Knocking Out Pain: Non-Pharmacological Pain Management Techniques

Uploaded by JarleckfilmNursing on 05.11.2011

Labor can be painful and uncomfortable. These poor women are experiencing cramping,
nausea, discomfort, and even severe back pain. We now present:
Five Ways to Knock Out Pain (without using drugs).
Music. You’d be surprised how effective music is
at pain management. [music plays]
Oh my!
Breathing. This can even be effective for stressed out
husbands. Yeaaahh...
Birthing Balls. You see here this woman is in rather intense
pain during her labor, while the other woman astride a birthing ball is blissfully oblivious.
Whoops! Good save!
Focal Points. Focusing on an object or a picture of an object
can be very helpful in managing pain during labor. However, sometimes selecting the right
object can be rather difficult. Crikey!
Lastly, Hypnosis. When the mom is really having a bad time of
it, sometimes the best way to get her to relax a little is some good old-fashioned hypnosis.
Just make sure the husband is'nt in the mood for a little payback before you leave them
Shoulda seen that coming!