Word Choice for Public Speaking : Speaking Clearly in Public Speeches

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.04.2008

Hey there we are talking about words and word choices in public speaking. Now, what you
want to do in picking your words--be clear. Clearly articulate your thoughts through your
words. Thoughts are abstract. Words are not. OK, so we want to make sure that the words
that we choose are specific--the green plant; the black coffee; the orange pen. Be very
specific about the words that you choose. Use concrete words as well. Concrete words
are words that clearly define something. This is a pen. It's not a thing. Clear, specific,
concrete words. Words that people understand, meaning familiar language, and a lot of this
has to do with your audience. What language is familiar to them? Does everybody call this
a pen? OK, then that's familiar language. Does everybody call this paper? Then it's
familiar language. Make sure as you're making your word choices, that they are specific,
concrete, and familiar. OK?