok, this video is on the Quadratic formula, lets get started. Again we press second and
then alpha to enter letters and then my menu. Code is I n d e x and then alpha eight and
then closed parenthesis, then press enter. From here you - You can scroll up if you want
to go to the bottom of the menu – they are all alphabetical – the menu items. And there
we have the quadratic formula there. First of all, I give you a little information on
what it is, and why we use it. Then I give you the formula, which you write on your paper
– the first thing you do, and now we’re going to add a, b, c of the variables. So
let’s do alpha minus sixteen, press the enter twice, and then you have to go alpha
maybe seven, and then alpha let’s try three. Shows what you entered so you can change it
if you want. I say it’s ok. And then after that, if you want the quick answer you scroll
to this one or press the number in front, one or two, or step by step. Let’s do the
quick answer right now, I’ll press one, shows what you write on your paper there as
you’re adding the variables, and then this is the exact answer and this is the approximate
answer. Exact answer for x, a minus point two six six and point seven o four. Press
enter and you can go back to the main menu, or you can quit, or you can do a new quad
problem. Let’s do another, ahh, let’s go alpha minus eight , and nine, and alpha
two. Now you’ll notice this didn’t get nine so we need to change it. So I’ll press
number two and go back and enter it again. Let’s go alpha minus eight, alpha nine,
and alpha seven, that’s better, say it’s ok. I want the step by step answer this time,
so we go through it and you write everything you see on your paper here. And you can see
here is the exact again and here is the approximate answer for one x, and here is - you are doing
minus or plus ya know on this part of the discriminate, and here is the exact answer
or the approximate answer. Pretty neat huh? Everystepcalculus dot com. Enjoy my programs.