Morning Meeting Activities: Sparkle Activity

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Narrator: Morning Meeting Activities offer many opportunities to practice
spelling and vocabulary skills in fun ways.
In Kerry Tuttlebee's third grade classroom, students play Sparkle
to practice spelling words.
Teacher: It was Valerie's turn to come and get the next word, right?
Students: Yes.
Teacher: Okay, Valerie, you can show me but don't show anyone else.
Show us that you're ready for Sparkle. Come on over.

Okay. So before Valerie reads it, what's Messiah going to do?
Who can tell me what Messiah is going to do? Marema?
Repeat it.
Okay and then what will Elidia do? Student: Use it in a sentence.
And then what will Heidi do? Heidi, what will you do?
Student: I start to spell it.
Teacher: Are you ready? So listen closely.
Student: Because.
I was late to school because... my dog ran away?
[ laughter ] Teacher: Okay.
Say it with a strong voice. Students [ taking turns ]: B
E... C...


... U
Teacher: What do you say?
No - E. Teacher: Say it again?
E. Next Student: Sparkle!